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mommy dearest..

I believe that out of all the relationships you're ever going to have in your life, the one you have with your mom is certainly the most difficult, fragile and complicated. It's true. It's like it's written in the Book of Life that nobody can compare to the complexity of the mother-daughter bond.

And yet I also believe that it's the most fulfilling, fun and craziest of them all..

especially if you have one hot mom like I do! =)

Mommy, I know we've had our differences and we tend to fight a lot these days. But know that I love you so much and no matter how kulet you may be, I'm gonna love you just the same. Even though I strongly disagree with you getting your belly button pierced and a tattoo, I still think you're the best mom ever. After all, who else can I turn to? I'm sorry if I've been a b*tch these days. Raging teenage hormones.. hehe. I don't think any other mom in the world can be my best friend other than you. Thanks for all the patience, care and love you've given me and Papa. And yes, you're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom. =) You're a hot mom too. Hehe. Love you!

And that butterfly experience was so worth the shouting. Hehe =)

Happy Mother's Day to all your mommies!
Give them a hug for me, will you?