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when the going gets tough..

..the tough go blogging. =P

I just finished my essay for Ateneo. And I swear, it was nerve-wracking! I have to make sure all my sentences were grammatically correct and I kept telling myself that I wasn't typing a blog entry so I have to make it a little more formal. No whatever's and wahahaha's allowed.. which was a bit difficult honestly, considering that I pepper my posts with them. Haha. (See?) And you can't blame me naman. Of course when I'm writing an essay on a piece of paper, I don't include the haha's and the smiley faces because I'm literally writing it down, so I have a feeling of formality. But this time it's different because I'm typing it so it certainly feels like I'm blogging. Haha. (I did it again! LOL) I hope it turns out okay.

Today is Friday the 13th, and people are acting all superstitious yet again. They blame the day for the bad luck they experienced. I for one had a pretty normal (and actually boring) day. We had no classes because of the seminar for the teachers. Nica, Mikka, Trixie, Hope and I had an early meeting here at my place for something very.. important. Then after that I tried answering my MSA workbooks. Nothing really special happened today, but nothing really awful happened either. Like what I told Nikki a while ago, I think in some ways the bad luck is also psychological. If you believe that you're going to be unfortunate, then you will be. It's like you're attracting the negative forces, right? Anyway, these past few days, there is a black cat "hanging out" at our garden. I swear he's so black, like Salem from Sabrina, that he scares the living hell out of me more than any other cat in our street does. Imagine, takot na nga ako sa pusa, tapos super black pa ng skin and yellow ng eyes. SCARY. For a moment I actually believed it was a bad omen. Pero I think good things happened this week pa. So I really don't believe in all these superstitions. But I'm still going to stay away from cats, black or whatever color for the simple reason that I hate them and I'm afraid of them. Period. =P

I just discovered a new band that is currently making me kilig and head-over-heels in love: The Perishers. I found out about them from Ate Jan, and I swear they are love! I've read the lyrics and watched the videos of a couple of their songs, and they totally describe how I feel right now. Especially the song Sway. I know a good band when I hear one, and they are most definitely on the way to becoming my favorites! They sound a little bit like Nada Surf and Snow Patrol, and the words are most definitely beautiful. You guys should listen to them. Highly recommended!!

I'm feeling very bloated today. My face is breaking out. I'm binging like crazy. I'm having a bad case of Cream-O withdrawal. I've gotten very insecure about my legs. I think my hair is starting to go out of control again. And I'm so irritable these past few days. Stupid estrogen. Stupid raging teenage hormones.

Anyway, have I mentioned that I have FINALLY uploaded pics to our PC? That's because we have a monitor already! Yaay! It's not new, pero it does the job naman so okay na rin. Kaya out of joy I want to share some of the pics I've been dying to post. Haha =)

After swimming.
Trixie, Tin, me, Nica, Hope and Inna

Madalian pic, baka makita ni Mrs. Laxa =P

Jen, me and Mikka sa may canopy.

Karla in the hands of who?! Haha.
Feel na feel.

Caught in the middle? LOL!!

with Kaila and Kassey sa Courtyard.

I have to go to sleep na because I'm so tired. I need to refuel myself because I still have a lot of things to accomplish this weekend. Super hectic. Haha. Anyway, I hope you all have a fun weekend. And I hope I get to see HP5 na! They say it's disappointing daw? I have to go and see for myself. Later.