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as dark as chocolate.

Yep, that's me! Haha.

I had super fun today, big time. The best outing ever! =) We arrived early at Cittadella, around 9 am and there were few people so we practically owned the pool. We rented a kubo for our things and for the food. We were so excited, upon arrival we immediately took a shower and just jumped in! We played lots of games like Ice Water, Bente Uno (aka Mataya, Taya), Caterpillar and Lusutan. It was hard to "run" around in the pool, kaya madaling mataya. During the Lusutan, everyone was laughing their heads off because some got stuck in the middle of the line and couldn't reach the end because it was so long & they ran out of breath! And some would close their legs so that the person won't be able to pass through. Haha. But I'm proud to say that when it was my turn, I reached the end of the line, as in tuloy-tuloy! HEHE, achievement. Tapos we played with the salbabida shaped like a wheel.. we pretended like we were stuck on an ocean and we have to reach the "shore" -- the shallow part of the pool. Haha, super hirap pala kung lahat naka-angkas. Trixie, Tin, Hope and I also played cannon ball which later turned into a jump-in-style game. The torching sun certainly didn't stop us from having fun! Every once in a while, we leave the pool and eat or take pictures *ehem* and every time we do so, we feel the hurting pain of sunburn. Pero sige lang, swim pa rin! We even played with the ice cubes. Since it arrived late, we just ended up playing with it by soothing our face and backs with it. Super hapdi but super sarap ng cold feeling. HAHA. At the end of the day, we had obvious tan lines (especially me!) and had red noses, but hey, there's no denying our tans are beautiful! Nyek. Okay, so it might take a while for me to get used to my new color, but I'm embracing it! =)

Sorry for the excitement-filled post. I haven't had this much fun since.. ever! The outing turned out to be my sweet escape after all. And I say sweet escape because tomorrow we're back to reality.. distribution of cards tomorrow! Eeeek!

The Nognog Babes!
More pics here.

Just finished watching Episode 9 of OTH on ETC. Even though I've seen it a million times already, I still feel like crying every time! Nothing brings drama the way OTH does. Poor Haley! Okay, so I know what's gonna happen next but I can't help but feel sorry for her! Season 4 truly is the hottest season. =) I love One Tree Hill talaga! I hope I can fast forward time to May 2, so that I'll be able to watch new episodes already. I can't wait any longer!!

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