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sheer fantasies.

There are three guys whirling inside my mind right now: Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and Justine Timberlake. Three devilishly hot men, with swoon-worthy vocals, undeniably charming looks, and words that make and break your heart all at the same time. While doing my Filipino paper, they showed Maroon 5's "Won't Go Home Without You" for the nth time tonight, and for a moment I felt like Adam was looking at me and pleading me to come back to him. I wanted to be the girl in the video and desperately look back at him and tell him I'm willing go home with him. Seriously! Then the other night, the JT and Beyonce song "Til The End Of Time" was requested thrice in one night and gave me a bad case of LSS that I immediately grabbed my brush and started singing along in front of the mirror. How I wished I was Beyonce. Because if I had JT's love, then that would be enough til the end of time! =) And as all other nights, Brandon Boyd always always always meets me in outer space and makes me want to stay there in another realm with him. The effect of his voice -- ooh, brings chills to my spine!

But after being induced in some kind of vocalist euphoria, I suddenly realized how opposite my reactions are to what we're discussing in Music IV. You see, there are three types of listening: 1) Sensuous, which appeals to the senses and makes you want to sing or dance. 2) Expressive, which talks about the emotional level and brings out all your feelings, and lastly 3) Sheerly musical, which refers to the musical elements in a song. Obviously, i'm such a good sensuous and expressive listener -- aren't we all? But our teacher says we HAVE to be sheerly musical, because a song is more than just the lyrics. Music per se, includes the tempo, dynamics, rhythm, and all that. And she also mentioned that to be an effective listener, you must not fantasize nor imagine about anything but rather just focus on the music itself.

But how can you be a sheerly musical listener when three people like them come to mind? Surely, I need to practice more on the third type, but right now who cares. I think they should create another type: Sheerly whimsical is more like it. =)


There is still that one guy who my heart keeps on beating for: NATHAN SCOTT. And you thought I forgot about him haven't you? How could I -- he's the love of my life! And he's coming back, along with the whole gang! On January 8th, One Tree Hill shall return on its fifth season, and it's four years later! What makes it even more exciting are the sneak peeks here -- you should see it! Now I'm even more excited for the new year! Come quick 2008, I can't wait!

LOL, all my sentences in that paragraph ended with an exclamation point. Can you say excited?! Haha. Anyhoo, did you feel the earthquake kanina? Wala lang, it caused such a commotion but everyone was racing through the doors not because they wanted to be safe or something, but they wanted to escape Trigonometry class. Funny in a sad sort of way. I believe Math causes far worse headaches than earthquakes do.

Off to sleep. I'm wiped out. Later, y'all.