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one night and one more time.

Whew. As luck would have it, our computer is malfunctioning (again) so I am here once again in the beloved neighborhood computer shop with all the gaming boys beside me, shooting guns like crazy. Which really annoy me.
Anyway. How's my first week so far? SUPER BUSY, I tell you. I even got sick last Friday due to stress! Nagka-flu agad ako. The nurse sent me home Friday morning after the mass. I had high fever, colds and cough. My dad brought me to Medical City for a check-up, and our doctor advised me to stay home for the rest of the weekend. So basically, stressed out na ko, first week pa lang. O_o I could imagine how the rest of the year will be. *uuugh* But not to worry, Bombastarr is up and alive again, I'm okay.
Tuesday is Specialization day for us. I know it doesn't sound too tiring when you say "Three hours of specialization a week" but I think people forget to mention that those are three straight hours in a DAY, so that means we had three hours of Accounting a while ago. And GAWD. Our noses almost literally bled. Haha. All the terms were enough to make you confused. Debits, credits, values received, values parted with, assets, liabilities, capitals.. AAACK. But it's very interesting. We started recording transactions in journal sheets already. It's confusing, and yes, you need patience and good analysis to be able to complete the accounts, but it's kind of fun. At least at the end of the period I can say I can use this in the future because this is real stuff. Unlike Chem. (HAHA BITTER TALAGA)
For English we have to memorize a Shakespearean sonnet, and since Shakespeare wrote more than a hundred, no one is allowed to have the same sonnet. Syempre, ako, I wanted to have the best out there. But thanks to our PC, I didn't have the luxury to surf and "analyze" the sonnets. So a while ago, while everyone else was busy writing down their sonnet numbers on our list, I just wrote Sonnet 23 beside my name just to be sure. I had no idea what Sonnet 23 was about, but at least I have something na, di ba? I just read this sonnet a few minutes ago. And it was about not being able to express your love for someone because that feeling is so overwhelming. The writer wanted to tell his lover how he felt but he can't because words weren't enough. So he wished she could see through his actions and looks, how they speak silently, how they foretell of the love buried within. And all I can say is.. WHOA. Talk about fate. =) Makes me love 23 even more.
I'm in love with this one word always used in our Advanced Algeb class. PARABOLA. I don't know but from the moment our teacher mentioned the word this year, I fell in love with it. Haha. Parabola. Ang cuuuuute. =) LOL, I'm crazy. Or maybe this is just my geekness.
Last night, I woke up from this really bad nightmare that I couldn't really remember. All I knew was that I was pushed down the stairs and I had huge bruises all over my body. Tapos I woke up crying. So I opened the TV to make me forget about it. Aba, to my surprise, Heroes was on Crime/Suspense. Grabe, nakaka-adik! I so love Claire. I wish I had her superpowers. If only my wounds could automatically heal.. life would be so much better. Hmm. Anyway, after that, I was about to go back to sleep when I had this feeling that I just had to check out ETC muna. And aba, to my surprise AGAIN, it was ONE TREE HILL! The Honey Grove episode!! Grabe. I so fell in love all over again for Nathan Scott. The best. So my point is, always check the TV when you get awakened by nightmares because you never know what shows are on. And that, as always, ONE TREE HILL MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. No doubt about that. Sarap na ng tulog ko after. =)
Sorry medyo mahaba. Just taking the opportunity kasi I don't know when my dad's gonna get our PC fixed. So yun. I have to go memorize Sonnet 23 na. And dumadami na tao dito, umiingay na. Grr. Later, y'all.
P.S. Thanks to all the commentors!! Promise I'll bloghop next time. Love you all!! MWAH! =*
"You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin' on our heads
But they're just old light, they're just old light
Your hair was long when we first met."
-- Samson by Regina Spektor
(this song is LOVE. Current LSS ko toh)