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is it a crime to kill boredom?

I'm so bored I can't even think properly. I decided to blog to kill time but apparently I have nothing to say. This sucks. But since I've already started typing, might as well go on and rant about anything under the sun just so I can call this one a real post. Haha. So today let's just keep it casual, nothing too deep because my mind can't think well today.

Top 5 OPM songs I'm willing to sing and listen to forever:
  1. Hiling by Paramita. "Kay rami pang dadaan na pagsubok sa ating pag-ibig.. kakayanin pa kayang mabawi pa ang mga nasabi ng masasakit na salita?" I have heard this song a couple of times before I actually liked it. A friend gave me a burned CD and I can still remember that this song was Track #2. I got really into it during last year's leadership training for some reason, and after that it has been on repeat mode for several weeks in my iPod. Still is, actually. =)
  2. Nobela by Join The Club. "Ngumiti kahit na napipilitan kahit pa sinasadya mo akong masaktan paminsan-minsan, bawat sandali na lang." My second year emo song! I got curious when I heard it on Trixie U.'s blog so I listened to it a couple times and I was hooked. I bought their CD at Landmark, which fortunately had an autograph, and from then on I knew this song would be something I would look back to years from now and say, "This was my song."
  3. Broken Sonnet by Hale. "Coz tonight I'll be right by your side. Lie down right next to me, and I'll never let go." I remember crying the first time I heard this on RX. It was just so beautiful and sad and bittersweet and comforting at the same time. I now dislike the band, but I cannot deny the fact that I still adore this sonnet.
  4. Neon by Spongecola. "Coz I know I can never be enough to replace your whatever." Perfectly explains a lot of things in my life. And this song arrived to me unexpectedly, like it really wanted to comfort me during my down days. Haha, ameyyziing. Too bad they didn't sing this during the concert.
  5. Pink White Blue by Mayonnaise. "I know, I'm not the one you are thinking of, coz I am your past, and I'm gone." This is the one song I never admitted to like because of the use of the words 'angel' and 'heaven'.. which I'm just not fond of. Haha. But once upon a time, during my freshman year, I fell in love with this song.

Top 5 Lines from a movie that I have memorized by heart and can recite together with the actors:
  1. "That girl is the lowest, most awful creature that ever walked the planet!" -- Annie James, Parent Trap. My favorite movie when I was a kid! I think this was the first movie I had on DVD so it was Parent Trap marathons for me every afternoon!
  2. "Do you know what everyone says about you? They say that you're a home-schooled jungle freak, who's a less-hot version of me." -- Regina George, Mean Girls. Who doesn't think this movie was the hottest teen flick ever??!
  3. "I wanted it to be you so badly." -- Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail. This is without out a doubt one of my mom's all-time favorite movies. I've seen it a hundred times with her! I remember the time they used to show it every night at the cable movie channels.
  4. "Nothing beats a first kiss." -- Lucy Whitmore, 50 First Dates. One of the sweetest films I've ever seen. Super cute pa ni Drew and Adam!
  5. "She wants to meet us on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day." -- Jonah, Sleepless in Seattle. The ultimate romantic comedy movie starring my mom's favorite team-up, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This is another one of the movies I've practically memorized with her. Hehe.

Top 5 celebrities I'd willingly trade my kidneys for just to have their bodies:
  1. Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls. Can you actually tell me you don't get green with envy every time you see her "DontCha"-ing on MTV practically every minute?!
  2. Gwen Stefani. She doesn't even look like she gave birth at all!
  3. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. 'Nuff said.
  4. Jessica Alba. Ahh.. those abs.
  5. Heidi Klum. Have you seen her on Project Runway?

Top 5 Comedy Shows that never fail to crack me up when I'm bluer than Blu from Foster's Home:
  1. FRIENDS. WHO DOESN'T LOVE THEM??!? They're hysterical! The show never fails to amuse me, I tell you. <3
  2. Scrubs. I swear even the dramatic episodes are funny. Every one in the cast is just so Hilarious with a capital H. Especially JD and Dr. Cox. Sometimes, sarcasm is funnier than actual jokes. Haha. =)
  3. That 70's Show. Aside from the fact that I still haven't recovered from my 5th-grade dream of wanting to go back to the 70's, I just find Eric so cute! And Fez too! And Kelso, and Hyde.. and Donna and Jackie.. hell, even Eric's dad! They all seem so naive and stupid.. ahaha!
  4. The Simpsons. It's hard not to love them, especially when they're shown on three different networks almost everyday. I'm super addicted to them! D'oh!
  5. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Evil takes form in that little girl named Mandy, and stupidity is made human through a boy with a giant nose named Billy.. and it's pure joy!

Top 5 Albums I would want with me on a deserted island:
  1. Tala by Paramita. Paramita is my painkiller, did you know that?! Ria Bautista is Love!
  2. OTH Friends With Benefit
  3. How To Save A Life by The Fray
  4. Almost Kinda Acoustic 1
  5. hmm.. my playlist on my iPod? Haha.


Hot Movie Season is about to start again, starting with Spiderman 3 on May 1st. I can't wait! I love this part of the year because the big production movies start showing and everybody's just talking about these flicks everywhere you go. The anticipation is unexplainable.. on TV you see the trailer, on the radio they're giving away free tickets, at the malls you see all these freebies.. it's so exciting! I wish they show Spiderman on IMAX. I remember how I almost fell in love with Superman last year when I felt like I can actually touch him during the movie. Haha. Almost!

Okay so thanks to this post I was able to kill about an hour. Hooray! But the problem is.. now what am I going to do?! Haaaayy. I guess I'm going to go back to being a bum again. Oh no, wait. I remembered I'm going to surf college sites again (click! click! click! click!) and check out the courses I'm going to take. Then I'm going to try answering the questions from the module given to us in our review class. Ayan, at least I'm going to be productive today. =)

(Haha, see how dreary life is these days.. I'm actually going to STUDY. Woohoo, go nerd)

x x x x x x