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The past three days were such a blast.
We had our Youth Camp last Friday to Sunday (yesterday) at the Sto. Niño Elementary School.

I cannot even begin explaining how much fun I had. It was just so fulfilling to serve the Lord and experience His goodness and love. Being with genuine friends, praising Him, talking about Him.. it was the most fun I had since.. ever! =) It's hard to explain how rewarding it is to just be there, proclaiming our love for Him. He was with us all the time, and I certainly felt His presence.

From the Amazing Race (props to the guy who carried me, Jayson! Yeaah nagkabonus points tuloy kami! Go Orange Team!), to the Praise Fest (go Music Min! Ka-inlab kayo, haha!), to the games (First to form!), to the Baptism (Ate Aira.. partner!), to the E-night, to the praying of the Rosary, to the affirmations (daming nagsulat sakin, thanks ah!).. everything was just so GREAT!! I loved every moment of it!

Some things are better left unexplained, and I guess that's what He proved to me this weekend. It's hard when you're vulnerable and you don't know what's happening to you. But at the same time it's amazing how you can feel so strong and great when you're so physically weak. I thought I could never stand up again after that. I cried so hard, my eyes were so tired, but the tears just kept on falling. I was so weak. But He made me strong. And I guess I'll never really know why it happened, how it happened.. maybe science won't answer that. But I know for a fact that it was His plan for me, for us. To let us know that He was really with us and among us. It was surreal.

Reunion ng Antookies, with Nica! Hehe =)

Heabens with Kuya BENE! Waaah!! Mga ngiti namin oh! ♥


with my Daddy Dward and Mommy Shayne =)
O diba, happy family kami.

I miss my YFC Family! Ang saya kasi ng bonding ng Santambacon! Super addict kami sa mga pictures! Wanna see?

And yeah, from now on, you can call me Champ. =)

I may be faced with worldly lures,
I get confused at times.
But Lord when I hear you call,
I'm safe and I run to You.