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I really have no idea what that means, but it's a pretty hot song and I actually like it. I'm referring to one track in Britney Spears' latest album, Blackout. I don't think it's out here in our country yet, but what can you say, I have my sources. (Haha, the joys of Limewire) I remembered what E! News reported the other day about it, saying that music critics actually gave praises for the album. They said it was probably the best record she has made so far, and predicted it to top the charts. And who was I not to check it out? So whilst everyone else is fast asleep, I'm drowning myself in some hip techno-slash-dance music, which is un-Britney yet totally familiar, in an ironic kind of way. It's honestly pretty good you know, despite her overly-processed voice, because they're the type of songs wherein you cannot NOT nod your head to the beat. And here's the rad part: She mentions The Philippines in one of her songs!!

"I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gonna put pictures of my derrière in the magazine
You want a piece of me?"

-- Piece of Me, Britney Spears
Pretty cool, huh? Haha. I swear I rewound that part a million times just to make sure she really did say 'the Philippines.' At least she doesn't go ranting about the so-called bogus reputation of our medical field. *ehem* And by the way, nice use of language, Britney. Derrière is actually a French word for butt. Haha, classy.

I still miss the old Britney though. Hit me baby one more time? HAHA. I bought her first ever album when I was in first grade. We had her concerts on DVD. I always attempted to copy her moves in I'm A Slave 4U in Grade 3. And when I was in sixth grade, I remember being totally LSS-ed on Toxic and waiting almost all day on MTV just to see the video. Total hotness which only she can deliver, I believe. I'm still secretly rooting for her, though. I really hope she makes a jaw-dropping comeback that will make everyone shut up and just forget all the mess she's put herself in.

ANYWAAAY. Enough Britney.

I'm hooked on our Wii yet again. I've been spending hours playing on that thing! And I swear, the reviews are for real -- it's totally addicting. But in a nice kind of way though. One may look crazy smashing imaginary tennis balls or boxing like mad using the Wiimote, but who cares. All the games you play require total body movement, so I guess that counts as workout? Hopefully! Haha. =)

This sembreak is so bitin. I want to relax and just not think of anything related to academics all day but a little voice inside my head keeps screaming, "Projects! Assignments!" and it's driving me nuts. I knoooow it's not due yet but I have this innate nerd in me that wants to get it done. Of course the procrastinator part always wins which is why I have been luxuriously spending my time in front of the PC or playing Wii instead. I've made an agreement with myself though: I'll find time to do them by Sunday. If I do, well, that's a deduction from my To-Do list. If I don't, I'll give up junk foods for the rest of the week (and hopefully lose weight, haha, I'm getting fatter by the minute). Either way, win-win for me. LOL.

How was your All Saint's Day, by the way? Mine was spent grave hopping. Haha. After our prayers, my tita and I decided to go "grave hopping" and look for our other relatives. I saw a couple of my classmates too, and some titas and titos. I've always looked forward to this yearly occasion because it means bonding with the family, even the departed ones. Besides, who doesn't love making candle wax figures?! HAHA. I remember making candle wax balls when I was a kid, tapos palakihan kami ng mga pinsan ko. But now, since we're all "grown up" hanggang siomai na lang na mukhang hakaw nagawa namin. It eventually became fishes though, because they put fins on it. LOL =)
Happy Birthday, Kassandra Obsum! =) We're going to her house later. Hehe. Can't wait!

Currently watching Gossip Girl episodes! =) Whee. How hot can Nate get? I really love Blair, even though they made her seem like the bad girl there. I still think I'm her sometimes. LOL =) It's bliss watching my favorite book series for real. Oh, the joys of the Internet talaga! Okay, back to watching.

Team Blair!