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back to school woes?

In a few days.. I shall throw myself back into the pit.

On June 4, Paulinians from SPCPq will walk the halls with their checkered skirts and neckties once more. Life is unfair, or should I say, the sisters are. Haha. Anyway, we're going to start school a week earlier than everyone else, so of course my anticipation-slash-anxiety has been building up for days now.

A part of me still DOES NOT want to go back to school. All the days of sleeping, eating, watching TV, surfing the Net all throughout the day.. soon to be gone. Instead it'll be replaced by late-night study marathons and reviewing for exams. Waaah. O_o Somehow I don't want to go back to that lifestyle just yet.

However, there is a geek part in me you probably all know, and (un)fortunately it occupies majority of my personality. HAHA. As usual, I'm eagerly anticipating the school year with much enthusiasm. After our school supplies shopping at MOA last Monday, I can't help but just stare at my new notebooks and ballpens (G-Tec of course! Nagmura na!!) I cannot wait to label them, write on them and use them. The other day, I wore my bag and just modeled in front of the mirror. Excited much? I can't wait to go back to school mode and rule the school as a senior. A fourth year student. Wheee.

What would this year be like? Hmm. I wonder. Right now I'm just very eager to make the best out of it. This is the make-it-or-break-it year. Aside from the fact that I have to do good in school, I also have to do well in my college entrance exams. I can't just loll around and waste my time. I have to do something, I really have to work hard this time. It's easier said than done, but who says I'm not going to do it? The anxiety is overwhelming, and the people are pressuring me like CRAZY (emphasis on CRAZY, as in SUPER PRESSURING) but I'm just going to do what I can do to make everyone -- including me -- happy.



barbie love.

the Barbie Loves MAC LineIt has been a whirlwind week for me, because I had a lot of going on in my life. No, not problems, just lots of.. meetings, events and activities. Busy much? Haha. I apologize for the lack of updates. However, I come back with a new layout. =) Starring of course, my idol, Barbie. I got the idea when we went to Glorietta and I saw with my own two eyes the Barbie Loves MAC Line. It was just love at first sight! I've read about it a few months back, but I didn't expect I'd be seeing it since back then it was released just in the States. But now it's here, and in all its pink glory, it was before me. I wasn't able to buy though, since I spent my money that day on Coldplay. But still.. the joy of just seeing it. Waah =) Anyway, I suddenly had the nostalgic feeling about Barbie, and poof. There goes my creativity. Haha. So here it is. My new layout. It's best viewed in IE though (sorry to the Firefox people.. including me, haha) but hey, it's not such an eyesore in other browsers.

Anywaaaaay. How am I? After that apparently much-loved post about Gossip Girl, I couldn't believe how many people love GG just as much as I do! I'm done reading Book 11 and it's just so unbelievably.. shocking. As always, Cecily Von Ziegesar left me in awe. Kudos to her. Now I can't wait for the show AND the next book, which is the prequel. The prequel, tentatively titled "It Had To Be You" will bring us back to their sophomore year and will unveil the beginning of the Blair-Nate-Serena love triangle. Ooh, so exciting! Sadly though, that would be the last book in the series starring our favorite trio (and their whole batch actually) since the next book (the 13th) will star a new set of Upper East Siders.. the Carlyle Triplets. That's what's written at the back of Book 11. So a new era will begin. I don't know if their story will be as steamy, but oh well. If it's Cecily Von Ziegesar, you can expect some really juicy scandals. =)

Yesterday my dad and I had a little adventure. A father-daughter bonding. Haha. My mom was out of town for their office outing, so my dad fetched me from our review. We rode the cab to the LRT station in PGH. Upon reaching Doroteo Jose, we transferred to the Line 2 of the LRT, Recto Station. And we rode the train until Santolan, the end of the line! Haha. Along the way, I was like a new girl being toured in the city since he kept on pointing the schools, malls and churches we saw. It was so fun! He also pointed out the roads and where they led, so now I'm a little more, err, aware of the city. Haha. Upon reaching Santolan, we immediately caught the train going back. The guard stopped us, but my dad lamely came up with the reason that we just missed our stop because we were lost. =P So we went back to Cubao and just hung out at Gateway! As you all know, I have a passion for reading, and surprise surprise so does everyone else in the family, including my dad. So we stopped by at Fully Booked and indulged ourselves in book haven. Then we ate at Taco Bell and took a look around the mall. I so want to watch Fantastic Four at the Globe Premium Cinema there.. you know, with the comfy chairs and unlimited popcorn?! Since it was getting dark and it started raining, my mom called us (who wasback already) and told us to go home already. So we rode the MRT until Taft and just took a cab come. Whew! It was quite a road trip if you ask me! It was fun bonding with Papa because he always knew everything about anything so when I ask him he always knows the answers. Like what route I'd be taking if I go to UP, or where my Kuyas ride to school, and all the what nots. Our mom got a little mad at us, but it was worth it. Hehe. =)

Later, I'll be going to our Covenant Orientation. Can't wait! =P

Ohh, and tomorrow, bonding naman with Mommy because we'll be going to 168 -- again! =) Much love to all of you! I'll give credit to the commentors next post na lang. Pero super thanks ha! MWAAH! =)


don't you forget about me.

