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roar, said the tiger.

Today was probably one of the most surreal days of my high school life.

The news about the UST Entrance Test results being released today spread like wildfire. It caused such an agitation that all throughout the day, nothing else was on everyone's minds except the outcome. Undeniably, UST is the most preferred choice for most students in our school. Aside from its Catholic education, it also offers the most practical courses. The very nice campus doesn't hurt either. Almost everyone took the test there. It was the only university that hasn't released its test results yet, so the wait definitely left us all hanging. So imagine the hype and the agitation when the cellphones were finally claimed from the office. People started calling their ates and kuyas from UST to look for their names. Every five seconds, someone will shout, cry, or jump for joy. Tears came pouring down, some due to extreme happiness, others because of despair. Nevertheless everyone was generally happy. It was an emotional day, with doors being opened for so many dreams.

Most of my classmates thought the results didn't really matter to me since I already passed in the other schools, but it did. It did matter. Heck, I PASSED IN BS ACCOUNTANCY!! But I guess the happiness I felt wasn't for me alone, it was for my friends. We all got into our dream schools! Karla the writer, Nica the advertiser, Mikka the engineer, Trixie the diplomat and Hope the tourist.. attraction! Hehe =) Suddenly, I'm looking forward to what lies ahead because at least now we know we have a future. I wonder how we'll all be a few months from now, when we're bursting with school spirit and shouting our university's name with pride. Hmmmmm..

I can't believe I passed the top universities of the country! My mom and dad are so proud of me, and so is the rest of my family. It never really dawned on me until today, when the final result came out. The first thing I did upon arriving home was rush to the chapel near our house and thanked God. He has been continuously giving me so many blessings, and I am so grateful for the good things that has been happening to me this year. =)

My foot hurts because of an injury I had in today's Tinikling practical test. While doing one of the figures, I felt a sudden pain and next thing I knew it was bleeding. Good thing my partner, Tophe, was gentleman enough to escort me to the clinic. YIHEE! Hahaha!! =P Anyway, it hurts with every step I take (sounds like a song LOL) so now I have to hop on my right foot to get to somewhere. Boo.

We still have a practice for our English sitcom tomorrow. *sigh* Wish us luck on that. And also on our Long Tests and projects. Aaack. Just 50+ days to go, Karla, just a few days to go.

Congratulations to all the future Thomasians! =) Good night, y'all.



I definitely think I have some kind of Senior complex or something. One day I'm super lazy, the next day I'm partially-lazy. (This means I'm still lazy, but at least the proportions go down by a half) Symptoms include a little voice screaming inside my head: "You have a school already, so why bother?! Oh wait! You have to graduate first and get stellar grades! HAHA." Maybe it's like my own version of Peyton's sarcastic goth angel, only a little perkier and slightly more annoying.

As Mikka and I sat down together a while ago, we were so eager to cross out yet another day in our pseudo perspective-booster aka our school year calendar at the back of my Trigo notebook. "54 days na lang!" we both eagerly shouted. So did everyone else after us. After that, I was struck by a teensyweensy bit of fervor and all of a sudden I'm ready and awake for Trigo. Okay.. so maybe it took a short trip to the restroom (HEHEHE ♥) to shoo away the Z's, but at least I wasn't a zombie for the rest of the period. =)

Does this mean our calendar is actually working? Is it giving me keenness and determination to finish the year right, by reminding me that with the last few days, I really have to work extra hard?

I hope so. The Senior Complex is seriously damaging my brain cells. If this timetable will stop me from turning into an automaton before the end of the school year, well then, I'll let it save me. I just really need my usual perky-responsible-school-girl mode to get me through this last quarter.

In less convoluted updates..

