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give me my bag of chips, please.

This. Is. The. Horrifying. Tagalized. One. Tree. Hill.

I think this is from last week's episode.

Got the video from treehillfan by the way. I wasn't able to record it last night because I was in so much pain (sunburn) so I just decided to write down the funny lines from last night's episode.

"AIDS rizirch."
"Chineze fire dreel."
"Bibili ako ng KAFE at BISKATI."

(Nathan to Peyton)
"I'm SOO-REH na."

(before the game)
"One, choo, chee, Ray-vuns!"

"Like FATTER, like SUN."
(like father, like son)

(Nathan to Haley)
"Ikaw lang.. wala ng iba."
-- It's you or nobody else. Haha ang jologs ng kinalabasan!

(Haley to Nathan)
"Stap beeng a.. DYERK!"
-- Sheeeeeeet! This is crap!

and the most senseless:

"Tingnan niyo ito, ito'y pagkain."
-- Hey. Check it out. It’s called ‘dinner.’

Seriously. Okay so I might be laughing right now but it's honestly hurting deep down. Come one, this is my all-time favorite show! And they.. murdered it. Please tell me I'm not overreacting and that you agree with me. Come on, watch the clip again! What's irritating is that the other foreign shows on RPN like Heroes isn't dubbed. What is their problem?! I seriously want to burn that station down right now.

Anyway, my sunburn doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday but the pain is still there. Yesterday I couldn't even laugh or smile without feeling like my skin is about to peel off my face. It's hard to change clothes because my shoulders are burning like hell. Does this really prove the saying "No pain, no gain"? I've gotten compliments already about how cute my tan looks, but come on, the word tan is an understatement. I'm super nognog already! I'm even darker than my dad. Waaah. But oh well, it was worth it. Now hand me a bottle of lotion before my skin cracks up.

Have you guys been watching American Idol? It's crazy! My faves (and crushes) are Chris Richardson and Blake Edwards Lewis. They are two of the frontrunners in the show (according to Simon), and both are undeniably hot, too! But I think this season, AI hit an all-time low when it came to talent. I mean, yes they are all great singers but with the exception of Blake (who can beatbox) and Gina (who was a true rocker girl but got booted off), all the rest were pretty much stuck in the same style. There were no rocker Chris Daughtry, crooner Ace, country girl Carrie, soulful Anwar, sweetie Kellie Pickler.. usually in every season they have one of each kind but this year they don't. It also saddens me how it's becoming a popularity contest more than a singing contest. Look at Sanjaya and Haley. I'm not being mean or anything, but we all know that they don't deserve to still be in the show at this point. Still, people vote for them because, I don't know, he can pull off a ponyhawk and she has great legs? And the nasty remarks the judges throw at them.. makes me feel like it's tomatoes they're throwing because every week they just get worse. There's no denying that Simon's remarks are incredibly hilarious though! =) I guess that's the only good thing that can come out of this -- the longer they stay, the more b*tching they get. Haha. I wonder who will get booted off tonight?

Oh and before I go, do you guys know The Bloomfields? You must seriously buy their CD because they are love. And they're purely Pinoy, too! Worth checking out, I swear. =) Toodles!