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Today we had our class picture taking, a couple of weeks back we had our annual picture taking, this week we will be having our Confirmation and in a few months, we will be wearing heels and finding out which schools we got into! Senior life is so stressful, and yet exciting all the same. You always feel like you really have to do your best because you know your time in school is running out -- in a few months you'll be leaving for real. When we talk about college and how we're going to be a year from now, the issue of separation from friends always comes up. What if we passed in different schools? What if someone migrates? It's scary to just even think about not being with your friends, but that's the reality we have to face everyday from now on: our time is really limited already because by March 16 we'll be bidding everyone farewell. I know we'll be seeing each other again, but who knows how often? We'll be going our separate ways and every single time I think about this, I feel a knot in my stomach. I feel like a giant clock is tick-tocking before me, counting down the number of days until I keep my checkered uniform for good. Everyday I feel this way, all mushy and nostalgic during random moments of the day and sometimes I think maybe it's just hormones at work but no, I really think I've got a bad case of senioritis.

Which probably explains my suddenly ardent urge to study really well. Not that I've not been studying hard, but you know, I seriously want to do better. After the sem break, I really didn't want to go back to school but now it seems like this strong wave has hit me and I'm in geek mode again. I've been doing my assignments religiously (this week at least) and I'm so determined in making sure my notes are a-okay. I update my Filipino notebook every chance I get because I don't want to submit an incomplete notebook when our teacher collects it unannounced. I haven't really been feeling sleepy in any of my classes (yet, haha) and though I've been sleeping late I'm still pretty energized. What is wrong with me? All of a sudden I'm Miss-Excited-For-School all over again, just like in grade school. LOL. Haha. I hope this goes on. I mean, sure being a lazy bum is, how shall I put it -- relaxing, but doesn't it feel more gratifying when you're reaping rewards out of your hard work? IT SURE IS. Karla the Geek is back, and she comes with a fixed pair of ubercute white eyeglasses. Heehee =)

I'm all up for making the most out of this year not just because I'll be graduating in March but because I know I can really do better. I wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way though? HMM.


I'm totally loving Incubus this past few days. I've always had their songs on my iPod but the other day when it was in shuffle mode and played I Miss You, it's as if I've only heard them for the first time and just like that I'm in love with Brandon Boyd. Doesn't it make you want to be with him when he sings I Wish You Were Here? Or to meet him in outer space when you hear Stellar? As far as I know, I'm currently an Incubabe and I seriously wish I was his Southern Girl.

"I wish you were here."