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13th the friday.

I didn't know today was the dreaded Friday the 13th until I was setting the date for this post. Usually, I'd go through the day and watch out for whatever mishaps or unfortunate events that might come my way and try to avoid them as much as possible. But so far, nothing bad has happened. Maybe it doesn't work for you if you don't make yourself aware of it?

I grew up knowing that there are these unwritten rules we all have to follow to shun bad luck. My mom would always remind me to not cut my nails at night because someone might die. We turn our plates every time someone leaves during meal time so that they'll be safe. We try to avoid going to wakes after visiting someone from the hospital. I try to be very careful of mirrors. And I always avoid black cats (though technically, this doesn't count since I avoid ALL cats, haha). I don't know if I can call myself superstitious innately, but growing up in a home and a country where almost everyone believes in luck and omens, I can't help but be one. Often times I find all these "pamahiin" kind of ridiculous but then again my lolas always say that "There's not harm in doing it," which is actually true. Nothing wrong handling our mirrors carefully, right? But still. Putting our destiny in the hands of these irrational beliefs somewhat makes me question how we really are as Christians.

We're mainly a Catholic-Christian country, but why do we believe so much in superstitions? Isn't this quite ironic? If we all truly believe in Jesus Christ, we shouldn't be relying on these false notions because everything is in God's plan. We shouldn't practice doing certain things just because an old saying might haunt us, but instead we should do things because we want something good to come out from it. We want to become better persons. I think doing good deeds will bring back just as much blessings, if not more, rather than not sweeping the floor at night? Of course I'm not implying that we do these things just so we can be showered with good fortune. My point is, if we live according to God's words, we don't need these superstitions to help define our destiny. If there is faith in our hearts, God won't let anything bad happen to us.

Then again, completely terminating superstitions in our lives would be impossible. It's everywhere. t's part of our culture. So the next time my mom says "O ikot ang plato," before she leaves for work, I'll just turn the dishes but muster a short prayer to keep her safe. At least when she comes home safely at the end of the day I'll know it's because of God's providence and not the plates. =)


Cadbury Pinky
It's my all-time favorite chocolate.
It has a yummy marshmallow and caramel filling, and it's 90% fat free!
I think they phased this product out already. =(

I was super addicted to this show last year!
It's like the British version of Friends and it's totally hilarious.
They stopped airing it in Star World.

Polly Pocket
Polly was my super-idol when I was a little girl (next to Barbie).
My school bag in Kindergarten was a Polly Pocket bag and it was my favorite.
I used to bring my Polly Pocket "kits" -- you know the one that open and you can play with the small dolls inside -- everywhere I go. Then a few years later they grew up (literally haha) and my mom bought me almost a dozen of the new and improved Polly Pocket dolls that you can dress up. Playing with them and making stories about them was my favorite past time. =)

I haven't been seeing much of my superhero lately.
I think they changed the timeslot of Justice League and The Batman
on Cartoon Network so now I can't even catch a glimpse of
my Knight In Dark Armor.
I miss Batman, I really do!

x x x