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can you feel the spirit?

On my previous post, I said I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit just yet, but I think today it did. Or maybe this week. All I know is that in my head, the countdown already began, and every inch of me is looking forward to this holiday.

They say that nothing can ever satisfy a girl the way shopping does. And I totally agree with it. Today, my tita bought me a new pair of very, very hot heels from VNC at MoA. They're pink and gold, with a ribbon on the top. It's so girly and cute! And they're on sale -- 50% off! What's not to love?! Did I mention they were oh-so-hot? I'm going to use it for the wedding I'll be attending next year and of course, for other special upcoming events (ehem, Grad Ball? Hehe). I was also able to buy the dress I've been eyeing on for months at Shapes. It looks similar to the dress Haley wore at their prom! When we went inside, I was afraid na it was out of stock already since we saw it around September pa. They only had one left -- and it fit me perfectly! Talk about lucky! It's not the pink one though, but I still loved it because it looked so dalaga and all. And to top it all off, I got a cute shirt from Zara. SUPER DUPER cute talaga! It's always nice to shop and get what you want every once in a while, isn't it? No, scratch that, it's a GREAT feeling.

The shoes up close.

Me wearing them.
Aren't they bee-yoo-ti-fool??

Did you know that there are three storms surrounding our country right now? Mina, the supertyphoon as we all know is about to hit the country in just a few hours. Lando, the previous one, has had a change in course and is going back to our country. And now a new typhoon has just formed, Nonoy (if I'm not mistaken) is about to arrive too. A part of me is happy about this because there's the possibility of the cancellation of classes and of course, I love the cold! I'd get to wear my jackets and use my cute apple green umbrella. But a part of me is also saddened and worried, especially for the people whose lives will be ruined yet again. Imagine the families who have to stay in evacuation centers for weeks with no food, no water and no electricity. Some are still recovering from the previous typhoons of last year, and now here they are again -- times three. I hope and pray that whatever happens in the next couple of weeks, everything will turn out okay.

Just a few more weeks to go and we'll be saying hello to a brand new year. 2008 is going to be a big year for me because of the following reasons:

  1. Release of the college entrance test results. We'll find out where we passed -- and where we didn't! This is all too scary.
  2. Heels. Seniors wear their heels to school starting January.
  3. Graduation Ball. Practically every senior in our school is secretly worrying about this even though they won't admit it. Haha.
  4. Graduation. Who isn't looking forward to this?! Buh-bye, black and white uniform!
  5. Last summer before college. It's the last hurrah before we go our separate ways.
  6. COLLEGE. Enough said.

Changed the layout, by the way. Obviously, inspired by my favorite drink, the Peppermint Mocha. I'm dying to have myself yet another relaxing cup. In the meantime, I shall settle for the new Del Monte Fit 'N Right, which contains L-Carnitine that burns fat! Haha. I seriously need to lose some inches. When I got so thin last summer, my jeans became loose. And now they're a little tight again, so I have to fit in them! Sigh. We always want what we can't have. LOL.

BTW, Happy birthday Ate Patty! She's going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. One month apart pala tayo. Hehe.

Gotta go print my assignment for Music. Love to all.