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googling oneself.

I have been living a rather happy and sociable life in cyberspace for quite some time already. It has been almost three years since I first blogged my woes and exhilaration during my freshman year. And because of that, I'd like to believe that somehow, I have left a mark in this so-called world. Rather impossible considering that I am just a smidgen in this vast space, but yes I'd really like to consider that I have made a place for myself. And so, I decided to Google myself. The only way to find out if you're known enough in the Internet is if your name appears like a celebrity on Google.

At first I typed in Bombastarr, and holy jumpin' jacks, the first result was this blog! =) Yehey! And the other results were my LJ or Multiply! Which is great! Fantastic! Apparently, there's another Bombastarr on Xanga.. but whoever she is, I don't care. I'm the Bombastarr. Google says so. =) Haha.

Then came the next test. I decided to type in Karla Bernardo. How many Karla Bernardos in the world are there anyway? I suppose one or two? And maybe they aren't even popular (haha as if I'm famous!) so I went for it. Click.

And the result shocked the hell out of me.
Karla Leanne Homolka, also known as Karla Leanne Teale (born May 4, 1970 in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada), is a Canadian serial killer who attracted worldwide media attention when she was convicted of helping her husband, Paul Bernardo, rape and murder teenage girls, including her own sister Tammy Homolka.[1] For her admission of her crimes she was given a plea bargain whereby she escaped the maximum penalty for her crimes. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served 12 years in prison.

-- source: Wikipedia

WHOOOOA. This couple was even called the "Barbie and Ken of Mayhem and Murder"! This is crazy! Of all the people I would have as my name twin, I had a killer who helped her husband rape young girls. Reading about their homicidal accounts was both appalling and disturbing. I couldn't believe Karla could let her husband rape her fifteen-year-old sister as a bargaining chip because she wasn't a virgin when they met. How sick is that?! It was horrific, really. And we shared the same name! That's what makes this even worse for me.

I don't know how many other Karla Bernardos there is.. but one thing's for sure. I'm nothing like that one! Years from now Google my name and it'll be me. The next big superstar. HAHA.

In other news..

Our English teacher hates us. And US meaning Paulinians. You know she has a hidden wrath towards friendly, fun-loving daughters of St. Paul. And you can obviously sense that with the words she says, and the things she does. You see, we were the active ones in front, trying to answer her questions, discussing the sentences with our seatmates.. this is our normal classroom attitude. We don't make unproductive noise, the noise we probably make is us trying to figure out what the answer is. But I guess she doesn't know the difference. She sat down and told this story that during the previous years the girls from St. Paul and St. Scho were always in one class and they were always noisy. So this year the review center decided to separate the two schools.. and now she found out that the Paulinians pala are the noisy ones. And we were all like, "WTF?!" I'm not saying that it's probably the Scholasticans who were noisy.. but we hated the fact that she had to say that! What was her problem?! Wala ngang nakikinig sa kaniya, kami lang tapos she had the nerve to tell us to shut up?! Tapos eto pa.. every time one of us answers she doesn't recognize us, but if it's from the other schools she flashes her toothy grin and says, "Very good *name of school*!" AAAARGH. Or if we got the correct answer, she'll pretend she didn't hear it and if another school says the same answer she'll acknowledge the school. Edi we said, "That's what *name of Paulinian* answered, Miss." pero deadma lang siya. EH WE WERE JUST IN FRONT OF HER! And she says all these things na you know pinapatama niya sa amin. Oooooohh.. that biiiatch. I know it's not nice to bash your professors, even if they're just review teachers but she just makes us so mad. She is discriminating against Paulinians! I hope on her way to Damascus, err, I mean work.. she sees a blinding light and she shall hear St. Paul's voice saying, "Miss English Teacher, why are you persecuting my daughters?" then she gets blinded and the only way for her to get her eyesight back is to apologize to us. Haha, harsh, but that's how St. Paul learned his lesson, right Paulinians?

My friends say maybe she got rejected when she applied at a St. Paul school. Haha. Baka nga bitter.

Paulinians, unite!

I love BTIC talaga. It's the best ice cream ever! Uhm.. though it's not ice cream. It's frozen yogurt, I believe? Oh well, basta it's better than ice cream! Kahlua Brownie and Triple Chocolate are love. What they say about eating ice cream when your down in the dumps is most definitely true. Because nothing brings euphoria better than good ol' ice cream. =)

The Cam-whores:
Nica, moi and Neill.



is it a crime to kill boredom?

