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don't you forget about me.

The first time I laid my eyes on my copy, I knew I was going to be hooked. Just by looking at the cover, I knew this was the start of a new addiction. It was like a drug, you can't get enough of it. At the end of every book, it leaves you feeling satisfied yet hungry all the same. If there's one word that could describe this series, it's addicting. Indeed, all you'll want is more.

It's Gossip Girl. And you know how much I love this.

I've always believed that I was Blair. I really do. Ever since I read the first book, I knew I was a Blair. Her thoughts, actions, and words would always be similar to mine. Okay, so maybe hers is a little exaggerated but still. I knew if I would be put in worse circumstances, I might turn out to be exactly like her. And her and Nate? Ooooh, priceless. You just know they're meant to be together. All throughout the series, they've dated lots of other people to move on, but deep down they know nothing can replace what they have. It just sucks that they only realize it when they're about to lose the other one.

I know my life is nothing like the life they lead. I don't have an obnoxious stepfather, I didn't go to boarding school, I don't smoke pot, I'm not a bald artist, I'm not a trying-hard social climber, I'm not a depressed poet.. I'm perfectly normal compared to them. But something about their complexities makes me feel like I am one of them. In a twisted, unexplainable way, I am like them. I'm a teenager with raging hormones and an unbelievable desire for adventure. I love this series to death. So imagine my surprise, shock, disbelief and anticipation when I found out that..

Gossip Girl has been adapted to a TV series!!

And it's going to air this fall on -- of all networks -- The CW!! This is so great! My two favorite things in the world under one roof. Waaah! I've just seen some clips and production stills.. and whoa! I can't wait any longer! I sooo love the girl they cast for Blair! <3>

I finally have my copy of the 11th Gossip Girl book!
And I can't wait to know what's gonna happen next!!

*sorry for the over-addiction. Haha!