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i keep coming back to manila.

My one-week vacation in Batangas just ended today, and I'm back here in our humble Parañaque home. As much as I loved the cool breeze and yummy food I had there, there's no denying that there really is no place like home. Oh, how I missed my room and my computer (with the DSL fixed already)!! I wanna kiss it and shower it with love. Haha.

Have you seen the tagalized One Tree Hill on RPN 9?! Grabe. It pains me to hear my sweet Nathan having this husky-telenovela-like voice. And everyone else has really funny voices. Super hindi bagay! Last Wednesday I was laughing my head off because they had such bad accents when they speak some English phrases. Okay, so I'm not being mean to the dubbers, but it's true -- it's such a shame! Maybe a part of me should be proud that we have a tagalized version or something.. but I don't feel proud at all because super funny talaga! Nakakabreak ng heart because it's like they murdered the show! Here are few of the many funny phrases I heard from this week's episode:

Watt-eBURR! (Whatever)
Alam mo kung ano? (You know)
PROCK-tis (practice)
Lookas (Lucas)
BasketBOWL (basketball)
CHUCHURING center (tutor center)

and one of the most painful:

Nathan (to Haley): Huwag mo sabihing wala akong naibigay na kahit ano sa yo. (Don't say I never gave you anything)

UGH. Total weirdness. You have to see it though because I swear this post doesn't justify its absurdity. Every Wednesday, 8:30 pm on RPN. Then after that e-mail me and we'll tell RPN how much it sucks! Para they'll stop airing it na because really.. it's killing me. And I know it will kill the other fans as well!

So anyway..

How was my week? I basically spent it helping around the house, watching Grey's Anatomy & OTH, playing the piano, reading celebrity magazines from the States, answering Sudoku and just making kwento with my grandparents and tita. It wasn't really spent religiously as some would have, but I can say I have realized a lot of things about life, about myself and about my faith basically. I hope you too were able to pray and reflect well this week.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy.. grabe I finished Season 2 & 3 already, and all I can say is WHOA. I know it's a little too late to join the Grey's bandwagon, but hey better late than never right? And it's funny how to me it doesn't have the I-can't-get-enough-of-it effect as OTH but it's addicting just the same. I love Meredith's voiceovers.. I can relate, super!! But the character I can really relate to is Addison. I don't know why her being passive-aggressive appeals to me so much. Haha. And the man candy? Of course everybody's drooling over McDreamy, Derek Shepherd but I find Mark Sloan aka McSteamy waaaay hotter! =) The lives they lead as surgeons are so interesting, every surgery has a story. But the show isn't strong enough to brainwash me into becoming a doctor. HAHA. Okay so I'll not rant about how great it is, maybe you should just try and see for yourself.

Outing na ng St. Christina sa Tuesday! Can't wait! =) If ever my mga Napoleons reading this, text me or message me for more info, basta I hope everyone can come! Last naman na eh.

Shoutouts to my commentors: Cars, Jologs Queen, Audrey, Nadine and Yvan. Mwaaah! =*


I'm so looking forward to this summer. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm crossing my fingers! dvanced Happy Easter, everyone!