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i want Your will to be done.

Have you ever felt so weak and feeling like you can never stand up again? Have you ever closed your eyes felt this overwhelming emotion that just made you cry so hard? Have you ever uttered words your mind cannot understand but your heart can? Have you ever felt so lowly, so humble, so human.. that someone stronger and wiser came into you and satisfied your needs? Have you ever been this vulnerable yet strong at the same time?

Last night, I have.
And it was the GREATEST feeling in the world.

Oh dear God we ask for your favor
Come and sweep through this place
Oh we desire You

I just want to be with You be where You are
Dwell in your presence oh God
Oh I want to walk with You

And I will climb this mountain
And I'll step of the shore
And I have chosen to follow
And be by Your side forever more

Tell me what You want me to do Lord God
Tell me what You want for my life
Its Yours Oh God it's Yours
Do your will, have Your way
Be Lord God in this place
Oh I want Your will to be done

Master, I am Your servant.
Thank You for giving me Your gift.