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sugar, they're going to manila!


Anyway, our Research assignment drove me crazy. We're supposed to make an inventory of research title proposals for our investigatory projects. Our class (Pull-Out Fast) is limited to scientific topics only. The group with the best project might get a chance to represent the school in the upcoming Science Congress this February. And honestly, my mind was blank. Nada. Zip. How was I supposed to come up with 25 topics AND 5 research title questions?!? Good thing a little miracle happened and ideas came pouring in.. ayan tapos na rin. FINALLY.

I watched the UAAP games today and all I can say is that I was slightly taken aback. UP and ADMU lost to NU and UE respectively. The two teams I've been rooting for lost. Tsss. UP hasn't won a single game yet but I swear with this afternoon's game I thought they would! Did you see the steal done by Mike Gamboa? Beyond words. I tell you, it was one of the most memorable moments I've ever seen in UAAP history. But you can't blame them for losing because almost all of them are newbies, while the NU players were sort of veterans na. Still, I was cheering for UP all the way. Their pep squad rocked like hell too! They were really synchronized and the stunts were executed almost perfectly (unlike the NU squad, medyo nagkalat. Hehe, peace!). They even did jetes, which kind of made me miss my ballet lessons years back. =) Anywaaay. The ADMU-UE game was genuinely exciting. Very unpredictable. Props to Monfort for his three-point shoots by the way! Still, the UE managed to take away the lead from ADMU in the last few minutes of the game. I was literally at the edge of my seat watching! UE is still undefeated. I wonder what school will finally knock them out? Can't wait for the next games!

Yesterday, we went to Ateneo. There's a really long story behind it that I'd rather not tell because super nakaka-bad trip. Pero basta, we ended up going to UP na lang, because my dad also wanted to tour me around the campus. My tita brought me there already a few weeks ago, but who was I to refuse another trip to my dream school? =) We ended up going to the school store Maroon that sold UP shirts, jackets and other stuff. I swear I screamed a little upon entering the doors. And of course I didn't think twice about buying! Haha. (Guess what I bought?) I wanted to buy the jacket pero I didn't. Next time na lang. =P And besides it's quite off my budget. After that, we ate the trademark UP fishballs, squidballs and gulaman. Ohh, sheer joy.

Diliman Fishballs
(Photo courtesy of OtherJoseph)

After that, we went to Trinoma to watch Harry Potter 5. Honestly, it wasn't such a terrible movie. In fact the actors seemed like they have mastered their craft really well, especially the portrayal of Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) and Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter -- who, by the way, played Charlie's mom in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They were superb. Daniel, Rupert and Hermione were more in tune with their characters more than ever. And yes, Rupert was undeniably hotter than ever! =) However, from an HP reader's point of view, it is below par. A lot of major scenes were cut and it didn't completely capture the dramatic emotion of the book. I honestly forgot some parts of the book already and I only managed to weave the events together upon watching. Lucky for me, I read the novel. I wonder how the non-readers understood it though? But I guess all HP movies will turn out this way: incomplete. It would be rather hard to put everything into the movie. That might sum up to eight hours! I'm recommending the movie because it is a good watch after all. The visual effects, the actors and the choreography of the fight scenes are definitely to watch out for. But it still doesn't measure up to the hype and the novel.

I suddenly missed my grade school days, back when me and my friends would pretend that we're wizards at Hogwarts. We even had pretend names and family ancestries, with matching certificates. Mine was Amanda Hackspiere. We would use the sticks from the sliding folders as wand and we would wingardium leviosa everyone we saw. We would also speak in fake British accents and fight over Daniel (I was, of course, going gaga over Ron Weasley aka Rupert Grint. Ever since, I liked him better!). It was rather silly, actually. But back then we were serious about those stuff. We really considered ourselves witches! Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days when everything was less complicated. Being in high school, opening your eyes to a lot of things and being "real", is fun, but there's no denying that the innocence of grade school and all the pretend games we used to play are some things I sorely miss. Back then, there were no insecurities and dilemmas to trouble you with -- oh, those were the days.

I have a new goal: to buy school shirts and other souvenirs from the colleges I'm applying in =) I just thought it would be cool to feel a little school spirit-y this time of year, what with the UAAP and application fevers. I guess you know where my first shirt came from, huh? Haha. Anyway, I have to go fix my things for tomorrow. Byers.

The shirt says it all.
Oh yeah.


when the going gets tough..

