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if i could escape..

As much as I'd like to welcome summer with my arms wide open, I can't because I'd probably have jabar stains. HAHA. Yuckness. Super init kasi.. don't you agree? And it's killing me because I hate too much heat. My body doesn't work normally in heat, I become Miss Snooty-Irritated-Byotch. Good thing I'm here at the cool, airconditioned Netopia at Robinson's Lipa. Every year kasi I spend the Holy Week here in Batangas at my grandma's house. So there.

I'm currently addicted to Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape. I wish I really could escape, just runaway and go to a place I can just BE. It's hard when everyone else is dictating you or holding you back. I wish I have this emergency escape button I can press and will immediately take me to.. Bangkok or New York or Paris or Tree Hill and I can just let time pass me by. Life's too complicated already -- at least I know mine is -- we all need a little escape route sometimes. If only I could create my own paradise.. where nothing can go wrong and stealing b*tches are not allowed.. life would be perfect. =) But of course, the painful truth is that there's no such thing. The only way to get through the day is to just deal with it. So I guess I'll just be contented with late-night OTH marathons or Paramita-induced afternoons.. that's the closest thing I can get to a sweet escape right now. =)

The shop next to this sells cellphones, and once again with all its glory, I saw my love: The Motorola Razr V3x. I swear I fall in love with it every time I see it. ♥ Ayiee. Haha. I love my N7610 to bits, really, it has been with me through almost all the rough times I've had in my teenage life, but it's practically giving up on me already! I deserve something better. I need that hotpink V3x now! =P

Yesterday, Nica and I were talking about my "bad taste" for humorous things. Like The Simpsons ("D'oh!") or The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ("My, my what nose you have!"). She finds them irritating but I find it HILARIOUS! Seriously. I can't watch it without really laughing out loud. Another good example is The Ramon Bautista Show on MTV which really cracks me up. And yes I admit, it really is kinda corny, but hey can I blame myself for being born mababaw?? I find humor in the littlest things, but I think the things that really do make me Laugh with a capital L are the annoying shows and jokes that are so bad they're good. HAHA, get it? So, in behalf of all the people who have fallen prey to such lame corny shows (and still ended up laughing anyway), I sing: "Di baling magdilim ang paligid mo, wag lang ang yong kilikili!" (Shet, I love Let's Go!)

Bummer. No new OTH episodes until May 2!! This is suffering. I need my Nathan or I'll die. Nathanemic ako -- kulang na sa Nathan. HAHA =)