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Today we had our first review class in ALL-UP at the Philippine Christian University. And there's only one word to describe it: WHOA.

All the Paulinians enrolled in All-Up were grouped in Section B. We had classmates from other schools as well but we composed majority of the class. Our module for today was Math I with Sir Regaspi. Imagine, Math on the first day! And I swear we were all scratching our heads with all the mathematical symbols and terms he used. They were all basic math concepts but he used such a different approach that everything seemed confusing at first. He explained the reasons behind laws and theories that were never really discussed before -- we never knew there were proofs behind the ordinary terms we just write down in our notebook and eventually forget. The day seemed long, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, but it was actually fun -- if you can consider thinking and solving hard as fun. For a math geek like me, I honestly enjoyed it. Haha. =) Do you guys know the value of i raised to 56, 294, 104, 391? Or the rationalization of complex numbers? We didn't but it was "cool" to discover new techniques about the basic concepts. I think we had internal bleeding in the brain after the class -- but it's nice to know it wouldn't get rusty this summer.

"There are only two universities in the Philippines:
UP and the others."
-- Dr. Morales (the head of All-Up)

Haha, funny noh? My perception of UP changed today. Before, I thought it was the best school. Now, it's the most-bestestestest school -- haha, supersupersuperlative. =P All the professors were graduates from UP and they all spoke with such confidence and intellect that you can't help but be intimidated. At the same time, you know you really want to go there. I think I'm really becoming Blair from Gossip Girl now. Just like she wouldn't want to go to college unless she goes to Yale, UP is the school I've always wanted to go to. I'm not saying that the other universities aren't up to par with the state university's standards, but I have dreamed of going to this school since I was a kid. So I would really work hard to get there, or else my parents might take away my phone! Haha =)

I think that's all for now. Takas lang kasing post na to. I'm just super excited with all that's happened today. Hope you guys have a fun weekend! Next week, I'd be leaving for the Leadership Training (at St. Paul Pasig) with all the other officers. Wish us luck, especially for our presentation! =)

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