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googling oneself.

I have been living a rather happy and sociable life in cyberspace for quite some time already. It has been almost three years since I first blogged my woes and exhilaration during my freshman year. And because of that, I'd like to believe that somehow, I have left a mark in this so-called world. Rather impossible considering that I am just a smidgen in this vast space, but yes I'd really like to consider that I have made a place for myself. And so, I decided to Google myself. The only way to find out if you're known enough in the Internet is if your name appears like a celebrity on Google.

At first I typed in Bombastarr, and holy jumpin' jacks, the first result was this blog! =) Yehey! And the other results were my LJ or Multiply! Which is great! Fantastic! Apparently, there's another Bombastarr on Xanga.. but whoever she is, I don't care. I'm the Bombastarr. Google says so. =) Haha.

Then came the next test. I decided to type in Karla Bernardo. How many Karla Bernardos in the world are there anyway? I suppose one or two? And maybe they aren't even popular (haha as if I'm famous!) so I went for it. Click.

And the result shocked the hell out of me.
Karla Leanne Homolka, also known as Karla Leanne Teale (born May 4, 1970 in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada), is a Canadian serial killer who attracted worldwide media attention when she was convicted of helping her husband, Paul Bernardo, rape and murder teenage girls, including her own sister Tammy Homolka.[1] For her admission of her crimes she was given a plea bargain whereby she escaped the maximum penalty for her crimes. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served 12 years in prison.

-- source: Wikipedia

WHOOOOA. This couple was even called the "Barbie and Ken of Mayhem and Murder"! This is crazy! Of all the people I would have as my name twin, I had a killer who helped her husband rape young girls. Reading about their homicidal accounts was both appalling and disturbing. I couldn't believe Karla could let her husband rape her fifteen-year-old sister as a bargaining chip because she wasn't a virgin when they met. How sick is that?! It was horrific, really. And we shared the same name! That's what makes this even worse for me.

I don't know how many other Karla Bernardos there is.. but one thing's for sure. I'm nothing like that one! Years from now Google my name and it'll be me. The next big superstar. HAHA.

In other news..

Our English teacher hates us. And US meaning Paulinians. You know she has a hidden wrath towards friendly, fun-loving daughters of St. Paul. And you can obviously sense that with the words she says, and the things she does. You see, we were the active ones in front, trying to answer her questions, discussing the sentences with our seatmates.. this is our normal classroom attitude. We don't make unproductive noise, the noise we probably make is us trying to figure out what the answer is. But I guess she doesn't know the difference. She sat down and told this story that during the previous years the girls from St. Paul and St. Scho were always in one class and they were always noisy. So this year the review center decided to separate the two schools.. and now she found out that the Paulinians pala are the noisy ones. And we were all like, "WTF?!" I'm not saying that it's probably the Scholasticans who were noisy.. but we hated the fact that she had to say that! What was her problem?! Wala ngang nakikinig sa kaniya, kami lang tapos she had the nerve to tell us to shut up?! Tapos eto pa.. every time one of us answers she doesn't recognize us, but if it's from the other schools she flashes her toothy grin and says, "Very good *name of school*!" AAAARGH. Or if we got the correct answer, she'll pretend she didn't hear it and if another school says the same answer she'll acknowledge the school. Edi we said, "That's what *name of Paulinian* answered, Miss." pero deadma lang siya. EH WE WERE JUST IN FRONT OF HER! And she says all these things na you know pinapatama niya sa amin. Oooooohh.. that biiiatch. I know it's not nice to bash your professors, even if they're just review teachers but she just makes us so mad. She is discriminating against Paulinians! I hope on her way to Damascus, err, I mean work.. she sees a blinding light and she shall hear St. Paul's voice saying, "Miss English Teacher, why are you persecuting my daughters?" then she gets blinded and the only way for her to get her eyesight back is to apologize to us. Haha, harsh, but that's how St. Paul learned his lesson, right Paulinians?

My friends say maybe she got rejected when she applied at a St. Paul school. Haha. Baka nga bitter.

Paulinians, unite!

I love BTIC talaga. It's the best ice cream ever! Uhm.. though it's not ice cream. It's frozen yogurt, I believe? Oh well, basta it's better than ice cream! Kahlua Brownie and Triple Chocolate are love. What they say about eating ice cream when your down in the dumps is most definitely true. Because nothing brings euphoria better than good ol' ice cream. =)

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