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sugar, they're going to manila!


Anyway, our Research assignment drove me crazy. We're supposed to make an inventory of research title proposals for our investigatory projects. Our class (Pull-Out Fast) is limited to scientific topics only. The group with the best project might get a chance to represent the school in the upcoming Science Congress this February. And honestly, my mind was blank. Nada. Zip. How was I supposed to come up with 25 topics AND 5 research title questions?!? Good thing a little miracle happened and ideas came pouring in.. ayan tapos na rin. FINALLY.

I watched the UAAP games today and all I can say is that I was slightly taken aback. UP and ADMU lost to NU and UE respectively. The two teams I've been rooting for lost. Tsss. UP hasn't won a single game yet but I swear with this afternoon's game I thought they would! Did you see the steal done by Mike Gamboa? Beyond words. I tell you, it was one of the most memorable moments I've ever seen in UAAP history. But you can't blame them for losing because almost all of them are newbies, while the NU players were sort of veterans na. Still, I was cheering for UP all the way. Their pep squad rocked like hell too! They were really synchronized and the stunts were executed almost perfectly (unlike the NU squad, medyo nagkalat. Hehe, peace!). They even did jetes, which kind of made me miss my ballet lessons years back. =) Anywaaay. The ADMU-UE game was genuinely exciting. Very unpredictable. Props to Monfort for his three-point shoots by the way! Still, the UE managed to take away the lead from ADMU in the last few minutes of the game. I was literally at the edge of my seat watching! UE is still undefeated. I wonder what school will finally knock them out? Can't wait for the next games!

Yesterday, we went to Ateneo. There's a really long story behind it that I'd rather not tell because super nakaka-bad trip. Pero basta, we ended up going to UP na lang, because my dad also wanted to tour me around the campus. My tita brought me there already a few weeks ago, but who was I to refuse another trip to my dream school? =) We ended up going to the school store Maroon that sold UP shirts, jackets and other stuff. I swear I screamed a little upon entering the doors. And of course I didn't think twice about buying! Haha. (Guess what I bought?) I wanted to buy the jacket pero I didn't. Next time na lang. =P And besides it's quite off my budget. After that, we ate the trademark UP fishballs, squidballs and gulaman. Ohh, sheer joy.

Diliman Fishballs
(Photo courtesy of OtherJoseph)

After that, we went to Trinoma to watch Harry Potter 5. Honestly, it wasn't such a terrible movie. In fact the actors seemed like they have mastered their craft really well, especially the portrayal of Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) and Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter -- who, by the way, played Charlie's mom in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They were superb. Daniel, Rupert and Hermione were more in tune with their characters more than ever. And yes, Rupert was undeniably hotter than ever! =) However, from an HP reader's point of view, it is below par. A lot of major scenes were cut and it didn't completely capture the dramatic emotion of the book. I honestly forgot some parts of the book already and I only managed to weave the events together upon watching. Lucky for me, I read the novel. I wonder how the non-readers understood it though? But I guess all HP movies will turn out this way: incomplete. It would be rather hard to put everything into the movie. That might sum up to eight hours! I'm recommending the movie because it is a good watch after all. The visual effects, the actors and the choreography of the fight scenes are definitely to watch out for. But it still doesn't measure up to the hype and the novel.

I suddenly missed my grade school days, back when me and my friends would pretend that we're wizards at Hogwarts. We even had pretend names and family ancestries, with matching certificates. Mine was Amanda Hackspiere. We would use the sticks from the sliding folders as wand and we would wingardium leviosa everyone we saw. We would also speak in fake British accents and fight over Daniel (I was, of course, going gaga over Ron Weasley aka Rupert Grint. Ever since, I liked him better!). It was rather silly, actually. But back then we were serious about those stuff. We really considered ourselves witches! Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days when everything was less complicated. Being in high school, opening your eyes to a lot of things and being "real", is fun, but there's no denying that the innocence of grade school and all the pretend games we used to play are some things I sorely miss. Back then, there were no insecurities and dilemmas to trouble you with -- oh, those were the days.

I have a new goal: to buy school shirts and other souvenirs from the colleges I'm applying in =) I just thought it would be cool to feel a little school spirit-y this time of year, what with the UAAP and application fevers. I guess you know where my first shirt came from, huh? Haha. Anyway, I have to go fix my things for tomorrow. Byers.

The shirt says it all.
Oh yeah.