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karla the word nerd.

It's hard enough that we have to miss a couple of days' worth of class for this, we also have to study weird words and their etymologies as well. I'm talking about the Spelling quiz bee that Cathe, Cecile and I are joining tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to not bring notebooks and worry about homeworks but there's not much to smile about when you hear your classmates talk about addition and subtraction of sines and cosines, and you realize you're clueless. Anyhow, we're here spending a few precious minutes in the CAI Lab, supposedly researching for the most difficult words in the world but knowing me, I just have to sneak in some blogging time. =)

Our periodic test in Accounting took place this morning and practically every otherAccounting student has had his/her mind rattled. I wouldn't really say I didn't review since I memorized the formats for adjusting, reversing and closing entries. It was a mind boggling test that usually left you feeling stupid afterward. HAHA. Hopefully I get a pretty decent score. But that's just one of the many worries to face this December. Next week will be our Periodic Tests already. And I'm nervous because I've missed quite a few days due to reviews. I seriously need to photocopy Hope's notebook ASAP! I probably will this afternoon. Oh, this is such a stressful month.

Add the upcoming holidays to the tension and I think I'm going to explode. I'm saving cash so that I've got money to burn this Christmas. I mean sure, I'm going to receive gifts but I also want to scratch somethings from my wishlist on my own. HAYY. It's going to be one anxious month for me. Seriously, I wonder how I still manage to wake up and stay energized sometimes. If you ask me, I think students are the most burned out people in the world. I swear. Sure adults have to worry about bills, bosses and piled up paperwork, but what about us? We have to budget our allowances, make time for studies and social life, listen to parents' and teachers' nagging and complete all projects and assignments within deadlines quicker than you can say pronto. It's a crazy life, don't you agree? Everybody else who works hard gets special treatment, teachers have service day and employees have 13th month pays. And what do we get? Weekends spent on doing schoolwork? I think they should give us a students' day or something. They've got to give us credit somehow, right? I say, Save the Students, Save the World! LOL.

I think all the words are taking their toll on me. So before I go all Elle Woods on you and start making a bill on student rights and privileges, allow me to sign off and say adios to you all. I'll be back before you know it. Oh and btw, thanks to all those who comment and tag. I'll update my links as soon as I am flush again. Mwah. Love to all =)


I love you ADAM!