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shopping heals all wounds.

Whoever said that time can heal all wounds certainly wasn't a girl.

Today my mom, tita and I had a shopping date at 168 and I swear it was love all over. My mom and I commuted from our place to the shopper's paradise and arrived there at around 9:30. My mom's older sister met us there at around 11:00 and of course, shopping spree galore! You know how it is in our family (mother's side), when two or more Vistan girls are gathered, the shopping never stops! Haha. =) We scoured the whole place like we were hunting for survival. And yes, the walking-all-day paid off since we were able to buy some pretty precious finds! It kinda made me miss Bangkok because most of the stalls had their items shipped from Thailand. And besides, 168 looked a lot like the malls in Bangkok, especially my favorites, MBK, Suan Lum and Platinum Plaza. Oh, how I missed that place! Anyway, it was major bonding time for me and my "sisters" for a day. We were so happy with what we bought that the exhaustion from walking was completely superficial compared to the satisfaction of buying.

Oh how retail therapy works. I didn't bring my phone because I was afraid I might lose it, so I was basically detached from my connections today. And for a while I actually forgot about everything else outside that mall. All I could ever think about was how pretty I was going to look in my new dress, how adorable my new shoes are, how cheap I got the skinny jeans AND top, how many items we can fit in our shopping bags.. not a single thing about anything else. It was like I got my sweet escape for real. I think I'm half-cured from whatever pain there is in life. Haha. At least if I'm going to go through hell, I'm going to go through it in style. =)

  1. A gorgeous pair of skinny jeans (Gorgeous with a capital G)
  2. A beautiful Victorian-esque top
  3. Two white tank tops
  4. A gray bolero
  5. A cute pair of red flats
  6. An elephant stuff toy (so cute!)
  7. Cellphone holders (pang-gifts.. and for myself na rin!)
  8. A metallic bag
  9. A pink Lacoste bag (which, fortunately didn't spell Lacoset, haha)
  10. 3 for 100 underwear and handkerchiefs

  11. and my most favorite of them all..


Happy Birthday, Trixie and Cars!
They are two of my bestest friends in the world. We always have fun during Leadership Trainings, what with all our crazy escapades together. I swear their presence made my Leadership less sucky. Hehe. We slept in the same mattress, we woke each other up for baths, we made kwento until the wee hours in the morning, we promoted Apple (haha we had different iPods), we took pictures.. grabeng bonding talaga. If it weren't for them, I probably would have gone crazy! Unlike some people, we sticked together and bonded like sisters, because that's what true friends are. Aww. Hehe. The reason I enjoyed the Training was seriously because I was with them. =) Have fun today, you two! Love yah!

The Jerbax-Pagsi Sisterhood
Cars, Karla & Trixie.
Gabi na yan, kaya we look wasted na. Haha.

Later, alligators. =) Ciao!
x x x x x x x x