I'm so bored I can't even think properly. I decided to blog to kill time but apparently I have nothing to say. This sucks. But since I've already started typing, might as well go on and rant about anything under the sun just so I can call this one a real post. Haha. So today let's just keep it casual, nothing too deep because my mind can't think well today.

Top 5 OPM songs I'm willing to sing and listen to forever:
  1. Hiling by Paramita. "Kay rami pang dadaan na pagsubok sa ating pag-ibig.. kakayanin pa kayang mabawi pa ang mga nasabi ng masasakit na salita?" I have heard this song a couple of times before I actually liked it. A friend gave me a burned CD and I can still remember that this song was Track #2. I got really into it during last year's leadership training for some reason, and after that it has been on repeat mode for several weeks in my iPod. Still is, actually. =)
  2. Nobela by Join The Club. "Ngumiti kahit na napipilitan kahit pa sinasadya mo akong masaktan paminsan-minsan, bawat sandali na lang." My second year emo song! I got curious when I heard it on Trixie U.'s blog so I listened to it a couple times and I was hooked. I bought their CD at Landmark, which fortunately had an autograph, and from then on I knew this song would be something I would look back to years from now and say, "This was my song."
  3. Broken Sonnet by Hale. "Coz tonight I'll be right by your side. Lie down right next to me, and I'll never let go." I remember crying the first time I heard this on RX. It was just so beautiful and sad and bittersweet and comforting at the same time. I now dislike the band, but I cannot deny the fact that I still adore this sonnet.
  4. Neon by Spongecola. "Coz I know I can never be enough to replace your whatever." Perfectly explains a lot of things in my life. And this song arrived to me unexpectedly, like it really wanted to comfort me during my down days. Haha, ameyyziing. Too bad they didn't sing this during the concert.
  5. Pink White Blue by Mayonnaise. "I know, I'm not the one you are thinking of, coz I am your past, and I'm gone." This is the one song I never admitted to like because of the use of the words 'angel' and 'heaven'.. which I'm just not fond of. Haha. But once upon a time, during my freshman year, I fell in love with this song.

Top 5 Lines from a movie that I have memorized by heart and can recite together with the actors:
  1. "That girl is the lowest, most awful creature that ever walked the planet!" -- Annie James, Parent Trap. My favorite movie when I was a kid! I think this was the first movie I had on DVD so it was Parent Trap marathons for me every afternoon!
  2. "Do you know what everyone says about you? They say that you're a home-schooled jungle freak, who's a less-hot version of me." -- Regina George, Mean Girls. Who doesn't think this movie was the hottest teen flick ever??!
  3. "I wanted it to be you so badly." -- Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail. This is without out a doubt one of my mom's all-time favorite movies. I've seen it a hundred times with her! I remember the time they used to show it every night at the cable movie channels.
  4. "Nothing beats a first kiss." -- Lucy Whitmore, 50 First Dates. One of the sweetest films I've ever seen. Super cute pa ni Drew and Adam!
  5. "She wants to meet us on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day." -- Jonah, Sleepless in Seattle. The ultimate romantic comedy movie starring my mom's favorite team-up, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This is another one of the movies I've practically memorized with her. Hehe.

Top 5 celebrities I'd willingly trade my kidneys for just to have their bodies:
  1. Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls. Can you actually tell me you don't get green with envy every time you see her "DontCha"-ing on MTV practically every minute?!
  2. Gwen Stefani. She doesn't even look like she gave birth at all!
  3. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. 'Nuff said.
  4. Jessica Alba. Ahh.. those abs.
  5. Heidi Klum. Have you seen her on Project Runway?

Top 5 Comedy Shows that never fail to crack me up when I'm bluer than Blu from Foster's Home:
  1. FRIENDS. WHO DOESN'T LOVE THEM??!? They're hysterical! The show never fails to amuse me, I tell you. <3
  2. Scrubs. I swear even the dramatic episodes are funny. Every one in the cast is just so Hilarious with a capital H. Especially JD and Dr. Cox. Sometimes, sarcasm is funnier than actual jokes. Haha. =)
  3. That 70's Show. Aside from the fact that I still haven't recovered from my 5th-grade dream of wanting to go back to the 70's, I just find Eric so cute! And Fez too! And Kelso, and Hyde.. and Donna and Jackie.. hell, even Eric's dad! They all seem so naive and stupid.. ahaha!
  4. The Simpsons. It's hard not to love them, especially when they're shown on three different networks almost everyday. I'm super addicted to them! D'oh!
  5. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Evil takes form in that little girl named Mandy, and stupidity is made human through a boy with a giant nose named Billy.. and it's pure joy!

