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the geek in the pink just got pink-er.

There it is.

Forgive the foolish grin plastered across my face. That's the genuine smile of someone who wanted, wished, waited and was finally fulfilled. HAHA. Yes, it's true, I'm now a proud mama of a hotpink V3x. Oh, pure bliss! I still pinch myself every time I see it, just to make sure it's real. I didn't even force my parents to buy me this! I just casually mentioned it a few months back, and before I knew it my mom was asking me a hundred times a day if I really wanted it. My mind is practically screaming out "Of course I want it, in fact I need it!" but of course I can only mutter a short, "Ako naman okay lang kahit ano." WEEEHH. Hehe. But honestly, I didn't beg for this because I'm not a spoiled brat (although I look like one). I was willing to wait forever -- or at least until I find a better phone. Fortunately, my waiting was cut short when we made that trip to Greenhills yesterday. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last night, I was fiddling through my new baby and realized how crazy Motorola's user interface was compared to Nokia's. I mean, seriously, for someone who has used Nokia phones almost her entire adolescent life (I say almost because my first ever phone wasn't Nokia, but all the rest were) it was hard! I was super slow in typing and in moving around but soon I did get the hang of it. I found my way through the gallery, phonebook and settings in a few hours. I still need a little getting used to but all's good. The navigation is nothing compared to the astounding camera resolution, crystal clear sound and the sizzling hot & sexy looks. Truly, I'm falling even more for this baby. =)

Though it has been said many times, many ways: I'm not going to ask for anything as big as this anytime soon. I'm going to prove that I'm the best daughter in the world. I mean, I have to be worthy of it, right?


Tomorrow's the class outing of St. Christina (aka Napoleons -- hehe). I'm really excited not just because we were able to reserve a private pool and we'd just be swimming all our troubles away, but because I really miss them. Truly. I know I keep on saying how much I miss the Toledudes (my second year class) but this class was a heck of a lot crazier than the last -- I think. This outing is our celebration for our survival of the dictatorship. HAHA. I hope we do have fun, because seriously I need a break. Perhaps this would be my sweet escape?


Okay, so my cellphone is summoning me now, it's ringing like crazy. But, if I'm going to be a slave to THAT phone, it would sooo be worth it. Haha. Later, alligators.

x x x x