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barbie love.

the Barbie Loves MAC LineIt has been a whirlwind week for me, because I had a lot of going on in my life. No, not problems, just lots of.. meetings, events and activities. Busy much? Haha. I apologize for the lack of updates. However, I come back with a new layout. =) Starring of course, my idol, Barbie. I got the idea when we went to Glorietta and I saw with my own two eyes the Barbie Loves MAC Line. It was just love at first sight! I've read about it a few months back, but I didn't expect I'd be seeing it since back then it was released just in the States. But now it's here, and in all its pink glory, it was before me. I wasn't able to buy though, since I spent my money that day on Coldplay. But still.. the joy of just seeing it. Waah =) Anyway, I suddenly had the nostalgic feeling about Barbie, and poof. There goes my creativity. Haha. So here it is. My new layout. It's best viewed in IE though (sorry to the Firefox people.. including me, haha) but hey, it's not such an eyesore in other browsers.

Anywaaaaay. How am I? After that apparently much-loved post about Gossip Girl, I couldn't believe how many people love GG just as much as I do! I'm done reading Book 11 and it's just so unbelievably.. shocking. As always, Cecily Von Ziegesar left me in awe. Kudos to her. Now I can't wait for the show AND the next book, which is the prequel. The prequel, tentatively titled "It Had To Be You" will bring us back to their sophomore year and will unveil the beginning of the Blair-Nate-Serena love triangle. Ooh, so exciting! Sadly though, that would be the last book in the series starring our favorite trio (and their whole batch actually) since the next book (the 13th) will star a new set of Upper East Siders.. the Carlyle Triplets. That's what's written at the back of Book 11. So a new era will begin. I don't know if their story will be as steamy, but oh well. If it's Cecily Von Ziegesar, you can expect some really juicy scandals. =)

Yesterday my dad and I had a little adventure. A father-daughter bonding. Haha. My mom was out of town for their office outing, so my dad fetched me from our review. We rode the cab to the LRT station in PGH. Upon reaching Doroteo Jose, we transferred to the Line 2 of the LRT, Recto Station. And we rode the train until Santolan, the end of the line! Haha. Along the way, I was like a new girl being toured in the city since he kept on pointing the schools, malls and churches we saw. It was so fun! He also pointed out the roads and where they led, so now I'm a little more, err, aware of the city. Haha. Upon reaching Santolan, we immediately caught the train going back. The guard stopped us, but my dad lamely came up with the reason that we just missed our stop because we were lost. =P So we went back to Cubao and just hung out at Gateway! As you all know, I have a passion for reading, and surprise surprise so does everyone else in the family, including my dad. So we stopped by at Fully Booked and indulged ourselves in book haven. Then we ate at Taco Bell and took a look around the mall. I so want to watch Fantastic Four at the Globe Premium Cinema there.. you know, with the comfy chairs and unlimited popcorn?! Since it was getting dark and it started raining, my mom called us (who wasback already) and told us to go home already. So we rode the MRT until Taft and just took a cab come. Whew! It was quite a road trip if you ask me! It was fun bonding with Papa because he always knew everything about anything so when I ask him he always knows the answers. Like what route I'd be taking if I go to UP, or where my Kuyas ride to school, and all the what nots. Our mom got a little mad at us, but it was worth it. Hehe. =)

Later, I'll be going to our Covenant Orientation. Can't wait! =P

Ohh, and tomorrow, bonding naman with Mommy because we'll be going to 168 -- again! =) Much love to all of you! I'll give credit to the commentors next post na lang. Pero super thanks ha! MWAAH! =)