Top 5 Albums I would want with me on a deserted island:
  1. Tala by Paramita. Paramita is my painkiller, did you know that?! Ria Bautista is Love!
  2. OTH Friends With Benefit
  3. How To Save A Life by The Fray
  4. Almost Kinda Acoustic 1
  5. hmm.. my playlist on my iPod? Haha.


Hot Movie Season is about to start again, starting with Spiderman 3 on May 1st. I can't wait! I love this part of the year because the big production movies start showing and everybody's just talking about these flicks everywhere you go. The anticipation is unexplainable.. on TV you see the trailer, on the radio they're giving away free tickets, at the malls you see all these freebies.. it's so exciting! I wish they show Spiderman on IMAX. I remember how I almost fell in love with Superman last year when I felt like I can actually touch him during the movie. Haha. Almost!

Okay so thanks to this post I was able to kill about an hour. Hooray! But the problem is.. now what am I going to do?! Haaaayy. I guess I'm going to go back to being a bum again. Oh no, wait. I remembered I'm going to surf college sites again (click! click! click! click!) and check out the courses I'm going to take. Then I'm going to try answering the questions from the module given to us in our review class. Ayan, at least I'm going to be productive today. =)

(Haha, see how dreary life is these days.. I'm actually going to STUDY. Woohoo, go nerd)

x x x x x x


this is how much i love my dress.

I was inspired to make a new layout because of it. I know it's funny and vain and probably a little over the top, but can you blame me for actually falling in love with my five hundred peso piece of treasure?! I only took three pictures of me wearing it right after I arrived because I didn't want it to lose the magic, you know the sudden rush of "fabulosity" you feel while wearing it -- if you could call it that. But I've been told that I actually look pretty good in it.. I just don't know when I'm going to wear it for real. Hopefully soon, and hopefully people will love it just as much as I do. In the meantime, enjoy the layout. =)

Forgive the vanity. HAHA!

Wilhela Cushman was responsible for the quote in my header by the way. For so long, I have been reading fashion magazines and I always come across famous designers or personalities saying that everyone always has that one piece of clothing that can you make you feel instantly beautiful. And they say it's the little black dress. You know, a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's, or Jennifer Aniston during the 2006 Oscars. I'm not really sure about that, and I'm uncertain if the dress Wilhela was talking about was indeed a little black dress, but I do believe that everyone deserves to have that one getup that will surely make everyone turn their heads and make way for you. Wouldn't that be gratifying? To know that when everything else fails, you can still look confident and pretty thanks to your never-failing outfit? I'd want to have my own little black dress one day, and see how true the impact of Coco Chanel's famous idea would be in my life. But of course, until that day, I'd have to settle with my pretty floral dress =)

I cannot believe I'm blogging this time of night (or is it morning?) about a dress. Haha. How insane can I get? I seriously need to get some rest. Or at least change the topic.

It suddenly dawned on me that this year would be my last year in high school. (Well, DUH, Karla!) My last ten months of going to school in that black-and-white checkered skirt and tie, last ten months of attending pullout classes in the afternoon, last ten months of falling in line for chits, last ten months for many things. And though it would be typical for me to say "I'm going to make the best out of it!" right now, 'm actually scared. I mean, sure of course I really want to do good this year, but beyond the determination is the fear. I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff, or on the last stepping stone towards a bigger rock. The pressure is excruciating. They say senior year is just like a passing-by year, and all the burdens are in third year. So I ended the previous school year with a huge smile on my face because I thought the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now, I'm starting to realize how a bigger load has to be taken care of. Suddenly, everyone has been pushing me like never before. It really is unfair how at fifteen, you have to decide on who and what you're going to be probably for the rest of your life. Let's face it: how you do well in your last ten months in high school, how high your score in the college entrance exams will probably define who you are for the next couple of years. In my best trying-hard British accent, I want to scream out, "It's bloody overwhelming!" It's bloodcurdling! But of course, there's not much I can do about it. This is how things are. And right now the only thing that's comforting me about this is Peyton, referring to some lines she said on one of my favorite podcasts by her:

"The other day, I was at the riverwalk and I saw this skater kid with a t-shirt, had this Swahili Warrior song on it - it said, 'Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the gods. So let us celebrate the struggle.' I think that's right, you know, when you stop fighting, you stop living. We all need that thing that's worth fighting for and I don't know, maybe it's a certain someone, a special place, maybe just an idea. So to all my fellow Swahili Pod Warriors out there: find your fight, and then fight like hell until your battle is won."

