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senior na si karla!

  • I am officially a senior!
  • I belong to IV - St. Jane with Miss Pepito as our adviser.
  • Mrs. Torres is our Level Coordinator.
  • I'm still in the pull-out fast.
  • Miss Toledo is our Physics AND Research teacher. Yaay! =)
  • I am so happy to be in Mrs. Lee's English class! She is THE best!
  • Biochemistry in the afternoon. UUUUGH.
  • But at least it's with Sir Baggay =)
  • Our assignment in Eco? Super tambak!
  • I'm glad I chose Accounting as my specialization..
  • ..because I'm going to ask help from mom. Haha.
  • Our Filipino teacher is strict.
  • I'm the secretary during Filipino class. Whee, at least dream job pa rin diba?
  • Mrs. Pabelico taught us a song in CLE. Super effective!
  • Our PE sched is every Friday, last two periods. Oh yeah!
  • I'm just glad the Puddings are together, even for just one subject. =)
The Puddings! =)
Karla, Nica, Trixie, Mikka and Tin.
Nagpalit-palit ng sapatos. So now, can you guess whose feet are these?!