The first time I laid my eyes on my copy, I knew I was going to be hooked. Just by looking at the cover, I knew this was the start of a new addiction. It was like a drug, you can't get enough of it. At the end of every book, it leaves you feeling satisfied yet hungry all the same. If there's one word that could describe this series, it's addicting. Indeed, all you'll want is more.

It's Gossip Girl. And you know how much I love this.

I've always believed that I was Blair. I really do. Ever since I read the first book, I knew I was a Blair. Her thoughts, actions, and words would always be similar to mine. Okay, so maybe hers is a little exaggerated but still. I knew if I would be put in worse circumstances, I might turn out to be exactly like her. And her and Nate? Ooooh, priceless. You just know they're meant to be together. All throughout the series, they've dated lots of other people to move on, but deep down they know nothing can replace what they have. It just sucks that they only realize it when they're about to lose the other one.

I know my life is nothing like the life they lead. I don't have an obnoxious stepfather, I didn't go to boarding school, I don't smoke pot, I'm not a bald artist, I'm not a trying-hard social climber, I'm not a depressed poet.. I'm perfectly normal compared to them. But something about their complexities makes me feel like I am one of them. In a twisted, unexplainable way, I am like them. I'm a teenager with raging hormones and an unbelievable desire for adventure. I love this series to death. So imagine my surprise, shock, disbelief and anticipation when I found out that..

Gossip Girl has been adapted to a TV series!!

And it's going to air this fall on -- of all networks -- The CW!! This is so great! My two favorite things in the world under one roof. Waaah! I've just seen some clips and production stills.. and whoa! I can't wait any longer! I sooo love the girl they cast for Blair! <3>

I finally have my copy of the 11th Gossip Girl book!
And I can't wait to know what's gonna happen next!!

*sorry for the over-addiction. Haha!


mommy dearest..

I believe that out of all the relationships you're ever going to have in your life, the one you have with your mom is certainly the most difficult, fragile and complicated. It's true. It's like it's written in the Book of Life that nobody can compare to the complexity of the mother-daughter bond.

And yet I also believe that it's the most fulfilling, fun and craziest of them all..

especially if you have one hot mom like I do! =)

Mommy, I know we've had our differences and we tend to fight a lot these days. But know that I love you so much and no matter how kulet you may be, I'm gonna love you just the same. Even though I strongly disagree with you getting your belly button pierced and a tattoo, I still think you're the best mom ever. After all, who else can I turn to? I'm sorry if I've been a b*tch these days. Raging teenage hormones.. hehe. I don't think any other mom in the world can be my best friend other than you. Thanks for all the patience, care and love you've given me and Papa. And yes, you're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom. =) You're a hot mom too. Hehe. Love you!

And that butterfly experience was so worth the shouting. Hehe =)

Happy Mother's Day to all your mommies!
Give them a hug for me, will you?


because i have nothing better to do.

Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:

Rafaela da Costa

Wahaha. That is so HOT. Rafaela da Costa. I sound like a really sexy Victoria's Secret model, don't you think? =)

You May Be a Bit Dependent...

You're more than a little preoccupied with being abandoned.
You need a lot of support in your life, at all times.
It's difficult for you to survive on your own...
And you don't really think you ever could.

Shucks. I can survive on my own (I'm actually alone right now, walang maid and my parents are at work) but I think I really need people around me to depend on emotionally. Tsk. Waaah, si Marilyn Monroe pa. Idol =)

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Spiderman

"I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?"

So romantic. Aww =) Now I can't wait for Spiderman 3!!



The past three days were such a blast.
We had our Youth Camp last Friday to Sunday (yesterday) at the Sto. Niño Elementary School.

I cannot even begin explaining how much fun I had. It was just so fulfilling to serve the Lord and experience His goodness and love. Being with genuine friends, praising Him, talking about Him.. it was the most fun I had since.. ever! =) It's hard to explain how rewarding it is to just be there, proclaiming our love for Him. He was with us all the time, and I certainly felt His presence.

From the Amazing Race (props to the guy who carried me, Jayson! Yeaah nagkabonus points tuloy kami! Go Orange Team!), to the Praise Fest (go Music Min! Ka-inlab kayo, haha!), to the games (First to form!), to the Baptism (Ate Aira.. partner!), to the E-night, to the praying of the Rosary, to the affirmations (daming nagsulat sakin, thanks ah!).. everything was just so GREAT!! I loved every moment of it!