And for someone who doesn't like Peyton that much, I'm gladly taking her advice. I'm going to fight like hell. And if ever I still don't appease destiny or karma or whatever, at least I'll know I did my part.

This is a sort of illegal post seeing that I'm blogging at 12:30 am and everyone else is asleep in our household. Fortunately though, Mr. Sandman decided to drop by and made me want to lie in the comfort of my soft bed, hugging my pillow and baby stuffed doll in an air-conditioned room. Sounds good enough to, err, sleep. Haha. Good night, y'all.

x x x


shopping heals all wounds.

Whoever said that time can heal all wounds certainly wasn't a girl.

Today my mom, tita and I had a shopping date at 168 and I swear it was love all over. My mom and I commuted from our place to the shopper's paradise and arrived there at around 9:30. My mom's older sister met us there at around 11:00 and of course, shopping spree galore! You know how it is in our family (mother's side), when two or more Vistan girls are gathered, the shopping never stops! Haha. =) We scoured the whole place like we were hunting for survival. And yes, the walking-all-day paid off since we were able to buy some pretty precious finds! It kinda made me miss Bangkok because most of the stalls had their items shipped from Thailand. And besides, 168 looked a lot like the malls in Bangkok, especially my favorites, MBK, Suan Lum and Platinum Plaza. Oh, how I missed that place! Anyway, it was major bonding time for me and my "sisters" for a day. We were so happy with what we bought that the exhaustion from walking was completely superficial compared to the satisfaction of buying.

Oh how retail therapy works. I didn't bring my phone because I was afraid I might lose it, so I was basically detached from my connections today. And for a while I actually forgot about everything else outside that mall. All I could ever think about was how pretty I was going to look in my new dress, how adorable my new shoes are, how cheap I got the skinny jeans AND top, how many items we can fit in our shopping bags.. not a single thing about anything else. It was like I got my sweet escape for real. I think I'm half-cured from whatever pain there is in life. Haha. At least if I'm going to go through hell, I'm going to go through it in style. =)

  1. A gorgeous pair of skinny jeans (Gorgeous with a capital G)
  2. A beautiful Victorian-esque top
  3. Two white tank tops
  4. A gray bolero
  5. A cute pair of red flats
  6. An elephant stuff toy (so cute!)
  7. Cellphone holders (pang-gifts.. and for myself na rin!)
  8. A metallic bag
  9. A pink Lacoste bag (which, fortunately didn't spell Lacoset, haha)
  10. 3 for 100 underwear and handkerchiefs

  11. and my most favorite of them all..


Happy Birthday, Trixie and Cars!
They are two of my bestest friends in the world. We always have fun during Leadership Trainings, what with all our crazy escapades together. I swear their presence made my Leadership less sucky. Hehe. We slept in the same mattress, we woke each other up for baths, we made kwento until the wee hours in the morning, we promoted Apple (haha we had different iPods), we took pictures.. grabeng bonding talaga. If it weren't for them, I probably would have gone crazy! Unlike some people, we sticked together and bonded like sisters, because that's what true friends are. Aww. Hehe. The reason I enjoyed the Training was seriously because I was with them. =) Have fun today, you two! Love yah!

The Jerbax-Pagsi Sisterhood
Cars, Karla & Trixie.
Gabi na yan, kaya we look wasted na. Haha.

Later, alligators. =) Ciao!
x x x x x x x x



Today we had our first review class in ALL-UP at the Philippine Christian University. And there's only one word to describe it: WHOA.

All the Paulinians enrolled in All-Up were grouped in Section B. We had classmates from other schools as well but we composed majority of the class. Our module for today was Math I with Sir Regaspi. Imagine, Math on the first day! And I swear we were all scratching our heads with all the mathematical symbols and terms he used. They were all basic math concepts but he used such a different approach that everything seemed confusing at first. He explained the reasons behind laws and theories that were never really discussed before -- we never knew there were proofs behind the ordinary terms we just write down in our notebook and eventually forget. The day seemed long, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, but it was actually fun -- if you can consider thinking and solving hard as fun. For a math geek like me, I honestly enjoyed it. Haha. =) Do you guys know the value of i raised to 56, 294, 104, 391? Or the rationalization of complex numbers? We didn't but it was "cool" to discover new techniques about the basic concepts. I think we had internal bleeding in the brain after the class -- but it's nice to know it wouldn't get rusty this summer.

