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the wait is almost over.

Let's see what's in store, shall we? In random order..

  1. One Tree Hill. On January 8, the new season shall begin. As most of you know, Season 5 will be four years into the future which means the whole gang is all grown up now. I'm so looking forward to the new season, especially for The Scotts! =) Nathan and Haley are proud parents of little Jamie -- and they are still so adorable! Nathan is still hot as ever. You have to see the sneak peeks, because I swear they make me more excited than ever! Click.

  2. College Admissions. I applied in five schools: UP, Ateneo, La Salle, UST and St. Paul Manila. As of the moment, I've only heard from SPUM, so I only have one school right now. All the others will be releasing their results sometime in January and February. There's no denying that the anxiety is building up on me -- and I'm sure on every senior in the country as well.

  3. Heels. I've waited for this day since first year high school. Fourth year students are always required to wear their heels to school as a formality towards the end of the year. On January 3rd, every senior in our school will grace the campus with their hot two-inch shoes and feel all dalaga. Haha. I have to buy a pair now.

  4. Graduation Ball. It's nearing and I still don't have a date! Haha. I already have a dress and shoes though. Just this week, another meeting was held, and as the Honorary Vice President, I attended. Mr. & Mrs. Lardizabal, Tin's parents and the HSPC heads discussed some money matters and other things regarding the occasion. I cannot wait! =)

  5. Summer Parties. I'm pretty freakin' sure that our class and/or batch will do some serious partying or something because it's our last year together! We have yet to think of the perfect summer getaway but I'm sure we will! It would be nice if both the Pullout and Regular will have one big bash since we never get to do that. Can't wait to bring out the swimsuit again! =)

  6. Starbucks Planner. Would you believe I only have one friggin' sticker left?! I cannot not get my hands on one tomorrow. I cannot wait to doodle my torments in that gorgeous journal! My Trigo notebook has always been filled with scribbles, "blog" entries, sketches and whatnots. I think it would be nice if I had a more proper place for all those spur-of-the-moment scrawlings. The doodling helps me stay awake in class though.. hmm, whatever. LOL.

  7. Upcoming concerts. I heard Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake and Incubus are coming to Manila on 2008! IMAGINE THAT! All my three hot crushes will arrive and give me a visit! Waaah. Gotta save up for all of them.

  8. My new layout. I just finished it today and i cannot wait to use it =) I'll upload it probably after I come back from Batangas. New year means new layout, right?

  9. and of course..

  10. Christmas. How can we forget? In just 3 days, the whole world will be celebrating the most anticipated holiday of the year. Little kids will be forcing themselves to stay up late just to watch out for Santa. Moms will be busy preparing their Christmas feast. Dads will be taking pictures of the whole family as they do their yearly traditions. Ninongs and ninangs will surely run out of crispy new bills. Relatives will fly home from all corners of the globe. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and what person in the right mind isn't excited about it?!

I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and the new year ahead. But of course, let us not forget that all the merrymaking isn't worth a thing if we don't remember the one person whose birthday we are celebrating -- Jesus Christ. Let's not only make Him the center of this holiday, but the center of our lives all throughout the year as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you all get what you wish for!