Some things are better left unexplained, and I guess that's what He proved to me this weekend. It's hard when you're vulnerable and you don't know what's happening to you. But at the same time it's amazing how you can feel so strong and great when you're so physically weak. I thought I could never stand up again after that. I cried so hard, my eyes were so tired, but the tears just kept on falling. I was so weak. But He made me strong. And I guess I'll never really know why it happened, how it happened.. maybe science won't answer that. But I know for a fact that it was His plan for me, for us. To let us know that He was really with us and among us. It was surreal.

Reunion ng Antookies, with Nica! Hehe =)

Heabens with Kuya BENE! Waaah!! Mga ngiti namin oh! ♥


with my Daddy Dward and Mommy Shayne =)
O diba, happy family kami.

I miss my YFC Family! Ang saya kasi ng bonding ng Santambacon! Super addict kami sa mga pictures! Wanna see?

And yeah, from now on, you can call me Champ. =)

I may be faced with worldly lures,
I get confused at times.
But Lord when I hear you call,
I'm safe and I run to You.


the wait is killing me.

I've been surfing around The CW website and found out that OTH Episode 16 of Season 4 just finished airing. As in, now. Viewers all over the US keep posting comments about how great it was, and how it left them on the edge of their seats. Now I can't wait any longer. I know patience is a virtue, but it isn't when it's One Tree Hill we're talking about. Haha.

What saddens me though is that there are only five more episodes remaining and it bye-bye to One Tree Hill for a little while again. I mean, they made us wait for 70 days, I think, for a new episode, and now we're going to wait again, this time for a new season. But I know OTH is always worth the wait. I'm sure it won't disappoint.

I want to show you guys some production stills I downloaded yesterday from my favorite Naley site, True Love. Just click them to get a bigger view.

The OTH cast for their Senior Prom.
So adorable!!

The girls are so cute, especially Haley! Her boots are so hot! Talk about a hot momma. Pero the boys.. haha wala lang, super baduy nung suot nila. Nathan was wearing maroon, Lucas in beige, Mouth in blue, Chris in some kinda matador-like suit and whoa, look at Skills! Super tawang-tawa talaga ko. But they're still all so cute together!! =)

How can anyone NOT fall in-love with them?!
Naley, always and forever!!

For the past few days I've been really busy with SC and YFC meetings. Our counselor, Ms. Neri meets the SC in preparation for the Freshman Orientation. We have also started writing our Action Plan, and we are really trying to make it as impressive and well-organized as possible to please the administration. (yeesssss, school spirit badge here please! Haha) Then for the YFC, we've been busy holding fellowships, meetings and workshops in preparation for the Youth Camp tomorrow. I'm also reviewing for the college entrance exams by scanning my notes and answering the MSA Review Books my dad bought for me. School hasn't even started yet, and I'm as busy as a bee! I'm starting to eat stress for breakfast again. LOL.

I'm so jealous of my tita who's in Bangkok right now. She's staying at a hotel fifteen minutes away from MBK, my favorite shopping mall there. WAAAAH, I so wanna go to Thailand! I can't believe it has been a year since our last trip. When I wear the clothes I bought there, I feel like they're still new! It really is a beautiful place with very friendly and hospitable people, very much like the Philippines. I miss the shopping centers, the train, the orange juice along the sidewalk (super yummy!) and the elephants!! =) I wish I could go there again one day. Hmm. I hope my tita brings home lots of pasalubongs!

I have to go and check out YouTube again, maybe somebody was kind enough to upload the new episode already. Then after that, I'm going to go and study. Haha. Later. =)

x x x x x x x x x


i want Your will to be done.

Have you ever felt so weak and feeling like you can never stand up again? Have you ever closed your eyes felt this overwhelming emotion that just made you cry so hard? Have you ever uttered words your mind cannot understand but your heart can? Have you ever felt so lowly, so humble, so human.. that someone stronger and wiser came into you and satisfied your needs? Have you ever been this vulnerable yet strong at the same time?

Last night, I have.
And it was the GREATEST feeling in the world.

Oh dear God we ask for your favor
Come and sweep through this place
Oh we desire You

I just want to be with You be where You are
Dwell in your presence oh God
Oh I want to walk with You

And I will climb this mountain
And I'll step of the shore
And I have chosen to follow
And be by Your side forever more

Tell me what You want me to do Lord God
Tell me what You want for my life
Its Yours Oh God it's Yours
Do your will, have Your way
Be Lord God in this place
Oh I want Your will to be done

Master, I am Your servant.
Thank You for giving me Your gift.