"There are only two universities in the Philippines:
UP and the others."
-- Dr. Morales (the head of All-Up)

Haha, funny noh? My perception of UP changed today. Before, I thought it was the best school. Now, it's the most-bestestestest school -- haha, supersupersuperlative. =P All the professors were graduates from UP and they all spoke with such confidence and intellect that you can't help but be intimidated. At the same time, you know you really want to go there. I think I'm really becoming Blair from Gossip Girl now. Just like she wouldn't want to go to college unless she goes to Yale, UP is the school I've always wanted to go to. I'm not saying that the other universities aren't up to par with the state university's standards, but I have dreamed of going to this school since I was a kid. So I would really work hard to get there, or else my parents might take away my phone! Haha =)

I think that's all for now. Takas lang kasing post na to. I'm just super excited with all that's happened today. Hope you guys have a fun weekend! Next week, I'd be leaving for the Leadership Training (at St. Paul Pasig) with all the other officers. Wish us luck, especially for our presentation! =)

x x x


13th the friday.

I didn't know today was the dreaded Friday the 13th until I was setting the date for this post. Usually, I'd go through the day and watch out for whatever mishaps or unfortunate events that might come my way and try to avoid them as much as possible. But so far, nothing bad has happened. Maybe it doesn't work for you if you don't make yourself aware of it?

I grew up knowing that there are these unwritten rules we all have to follow to shun bad luck. My mom would always remind me to not cut my nails at night because someone might die. We turn our plates every time someone leaves during meal time so that they'll be safe. We try to avoid going to wakes after visiting someone from the hospital. I try to be very careful of mirrors. And I always avoid black cats (though technically, this doesn't count since I avoid ALL cats, haha). I don't know if I can call myself superstitious innately, but growing up in a home and a country where almost everyone believes in luck and omens, I can't help but be one. Often times I find all these "pamahiin" kind of ridiculous but then again my lolas always say that "There's not harm in doing it," which is actually true. Nothing wrong handling our mirrors carefully, right? But still. Putting our destiny in the hands of these irrational beliefs somewhat makes me question how we really are as Christians.

We're mainly a Catholic-Christian country, but why do we believe so much in superstitions? Isn't this quite ironic? If we all truly believe in Jesus Christ, we shouldn't be relying on these false notions because everything is in God's plan. We shouldn't practice doing certain things just because an old saying might haunt us, but instead we should do things because we want something good to come out from it. We want to become better persons. I think doing good deeds will bring back just as much blessings, if not more, rather than not sweeping the floor at night? Of course I'm not implying that we do these things just so we can be showered with good fortune. My point is, if we live according to God's words, we don't need these superstitions to help define our destiny. If there is faith in our hearts, God won't let anything bad happen to us.

Then again, completely terminating superstitions in our lives would be impossible. It's everywhere. t's part of our culture. So the next time my mom says "O ikot ang plato," before she leaves for work, I'll just turn the dishes but muster a short prayer to keep her safe. At least when she comes home safely at the end of the day I'll know it's because of God's providence and not the plates. =)


Cadbury Pinky
It's my all-time favorite chocolate.
It has a yummy marshmallow and caramel filling, and it's 90% fat free!
I think they phased this product out already. =(

I was super addicted to this show last year!
It's like the British version of Friends and it's totally hilarious.
They stopped airing it in Star World.

Polly Pocket
Polly was my super-idol when I was a little girl (next to Barbie).
My school bag in Kindergarten was a Polly Pocket bag and it was my favorite.
I used to bring my Polly Pocket "kits" -- you know the one that open and you can play with the small dolls inside -- everywhere I go. Then a few years later they grew up (literally haha) and my mom bought me almost a dozen of the new and improved Polly Pocket dolls that you can dress up. Playing with them and making stories about them was my favorite past time. =)

I haven't been seeing much of my superhero lately.
I think they changed the timeslot of Justice League and The Batman
on Cartoon Network so now I can't even catch a glimpse of
my Knight In Dark Armor.
I miss Batman, I really do!

x x x


give me my bag of chips, please.

This. Is. The. Horrifying. Tagalized. One. Tree. Hill.