..the tough go blogging. =P

I just finished my essay for Ateneo. And I swear, it was nerve-wracking! I have to make sure all my sentences were grammatically correct and I kept telling myself that I wasn't typing a blog entry so I have to make it a little more formal. No whatever's and wahahaha's allowed.. which was a bit difficult honestly, considering that I pepper my posts with them. Haha. (See?) And you can't blame me naman. Of course when I'm writing an essay on a piece of paper, I don't include the haha's and the smiley faces because I'm literally writing it down, so I have a feeling of formality. But this time it's different because I'm typing it so it certainly feels like I'm blogging. Haha. (I did it again! LOL) I hope it turns out okay.

Today is Friday the 13th, and people are acting all superstitious yet again. They blame the day for the bad luck they experienced. I for one had a pretty normal (and actually boring) day. We had no classes because of the seminar for the teachers. Nica, Mikka, Trixie, Hope and I had an early meeting here at my place for something very.. important. Then after that I tried answering my MSA workbooks. Nothing really special happened today, but nothing really awful happened either. Like what I told Nikki a while ago, I think in some ways the bad luck is also psychological. If you believe that you're going to be unfortunate, then you will be. It's like you're attracting the negative forces, right? Anyway, these past few days, there is a black cat "hanging out" at our garden. I swear he's so black, like Salem from Sabrina, that he scares the living hell out of me more than any other cat in our street does. Imagine, takot na nga ako sa pusa, tapos super black pa ng skin and yellow ng eyes. SCARY. For a moment I actually believed it was a bad omen. Pero I think good things happened this week pa. So I really don't believe in all these superstitions. But I'm still going to stay away from cats, black or whatever color for the simple reason that I hate them and I'm afraid of them. Period. =P

I just discovered a new band that is currently making me kilig and head-over-heels in love: The Perishers. I found out about them from Ate Jan, and I swear they are love! I've read the lyrics and watched the videos of a couple of their songs, and they totally describe how I feel right now. Especially the song Sway. I know a good band when I hear one, and they are most definitely on the way to becoming my favorites! They sound a little bit like Nada Surf and Snow Patrol, and the words are most definitely beautiful. You guys should listen to them. Highly recommended!!

I'm feeling very bloated today. My face is breaking out. I'm binging like crazy. I'm having a bad case of Cream-O withdrawal. I've gotten very insecure about my legs. I think my hair is starting to go out of control again. And I'm so irritable these past few days. Stupid estrogen. Stupid raging teenage hormones.

Anyway, have I mentioned that I have FINALLY uploaded pics to our PC? That's because we have a monitor already! Yaay! It's not new, pero it does the job naman so okay na rin. Kaya out of joy I want to share some of the pics I've been dying to post. Haha =)

After swimming.
Trixie, Tin, me, Nica, Hope and Inna

Madalian pic, baka makita ni Mrs. Laxa =P

Jen, me and Mikka sa may canopy.

Karla in the hands of who?! Haha.
Feel na feel.

Caught in the middle? LOL!!

with Kaila and Kassey sa Courtyard.

I have to go to sleep na because I'm so tired. I need to refuel myself because I still have a lot of things to accomplish this weekend. Super hectic. Haha. Anyway, I hope you all have a fun weekend. And I hope I get to see HP5 na! They say it's disappointing daw? I have to go and see for myself. Later.


my, has it really been that long?!

I miss my blog to bits. I miss updating it, I miss editing its layout, I miss having the normal blog life. But time and dad's old laptop won't let me. In fact, this is just a takas post in the middle of my Eco AND English researching. I just miss it too much. I miss Friendster and Multiply too since I couldn't upload any of my pictures. Life without our PC sucks. I have so much kwento! So allow me to speak in vernacular, okay?

Life as a senior sucks too. Okay, not really. So far it's been fun but it's just so BUSY. A lot of things happen in a day, a week and even in a month! Aside from all the college application chaos I've mentioned before (this time DLSU, ADMU and UST naman) our Long Test just finished last Saturday and tons of projects are already piled up. Can you say hectic? But in an odd sort of way, senior life is quite light compared to other years. We have fewer subjects and more time to concentrate on the major ones. It's also exciting because we have SCT (the modern name of CAT, haha) and CES (Community Extension Service) as part of our curriculum. Tapos we can practically smell college because almost every teacher mentions the words university, college, course and graduation every subject. Haha. Mas excited pa sila sa amin. =P

The UPCAT is less than a month away and I'm as nervous as a first-time skydiver. The pressure is building up. I really, really, REALLY want and need to pass in UP. I've been talking about this for practically all my posts and I just can't help but mention it. It's that huge for me. So I'm praying everyday, passing by the Cathedral every morning just to lift up this intention. I really don't want to disappoint my family. Still keeping my fingers crossed! Meanwhile, I'm also busy with my La Salle and Ateneo forms. I've been going back and forth the registrar's office, business office and the faculty room to check if they already have my recommendation forms. It's crazy! Ngayon pa lang I have to be independent na, because no one else will arrange the forms for me. Grabe talaga. It's exciting and nerve-wracking all the same because you know you're holding your future in your hands. What if natapunan mo ng Coke yung form mo? What if hindi ka pala ni-recommend? What if you made a mistake in filling up the application? Oh, the stress!! Tomorrow I'm going to get my Ateneo form from the registrar's na. Yikes! BTW, does anyone know kung kelan pwede makakuha ng UST form?

