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just a quick one..

I'M BACK! Our internet connection's finally fixed! But I'm using my dad's old laptop because our PC is still broken. Oh well, at least!

I'll make this one really short because I still have to do that stupid Filipino assignment.

I changed my layout, as you may have noticed. But I didn't make this.. I got this from BlogSkins, made by Heroine. I looooved this one the first time I saw it! Anyway, I got tired of the Brucas layout already, and since I don't have Adobe in this laptop, I just decided to have one from BlogSkins. So there.

My mom and dad arrived last week, by the way! And yes, I finally have my Friends With Benefits album and the much-awaited Gossip Girl 10!! I finished reading the book already (IT WAS BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!) and the CD has been on my player ever since. They also got me new shoes, clothes, a keychain with Nathan on it, and lots of other things. Another balikbayan box will be arriving sometime before Christmas, so dami ko talagang pasalubong! =)

Our MTV video is finally done! Nica said it was so cool! I can't wait to see it! Hope we get good grades on that one..

It has been raining all day and it's really chilly! I love the rain, really I do. And I love the tranquility and calmness it brings. Haayy. =) I feel so emo na naman. Haha. Well, I should stop, because I still have to do my assignments and review for our PT, which by the way is just a few weeks away. Tapos.. Christmas vacation! Yeheyy! =)

More later.
Love to all!
Mwah mwah.

When it's Nathan, everything else just fades away!