I think this is from last week's episode.

Got the video from treehillfan by the way. I wasn't able to record it last night because I was in so much pain (sunburn) so I just decided to write down the funny lines from last night's episode.

"AIDS rizirch."
"Chineze fire dreel."
"Bibili ako ng KAFE at BISKATI."

(Nathan to Peyton)
"I'm SOO-REH na."

(before the game)
"One, choo, chee, Ray-vuns!"

"Like FATTER, like SUN."
(like father, like son)

(Nathan to Haley)
"Ikaw lang.. wala ng iba."
-- It's you or nobody else. Haha ang jologs ng kinalabasan!

(Haley to Nathan)
"Stap beeng a.. DYERK!"
-- Sheeeeeeet! This is crap!

and the most senseless:

"Tingnan niyo ito, ito'y pagkain."
-- Hey. Check it out. It’s called ‘dinner.’

Seriously. Okay so I might be laughing right now but it's honestly hurting deep down. Come one, this is my all-time favorite show! And they.. murdered it. Please tell me I'm not overreacting and that you agree with me. Come on, watch the clip again! What's irritating is that the other foreign shows on RPN like Heroes isn't dubbed. What is their problem?! I seriously want to burn that station down right now.

Anyway, my sunburn doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday but the pain is still there. Yesterday I couldn't even laugh or smile without feeling like my skin is about to peel off my face. It's hard to change clothes because my shoulders are burning like hell. Does this really prove the saying "No pain, no gain"? I've gotten compliments already about how cute my tan looks, but come on, the word tan is an understatement. I'm super nognog already! I'm even darker than my dad. Waaah. But oh well, it was worth it. Now hand me a bottle of lotion before my skin cracks up.

Have you guys been watching American Idol? It's crazy! My faves (and crushes) are Chris Richardson and Blake Edwards Lewis. They are two of the frontrunners in the show (according to Simon), and both are undeniably hot, too! But I think this season, AI hit an all-time low when it came to talent. I mean, yes they are all great singers but with the exception of Blake (who can beatbox) and Gina (who was a true rocker girl but got booted off), all the rest were pretty much stuck in the same style. There were no rocker Chris Daughtry, crooner Ace, country girl Carrie, soulful Anwar, sweetie Kellie Pickler.. usually in every season they have one of each kind but this year they don't. It also saddens me how it's becoming a popularity contest more than a singing contest. Look at Sanjaya and Haley. I'm not being mean or anything, but we all know that they don't deserve to still be in the show at this point. Still, people vote for them because, I don't know, he can pull off a ponyhawk and she has great legs? And the nasty remarks the judges throw at them.. makes me feel like it's tomatoes they're throwing because every week they just get worse. There's no denying that Simon's remarks are incredibly hilarious though! =) I guess that's the only good thing that can come out of this -- the longer they stay, the more b*tching they get. Haha. I wonder who will get booted off tonight?

Oh and before I go, do you guys know The Bloomfields? You must seriously buy their CD because they are love. And they're purely Pinoy, too! Worth checking out, I swear. =) Toodles!


as dark as chocolate.

Yep, that's me! Haha.

I had super fun today, big time. The best outing ever! =) We arrived early at Cittadella, around 9 am and there were few people so we practically owned the pool. We rented a kubo for our things and for the food. We were so excited, upon arrival we immediately took a shower and just jumped in! We played lots of games like Ice Water, Bente Uno (aka Mataya, Taya), Caterpillar and Lusutan. It was hard to "run" around in the pool, kaya madaling mataya. During the Lusutan, everyone was laughing their heads off because some got stuck in the middle of the line and couldn't reach the end because it was so long & they ran out of breath! And some would close their legs so that the person won't be able to pass through. Haha. But I'm proud to say that when it was my turn, I reached the end of the line, as in tuloy-tuloy! HEHE, achievement. Tapos we played with the salbabida shaped like a wheel.. we pretended like we were stuck on an ocean and we have to reach the "shore" -- the shallow part of the pool. Haha, super hirap pala kung lahat naka-angkas. Trixie, Tin, Hope and I also played cannon ball which later turned into a jump-in-style game. The torching sun certainly didn't stop us from having fun! Every once in a while, we leave the pool and eat or take pictures *ehem* and every time we do so, we feel the hurting pain of sunburn. Pero sige lang, swim pa rin! We even played with the ice cubes. Since it arrived late, we just ended up playing with it by soothing our face and backs with it. Super hapdi but super sarap ng cold feeling. HAHA. At the end of the day, we had obvious tan lines (especially me!) and had red noses, but hey, there's no denying our tans are beautiful! Nyek. Okay, so it might take a while for me to get used to my new color, but I'm embracing it! =)

Sorry for the excitement-filled post. I haven't had this much fun since.. ever! The outing turned out to be my sweet escape after all. And I say sweet escape because tomorrow we're back to reality.. distribution of cards tomorrow! Eeeek!