I'm super psyched about UAAP Season 70. I swear, every year since Grade 4 I look forward to it. I love watching the basketball and cheerleading. I don't know the names of all the players (except maybe for the cute ones, haha) pero I swear I'm glued to the screen when there's a game on. Tapos kapag cheerleading na, I always have my mouth open in awe. Haha. But I guess the main reason why I love watching UAAP (aside from Chris Tiu, haha) is the intense school spirit. Grabehan talaga. It's as if every student of each university, old or young, come together and just cheer for their alma mater. The opening ceremony last Saturday was amazing. From the props, to the dances, to the whole program -- kudos to UST! Everyone was really yelling their hearts out for their alma mater. I yearn for these kind of things, all the perky-cheery-love-your-school vibe. I guess after 12 years in the same school, it's normal na I want to cheer for something else na. I want to be one of the students in the crowd, proudly wearing her school color and holding a big banner with an "I Love You *name of cute player*!!" on it. Haha. =) Do you have any bets on who'll win this year? A lot of people I know are betting that UST will keep the title, but who knows? Hmm. Basta, I can't wait for Season 71 na, when I'm finally an official college student. I wonder what school I'll be cheering for though?

Here's a short, funny conversation between me and my seatmate Raissa this morning. We were talking about college and UAAP tapos napunta sa school colors and logos.

KARLA: Napanood mo ba yung game nung Saturday? Grabe gwapo ni Chris Tiu! *kilig face*
RAISSA: Talo Adamson di ba?
KARLA: Oo nga eh, go Ateneo!
RAISSA: Ang hirap nga eh kasi parehong blue yung colors nila tapos pareho pang ibon.
KARLA: Haha! Ano nga ba yung Adamson? Di ba Ateneo Blue Eagles, eh yung Adamson?
RAISSA: Uhhhhm.. Falcons?
KARLA: Ayun, Falcons nga! Haha. Tapos yung UST, Growling Tigers. La Salle, Green Archers. UE Red Warriors.. eh yung UP di ba Fighting Maroons?
RAISSA: Oo. Ano kaya yung Maroons?
KARLA: Hahahahahaha! Crayola!! Hahahahaha!!

HAHA, BENTA! Tawa kami ng tawa. LOL =P Ano nga ba talaga yung Maroons? School color lang ba nila yun? O crayola talaga sila? Haha. I must find out! =)

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN TRANSFORMERS?! Grabe. The Best!! I so fell in love with Bumblebee! Haha. Megan Fox was super duper HOT! Even hotter than Rachel from OTH! Haha. I so want to have her abs! T_T And I must admit, Shia was as cute as ever. He has certainly evolved into a great actor. Nakakatawa nga because when I talk to my friends and classmates about Transformers, they refer to Shia as "Even Stevens" every time! As in!

"Nakakatawa kaya nung part na magkasama si Even Stevens saka yung girl sa loob ng car!"
"Mas nakakatawa nung kinausap si Even Stevens nung parents niya!"
"Ang binata na ni Even Stevens noh?"
"Pero mas cute pa rin si Even Stevens nung nasa Even Stevens pa siya!"

Haha, LOL. Parang hello, he has a name naman. Pero everyone kept calling him Even Stevens! =P And by the way, why is everybody so in love with Optimus Prime? Haha, wala lang heartthrob na siya sa school. Apparently, robots can make us fall in love too! =) Anyway.. You. Must. See. It. It's the best summer movie! (Oops, I have yet to see HP5 and The Simpsons pa pala!) Basta, wala ng aagaw kay Bumblebee. Haha.

Sorry for the sabog post. Ang dami ko na pala nasabi! Haha. I just really miss blogging, that's all. I hope our PC gets fixed by tomorrow na so that I can ditch this laptop. It does the job naman pero of course I miss doing the normal computer stuff. I can't even download songs here! I have yet to upload my pics, work on a new layout and play with Adobe. Haha. But of course, all after studying for the UPCAT. Nux, sipag kid. *wink* Anyway, I think this'll be it for now. I have yet to go back to reviewing for our Accounting long test tomorrow. Yikes! Sana naman I do good because if I'm going to take this up for the next few years of my life then I have to!! Hehe. Later y'all! Mwah. =*