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where the heck have i been?

I've been on a mini-hiatus, if I could call it that. I just needed a little break that's all. And besides we had our periodic test and we needed to finish some projects, so I practically had no time to blog. Anyway, it's all over now and it's our Christmas break already so.. yeah, I guess I can say I'm back. =)

I have to say that the 3rd Quarter is the hardest of all the quarters. It's the shortest, but it's the most nerve-wracking one. Teachers cram up projects in five short weeks (yes, in the Paulinian world, five weeks is short) and they squeeze in so many lessons and chapters thinking that we're so activity-free. HAYY. But we're not. I'm just glad it's over. Still keeping my fingers crossed as usual, I need to have good grades this quarter, or else: bye bye, dream school.

Christmas Party. It was.. fun. Just okayy. Thank God for the elephant ears LA gave me. =) Received lots of elephants!! Ohyeah, I'm in love with them. <3

I'm here at my mom's office, by the way. It's their Christmas party.. and as usual, lotsa food and lotsa kids. I remember being one of those little tots running around and ending up all sweaty after an excruciating game of hide and seek. And now, I'm the boring dalaga sitting in front of the PC with no one to talk to. Well, the little kids I used to play with before are here, but well -- you know how teenagers are, shy-shy. HAHA. =) Sarap ng cheesecake! *yum*

CHRISTMAS NA ON MONDAY?? Parang I don't feel the Christmas spirit yet! Hayy. I hope I landed on Santa's nice list this year because I need a present! =) I need an ehemiPodehem HEHE

Sorry for this nonsense post.. I'm just not my usual self these days. it's like I have nothing to say! Writer's block? Hmm.

Love to all. Mwah mwah