The Nognog Babes!
More pics here.

Just finished watching Episode 9 of OTH on ETC. Even though I've seen it a million times already, I still feel like crying every time! Nothing brings drama the way OTH does. Poor Haley! Okay, so I know what's gonna happen next but I can't help but feel sorry for her! Season 4 truly is the hottest season. =) I love One Tree Hill talaga! I hope I can fast forward time to May 2, so that I'll be able to watch new episodes already. I can't wait any longer!!

x x x x


the geek in the pink just got pink-er.

There it is.

Forgive the foolish grin plastered across my face. That's the genuine smile of someone who wanted, wished, waited and was finally fulfilled. HAHA. Yes, it's true, I'm now a proud mama of a hotpink V3x. Oh, pure bliss! I still pinch myself every time I see it, just to make sure it's real. I didn't even force my parents to buy me this! I just casually mentioned it a few months back, and before I knew it my mom was asking me a hundred times a day if I really wanted it. My mind is practically screaming out "Of course I want it, in fact I need it!" but of course I can only mutter a short, "Ako naman okay lang kahit ano." WEEEHH. Hehe. But honestly, I didn't beg for this because I'm not a spoiled brat (although I look like one). I was willing to wait forever -- or at least until I find a better phone. Fortunately, my waiting was cut short when we made that trip to Greenhills yesterday. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last night, I was fiddling through my new baby and realized how crazy Motorola's user interface was compared to Nokia's. I mean, seriously, for someone who has used Nokia phones almost her entire adolescent life (I say almost because my first ever phone wasn't Nokia, but all the rest were) it was hard! I was super slow in typing and in moving around but soon I did get the hang of it. I found my way through the gallery, phonebook and settings in a few hours. I still need a little getting used to but all's good. The navigation is nothing compared to the astounding camera resolution, crystal clear sound and the sizzling hot & sexy looks. Truly, I'm falling even more for this baby. =)

Though it has been said many times, many ways: I'm not going to ask for anything as big as this anytime soon. I'm going to prove that I'm the best daughter in the world. I mean, I have to be worthy of it, right?


Tomorrow's the class outing of St. Christina (aka Napoleons -- hehe). I'm really excited not just because we were able to reserve a private pool and we'd just be swimming all our troubles away, but because I really miss them. Truly. I know I keep on saying how much I miss the Toledudes (my second year class) but this class was a heck of a lot crazier than the last -- I think. This outing is our celebration for our survival of the dictatorship. HAHA. I hope we do have fun, because seriously I need a break. Perhaps this would be my sweet escape?


Okay, so my cellphone is summoning me now, it's ringing like crazy. But, if I'm going to be a slave to THAT phone, it would sooo be worth it. Haha. Later, alligators.

x x x x


i keep coming back to manila.

My one-week vacation in Batangas just ended today, and I'm back here in our humble Parañaque home. As much as I loved the cool breeze and yummy food I had there, there's no denying that there really is no place like home. Oh, how I missed my room and my computer (with the DSL fixed already)!! I wanna kiss it and shower it with love. Haha.

Have you seen the tagalized One Tree Hill on RPN 9?! Grabe. It pains me to hear my sweet Nathan having this husky-telenovela-like voice. And everyone else has really funny voices. Super hindi bagay! Last Wednesday I was laughing my head off because they had such bad accents when they speak some English phrases. Okay, so I'm not being mean to the dubbers, but it's true -- it's such a shame! Maybe a part of me should be proud that we have a tagalized version or something.. but I don't feel proud at all because super funny talaga! Nakakabreak ng heart because it's like they murdered the show! Here are few of the many funny phrases I heard from this week's episode:

Watt-eBURR! (Whatever)
Alam mo kung ano? (You know)
PROCK-tis (practice)
Lookas (Lucas)
BasketBOWL (basketball)
CHUCHURING center (tutor center)

and one of the most painful:

Nathan (to Haley): Huwag mo sabihing wala akong naibigay na kahit ano sa yo. (Don't say I never gave you anything)

UGH. Total weirdness. You have to see it though because I swear this post doesn't justify its absurdity. Every Wednesday, 8:30 pm on RPN. Then after that e-mail me and we'll tell RPN how much it sucks! Para they'll stop airing it na because really.. it's killing me. And I know it will kill the other fans as well!

