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geek in the pink.

In a world where even cellphones and other gadgets suffer from anorexia (read: being too small, frail and thin), it's not a surprise to find someone obsessing about how they look. Weight problems, beauty issues.. the never ending wars every woman has to face. And I used to think there were just fat and skinny. Now there's too fat, fat, chubby, sexy, thin, model-thin, stick-thin.. and where you fall in those categories, you can never tell. We're all worried about how other people will look at us simply because we want to feel that sense of belonging. During family gatherings or parties, there's only one thing they say to me: I lost weight ("Uy, ang laki na ng pinayat mo!"). And as a 15-year-old, how would I take these comments when thrown at me? Should I be flattered that I don't look chubby or should I be worried because I look like a stick to them? I'll be honest, I'm an average teenaged-girl wanting to look pretty and "sexy" (as in not too fat and not too skinny, haha) most of the time. And more often than not, comments like that would be taken as compliments. They keep on saying that I look great and all and that I don't have to worry about me being called "tabachuchuy" or "bansot" because I have the "perfect frame" for my age. But still. It's easier said than done. It's hard to NOT care about how you look because society dictates you to. I want to say I don't care if my bangs are cool, or that I'm not tall enough, or if I have a small chest (huhu), or if I have a huge waistline.. I really don't want to. But I can't help it. And it's not just because I see the models in magazines or celebrities looking hot in skinny jeans or the whatnot. It's also because everyone else around me, family and friends, care about how I look and how they look. It's like every one's in this big Beauty Game of some sort, and you all have to outdo each other in terms of prettiness and sexiness.And the pressure's on each one of us. If you think about it, it's such a ridiculous situation, but can anyone honestly tell me that they don't care if they don't look beautiful enough? Okay so my point is, everyone goes through this phase of wanting to be accepted for what we look like, not who we are. And you know what, I'm actually okay with that because I think that's human nature. I just hope that the people out there decent enough to understand that it's not easy going through life all flawed and imperfect, but we'll get over this. At least I hope I will.

I still can't get the Motorola RAZR V3x out of my head. That yummy hot pink tech concoction. Ooooh. I can't wait to get my hands on one -- that is if my parents love me enough to get me one. HAHA. I can totally understand if they don't since they've given me the iPod Video for Christmas already. And wishing for a new phone would just be plain Paris Hilton-y. But you see, this is what happens when one becomes a member of the Geek Squad. You start reading your dad's gadget magazines one day just because you have nothing to do and before you know it you fall prey into the hands of such beautiful devices. And suddenly the wishing never stops! You say, "Once I get this one, I'll never wish for anything again!" but alas, you get yourself a new mp3 player and you realize you could also use a new cell. Or a new laptop. Or new speakers. Or a new watch. Or a new TV and player (possibly an HD or Blu-Ray). Or a new digicam (DSLR, anyone?!). And you KNOW you're a certified nerd-geek when you start talking about these things to you friends and instead of being amazed they give you puzzled looks because they never understood a word. OKAY SO I ADMIT, I'm such a tech whore. But who can blame me?! It's just like falling in love, only better (and yummier-looking!). One day, V3x, one day.

I'm so tired, but surprisingly we didn't do any studying at school today since all the lessons are finished already. I gave all my reviewers to Nica, and right now all I want to do is pray for those will still take the test -- and sleep. I'm such a night owl already because I think I rigged my body clock. Stupid late night studying sessions. Haha. But hey, they paid off (I think). Especially for English. =) Hehe. Only a few more days to go and these things will be nothing but history! I can't wait. =P

Toni, Keng, me and Inna during speech choir practice =)

Happy Birthday to my Papa, tomorrow! Love yah, Papa ♥

Unintentionally, I think this post proved that I really am a kikay-nerd. HARHAR. =)


and she's still alive!

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the new and improved BOMBASTARR.Yes, Bombastarr is indeed back. And hopefully for good! My, my, I miss blogging here. Yes, Multiply was fun, but at some point I missed making use of my HTMLing skills (read: making layouts) which I really love. So.. there. I'm back.

Well the school year is almost over, and I guess this "homecoming" -- if you could call it that -- is my way of welcoming summer! Now I have all the time in the world to update this thing. Hehe. Anyway, I've missed a lot especially on bloghopping, but hopefully I can get back on track next week.

So what's up with me? I'm still very busy with Recognition day practices and all that, but I'm glad the exams are over for me. I've been through a rollercoaster ride this last couple of weeks but hey, I'm still alive and kicking, so yeah, I'm still okay. Some changes? Hmm.. let's see. I now have bangs, and wearing glasses -- totally nerdified myself a la Haley. Haha. But yes, I'm still as cute as ever. HARHAR =)

Do you know how long it took me to make this layout?? Almost forever because of the new Blogger. ARGH. Gahd, I hate it. But thank God I was able to work things out din. The picture above is me, during one of my vain "photography" sessions with Nica in our classroom. Haha. =) I know it's summmer already and I shouldn't be having a layout with me wearing my uniform, but hey, it's like my way of saying sayonara to this school year, right?? =)

I'm still all over the place, but I'm just really, really glad to be back!. GOD, I MISSED THIS BLOG. And all of my loyal visitors!! I'm back, so welcome me into your arms wide open. Ohyeah. =)

Shoutouts to: Nica, Rexy, Nikki, Cars, Ate Xienah, Shally, Ate Patty and Rina! =) ♥