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i'm on a jingle bliss.

A year ago, Santa gave me the complete One Tree Hill Season 1 & 2 DVD set! I soooo loved him for that. Sometime around the end of November, my addiction for OTH started. I can still remember the first ever episode I watched, and right then and there I knew I was going to love the show, especially Naley. I remember praying and wishing to get OTH dvds for Christmas.. and I did! On that same night, I started my first ever OTH marathon. Two to three episodes a night! Well, look at that. A year later, and what have you got? A super-crazy-addicted-obsessed fan. =) And it's all thanks to Santa Claus. So.. what did "he" get me this year? HMM. I wonder. I hope I'm still on his Good Girl List this year. Well, let's just wait and see until tomorrow morning! =)

Anyway, I know my blog has been pretty boring lately, because I've been MIA. Haha. I just really didn't have the stories and the time to blog, so I really apologize. Plus, I really want a new layout. I love this skin and all, but it seems like it bothers me so much that I didn't make this one. Kinda weird, I know. HAHA. Hopefully by 2007 I'll be having my creativity back again (if I can call it that!)

SO.. this is my Christmas gift to you, my very very very loving visitors.. it's a video of my favorite band, The Fray performing my all-time favorite song Look After You from one of their concerts. I swear, this version gives me chills every time I hear it! It always makes me feel alright. Just thought it would be worth sharing. ENJOY =)


Hope you don't forget that this season really isn't about us,
but it's about Jesus coz it's His birthday!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!