So anyway..

How was my week? I basically spent it helping around the house, watching Grey's Anatomy & OTH, playing the piano, reading celebrity magazines from the States, answering Sudoku and just making kwento with my grandparents and tita. It wasn't really spent religiously as some would have, but I can say I have realized a lot of things about life, about myself and about my faith basically. I hope you too were able to pray and reflect well this week.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy.. grabe I finished Season 2 & 3 already, and all I can say is WHOA. I know it's a little too late to join the Grey's bandwagon, but hey better late than never right? And it's funny how to me it doesn't have the I-can't-get-enough-of-it effect as OTH but it's addicting just the same. I love Meredith's voiceovers.. I can relate, super!! But the character I can really relate to is Addison. I don't know why her being passive-aggressive appeals to me so much. Haha. And the man candy? Of course everybody's drooling over McDreamy, Derek Shepherd but I find Mark Sloan aka McSteamy waaaay hotter! =) The lives they lead as surgeons are so interesting, every surgery has a story. But the show isn't strong enough to brainwash me into becoming a doctor. HAHA. Okay so I'll not rant about how great it is, maybe you should just try and see for yourself.

Outing na ng St. Christina sa Tuesday! Can't wait! =) If ever my mga Napoleons reading this, text me or message me for more info, basta I hope everyone can come! Last naman na eh.

Shoutouts to my commentors: Cars, Jologs Queen, Audrey, Nadine and Yvan. Mwaaah! =*


I'm so looking forward to this summer. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm crossing my fingers! dvanced Happy Easter, everyone!


if i could escape..

As much as I'd like to welcome summer with my arms wide open, I can't because I'd probably have jabar stains. HAHA. Yuckness. Super init kasi.. don't you agree? And it's killing me because I hate too much heat. My body doesn't work normally in heat, I become Miss Snooty-Irritated-Byotch. Good thing I'm here at the cool, airconditioned Netopia at Robinson's Lipa. Every year kasi I spend the Holy Week here in Batangas at my grandma's house. So there.

I'm currently addicted to Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape. I wish I really could escape, just runaway and go to a place I can just BE. It's hard when everyone else is dictating you or holding you back. I wish I have this emergency escape button I can press and will immediately take me to.. Bangkok or New York or Paris or Tree Hill and I can just let time pass me by. Life's too complicated already -- at least I know mine is -- we all need a little escape route sometimes. If only I could create my own paradise.. where nothing can go wrong and stealing b*tches are not allowed.. life would be perfect. =) But of course, the painful truth is that there's no such thing. The only way to get through the day is to just deal with it. So I guess I'll just be contented with late-night OTH marathons or Paramita-induced afternoons.. that's the closest thing I can get to a sweet escape right now. =)

The shop next to this sells cellphones, and once again with all its glory, I saw my love: The Motorola Razr V3x. I swear I fall in love with it every time I see it. ♥ Ayiee. Haha. I love my N7610 to bits, really, it has been with me through almost all the rough times I've had in my teenage life, but it's practically giving up on me already! I deserve something better. I need that hotpink V3x now! =P

Yesterday, Nica and I were talking about my "bad taste" for humorous things. Like The Simpsons ("D'oh!") or The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ("My, my what nose you have!"). She finds them irritating but I find it HILARIOUS! Seriously. I can't watch it without really laughing out loud. Another good example is The Ramon Bautista Show on MTV which really cracks me up. And yes I admit, it really is kinda corny, but hey can I blame myself for being born mababaw?? I find humor in the littlest things, but I think the things that really do make me Laugh with a capital L are the annoying shows and jokes that are so bad they're good. HAHA, get it? So, in behalf of all the people who have fallen prey to such lame corny shows (and still ended up laughing anyway), I sing: "Di baling magdilim ang paligid mo, wag lang ang yong kilikili!" (Shet, I love Let's Go!)

Bummer. No new OTH episodes until May 2!! This is suffering. I need my Nathan or I'll die. Nathanemic ako -- kulang na sa Nathan. HAHA =)