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almost 2008.

Here it is, the layout I was telling you about. It's not much actually, just one of those pictures from our Christmas party I was playing around in Photoshop that eventually turned into a header. Haha. Like what I said, this will be my new year gift to my blog. And an advanced anniversary gift too! On February, Bombastarr will be 3 years old! Can you believe it? I say blogging is much better than getting a shrink for so many reasons. It's free and you gain friends! Haha. Anyway, I hope you love it in all its pinkness.

How was your Christmas? Mine was great. We had lunch at my father's side, then we went straight home to Batangas for our Christmas dinner with the mother's side. I got pretty cool gifts from everyone, some I already had a feeling about while others were totally unexpected! I loved that most of the presents I received this year weren't default gifts -- in other words they were given much thought. It's a comforting feeling knowing that someone cares enough to give you something you want because they want to make you feel loved, rather than giving just for the sake of giving. So.. did you all get what you wished for? I most certainly did! =)

Have you heard about the merging of the UAAP and the NCAA for 2008? (Click this to read the whole article) This will be for the centennial celebration of the University of the Philippines. Since UP is one of the founding schools of NCAA (they transferred to UAAP in 1938), the administrators thought that it would probably be a good idea to join the two divisions together and have one big collegiate championship, the UAAP-NCAA Centennial Cup. If you ask me, it's quite an ambitious idea considering that both the UAAP and NCAA have been independent for a lot of years already. And imagine how long the playoffs will be. But it's still pretty terrific! If it pushes through, I'm sure it will be all the more exciting since there will be 16 schools participating! One of the things that's bothering me though is how are they going to squish the crowd from 16 different schools in the Cheerdancing Competition in one venue? Hmm, just wondering. I'm definitely going to watch out for this. Whether they push through or not, I'm still going to be the big UAAP fan that I am now. Hopefully, my first real UAAP experience will be a blast next year. Can't wait for Season 71! =)

I'm hooked on yet another book series that I've been wanting to read for sooo long but only recently have I gotten a chance to get my hands on one. The first of the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty, Sloppy Firsts, truly was a captivating read. Aside from the fact that the lead character and I both have a best friend named Hope (whom we both love dearly!), I like the familiarity it brings and the humor each page delivers. It's the answer to my hormonal teenage anxieties. I bought Second Helpings just today and I'm afraid of reading it right away because I might finish it. Nevertheless, I'm excited. =)

K and H

Anyway, speaking of books and Hope, I got her to start reading my all-time favorite series Gossip Girl and yes, she was immediately hooked! Gone are the days of ranting about how stupid Nate is for fooling around behind Blair's back or how unbelievably bitchy and nice Blair and Serena are, then realizing that my friends know nothing about the Upper East Siders. Also, at least I have someone super close to me who can relate, unlike before where I have to talk to the GG fans who watched the series first before reading, and thus have a misconceived notion about some of the characters (It can be quite a pain to explain to them the real story so I just let them do the talking, haha). Seriously. I'm dying to watch the entire first season of the show, but from what I've been hearing the plots have been twisted big time! So it's a good thing I christened Hope into the books first. Hehe. I'm going to let her borrow the third one when we go back to school again. Let's not fight like B and S, Enemy! =)

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.

-- Joey Adams

Maybe New Year's resolutions are trivial to some, but we've got nothing to lose if we at least try to become better persons for the coming year, right? Whether you decide to make one or not, I just hope the new year will bring you strength and courage to face whatever zit-causing troubles that will come your way!

Let's rock 2008!