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of hardcore cheesiness and peppermint delights.

We all know that the best part of being masipag is knowing that all your hard work paid off. I'm so glad that my perky-school-girl mode resulted to some pretty great rewards especially for the Long Tests. I'm not really grade conscious, but who doesn't want getting good scores? I'm happy with my results so far. I'm still crossing my fingers for the rest of my other subjects, though. Waaah.

Have you seen One More Chance? I swear, it is THE movie to watch! Almost everyone I know is talking about it! I'm not a fan of local films like this one but this is one of the very few which I really loved. It's a story of two longtime lovers who drifted apart and had to deal with the aftermath of their break-up. It's quite unlike the other films of the similar genre (haha, if you call hardcore cheesy a genre!!) and it actually made me cry! YES, I WAS CRYING THE WHOLE TIME, and at one point I even wanted to jump inside the screen and change things. LOL. I know a lot of people who can relate to it.. hehe. Their poster is undeniably ridiculous though, because they look like they're posing for a deodorant or something. But other than that, it's a great watch. You should see it, it might seem tacky but so what? We all deserve the cheesy ka-kiligans from time to time! HAHA.

Funny how I had the desire the blog tonight when I cannot really think of anything except how happy I am that finally the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is back, in all its caffeinated glory! It's my number one favorite Starbucks drink. (My former favorite drink Mocha Valencia apparently contained alcohol which means I can't legally have it again until 2009) My friends always say it tastes like toothpaste. And I always have to say, "It's mint," with matching breathy voice to let them smell the aroma of the wonderfully tingly taste. HAHA. It breaks my heart that they only offer it during the holidays because I swear I need the bliss it brings all year long! But then again, if that's the case then I'll get bored with it and it wouldn't be this exciting. Anyway, part of the reason why I'm thrilled is of course, the Starbucks Planner. I'm always itching to get my hands on one every year. I'm always excited to fill it with important dates, appointments and secret entries. LOL. Thankfully, my generous titas and parents will gladly complete the stickers for me since I only get the regular high school student allowance, and this doesn't include iced, tall, Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos (nonfat milk) in the budgeting. LOL. Hayy, I can't wait for my next PM. Whee =)

Peppermint bliss =)

Speaking of Christmas blends, are you starting to feel the holiday spirit already? Yes, the weather's getting a little chillier everyday, the malls are starting to play Christmas carols, streets have been filled with Christmas decors and hit songs have been getting their X-mas remixes, but honestly I'm not feeling it just yet. Hopefully it will hit me soon because it's one of my favorite occasions of the year! And besides, I think I've been fairly nice this year. Hmm, I wonder what I'm going to get from Santa?? =)

BTW, I'm now a confirmed Catholic. Last Saturday, 150 of the 240 seniors in our school were confirmed at the St. Andrew's Cathedral. We have been discussing it in our CLE for quite a few quarters already, since it is a very important sacrament that we were to receive. It was funny how our batch wasn't really prepared for this since we only had our practice a day before and everything else was rushed -- from the preparations to the other details. But all in all, it was succesfull. I had three godparents -- one ninang and two ninongs. And then Nica had my mom as her ninang. And all my other classmates had our classmates' parents be their godparents, so parang we're all siblings by Confirmation already. Hehe. At least, di ba. Anyway, I guess this marks my journey as a mature Christian. Hmm, where shall I begin?

Probably by being responsible and finishing my homework. Teehee.
Toodles =)