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back to the city of devils

Thursday was our first school day for 2007. Obviously, people were so hyper and makulet, full of kwento and chismis. We were only gone for two weeks but it's like we have a year's worth of stories! I was so happy to finally see and talk to my friends again, in person. Somehow texting just isn't the same. And we're divided by our networks (Globe and Sun wars!! Haha) so, we weren't really on the same "planet" during our vacation. But with all the excitement comes the nervousness as well since the first few days after the exams are usually the dreaded Checking Of Test Papers Day. Yes, these are the days we always anticipate with horror. Upon the sight of the teacher with a bunch of test papers in hand, the apprehension begins. Hands holding red-inked pens are always shaking, and faces are filled with anxiety. The mood of everyone changes as the checking starts. Everyone is hungry for bonuses and pluses, and almost everyone reacts violently when the student called gives out the wrong answer. ("NO! Letter A kaya!!") Automatic yan. Finally, when the teacher says, "Okay tally the score then return the paper to the owner," everyone stands up and eagerly waits for their paper to be given to them. Oh, that feeling of finally seeing your score in big red ink.. it's unexplainable. It can either make or break your day. And almost everyone will frantically search for corrections just to gain more points. Every single point is like a gold bar to all of us. It's true. Okay, so we're not really nerdy, geeky grade-conscious dweebs, but I'm just saying that believe or not these "big tests" (Periodic and Long tests) really matter to us. So there's no denying that we become greedy point-earners in this time of the quarter. But of course, at the end of the period, no matter how heartbreaking or heartwarming the results were, we just have to get over it because a new teacher is about to come in, and another cycle for another subject will begin. =)

So if you're wondering how my scores were, well they were okay. I know, I always say they're okay but that's because they really are. They're not perfect but I can say my late night studying paid off somehow. So, I guess, OKAY really is the term for it. Haha. =) HAHA. Anyhoo, Mrs. F showed us the percentage of our seatworks and quizzes this quarter, and I'm happy about it. At least nakabawi na ako somehow and I'm starting to like Algeb again! Especially now that we're discussing Trigonometry.. which is a little related to Geometry.. which is my favorite subject of all-time. Last Thursday, Mrs. F reviewed the angles and some basic geometric terms to us, and upon hearing the words postulate, triangle and vertex, I swear my heart skipped a beat! With all humility, Geometry is one of the few things I really like and I'm actually good at. I really miss it. I miss filling up the two-column proof, I miss my arguments with Mrs. Santos, I miss really analyzing circles and triangles just to prove theorems. I miss all of it. Somehow our discussion brought me and Geom together even for just a short while. Sigh. Karla the kikay nerd. (Where else can you see a girl so madly in-love with Geometry?! Shux, I'm weird.)

Anyway, another thing that made me really happy is CLE class. Our quarterly project is the Bible Of My Life. Each quarter Ms. Napoles assigns to us the topics under each "book." Example, Genesis, then under that you have your family tree, your parents' love story and your birth. And it goes on. The submission is always before the Periodic Test. I classify it as a "really hard work" project because it's not something you can do easily overnight. And though scrapbooking is not my thing, I get through. *wink, wink* Dinadaan ko na lang sa madrama kong mga writings. Haha. Okay so anyway, Ms. Napoles gave us the topics last Thursday but she surprised us with something different: we'll not be using our scrapbooks anymore, instead we would be videotaping ourselves and telling our answers to the camera. Sound familiar? That's because she got it from ONE TREE HILL. Does the time capsule ring any bells?! At first I was really hesitant, but when she told us she had the idea because of One Tree Hill, me and all the other addicts (Cars, Nikki, Meg, Nica -- my OTH best friends.. hehe) were like, "WAAAAH!" Haha. Game na ko! Anything OTH talaga. And now I'm actually kind of excited, I mean, no one's going to see me anyway (unless someone releases it like in the show! Then someone's secrets will be revealed then the next day.. okay, I think I should stop now) and I think it's more personal that way. Whee, I'm excited na!! I told you, OTH is really taking over the world! I mean, what are the chances that our CLE teacher would watch my all-time favorite show and have such an awesome idea for a project?! God is so good to me. =)

We practically did nothing yesterday, it was like an unofficial free day, since we didn't discuss any lessons and we had a special schedule because of the First Friday Mass, so basically it was perfect for catching up and making kwento. Have you ever had that feeling of sharing something really personal and being so surprised that there's someone who can relate? Well, that's how I felt yesterday with all the stories I shared with my friends *wink* and promise, it's soo fun! It's the best conversation ever. Haha. Then during Algeb class, we watched the live performance of Pull Out Regular but didn't finish since it was already time. Darn. But shoutouts to Teamago especially to their vocalist Raissa and their dancer Nikki!! Taralets! =) Jen and I had fun during English too since we talked about our favorite topic: One Tree Hill, and of course our husbands. Lucas for Jen, and Nathan for me. Perfect =) I wish everyday was like yesterday, yung walang ginagawa. It's fun to be in school but still be on vacation-mode somehow. Haha.

Look at my husband.
Grabe, he's so cuuuute! ♥
I so love him talaga.

Bethany Joy and James.
They look so good together! HEHE =)

Wow, dame ko nasabi ah. And that's just from two days of classes. Hyper lahat eh! =) I'm on LSS with "City of Devils" by Yellowcard again. I don't know why, maybe because I'm back at school -- the real city of devils. HAHA. Just kidding. Okay, enough chitchat, you're probably tired by the time you reach this part, so I guess I'll be saying bye-bye now. It's the weekend already! Vacation again, yeheyy! Though I'm not going out today since I'm in pain -- some "friend" decided to visit me today and now I can't stand and I can't move. HAYY. Sometimes, I just want to be a boy na lang! Haha. Take care, y'all. Ciao.