It's funny how I dreamed of my best friend Hope the other night with a certain someone she also dreamed of some nights before. It's like my dream was a sequel to hers! I'm not going to tell you what it is (in accordance to the Best Friend Code which says you cannot publicize the secret dreams of your best friend, LOL) but it was certainly hilarious! How else could I have visualized her in that situation if we weren't connected in some weird cosmic kind of way?! I told her about it this morning and we laughed our heads off. Apparently, we're so in synch that we even have connected trances. Unbelievable. It's things like these that make me realize how lucky I am to have found a best friend, like a long lost sister or a brotha sistah from anotha motha.. and to think we became friends-4-ever at five years old, way back in kindergarten! Enemy, if you're reading this, I'm sure this beats a whole dozen letters from you-know-who, so you better be touched. Haha. =)


I saw the first three episodes of One Tree Hill last night! I swear to God, it was beyond words. I cannot even begin to explain the adrenaline that blasted through my arteries. For the whole time I was watching, my eyes were completely glued to the screen and my ears tuned out any kind of noise that wasn't part of the dialogs. It's like relapsing from a drug-recovery. I was so caught up in the Tree Hill world, it was euphoric. I won't be giving any spoilers because it's most definitely worth the watching (and downloading). Watcha waiting, watcha watcha waiting for?!

By the way, this is my 205th post! Can you believe it? More than two hundred, and still counting. I'd like to think of a better way to end it, but I'm typing so quickly I can't even screen my thoughts, because I have yet to click the Print button for the pictures for the SC Bulletin board. So yeah. Later y'all.



I hate feeling like everything is just another chore to cross out of my to-do list. I'm supposed to be making my projects right now, and yet here I am blogging while watching Season 5 Naley clips. It's kind of a bore going to school these days, because everyday I feel like we're all just counting down the days to March 16. I don't know, maybe I'm just looking for a little more enthusiasm or at least eagerness knowing that we really are leaving in just 50 days or so. But I'm not feeling it, and I'm pretty sure neither is everyone else.

It's quite surreal that we're going to be graduating. It's all the more exciting because I've got schools already, which means I do have a future. But sometimes it can be quite exhausting too, you know? As much as we would like to relish the last few months of our stay, we don't even get to enjoy it because too much is being demanded from us. I know, I know, it's graduating year so I can't expect a light load. And yes, you can all start telling me about how this is just a beginning of more stressful things to come. But don't we deserve a little slack?

The other day in Trigo class, Mikka and I decided to make a school year calendar at the back of my notebook. While everyone else was busy checking our seat works from the previous meeting, the two of us were busy counting down the days left until we finally we bid the school goodbye. And to tell you honestly I was enthusiastic. The moment we went back to school, all the pressure just came seeping through the cracks of my fragile five-foot-two frame. But I guess it just really depends on how you see things. As I cross out the days on our quasi-calendar, I feel somehow relieved. Now instead of stressing over the days leading up to deadlines, I just look at school days as another moment closer to graduation. At least it ups my perspective a little bit.

I will get out of this idle stage soon, but I'm going to do it myself. I don't need any other teacher or adult or whoever telling me that I shouldn't be wasting my time feeling lazy because it's the crucial time of the year blah blah blah. I AM AWARE OF IT. I just need everybody to cut me off some slack because I swear if people don't stop talking about my academics and everything else that fall under that category, I'm going to crack. Or wait.. maybe I just did.

And there goes that irritating voice inside my head that I should do my pointless project in Physics. I would really rather watch more OTH, but seeing that I have to give in to this voice due to "responsibility's sake", well I have to go.

P.S. If anyone knows a cure to this crappy feeling or whatever it's called, tell me. I need it.


i passed in the university of the philippines!!

(I know this piece of news deserves its own post)

A few days before, I already had my heart set in going to Ateneo. Not that I completely crossed out UP in my life, but a part of me was already imagining myself going there. I know money plays a big role in choosing that school because it is after all one of the most exclusive sought-after and not to mention prestigious schools in the country. But I (slightly) didn't care. If there's a will, there's a way, they say.

And then someone brings me the news that I passed in UP Diliman.

Of course my initial reaction was shock, then disbelief. I mean.. I PASSED IN UP DILIMAN! All of a sudden my Ateneo dreams crashed like a sand castle knocked down by the waves. How could I forget UP?! Aside from the fact that UP is THE dream school since I can remember, it would greatly help my parents financially. For quite a few moments, I was in shock. Literally. My mom mistook it as sadness, seeing that I have to let go of the Ateneo dream.

You see, I also found out that I passed my second choice, which was Creative Writing. Knowing that I have psyched myself to be an accountant for the past eight months or so, it was surprising. I know Accountancy in UP is quota but of course when people ask me what I took in UP, that's my answer. But now that I won't be taking it.. I'm actually relieved! Generally I enjoy our Accounting classes but it wasn't something I was innately good at unlike some of us *ehem Kassey and Pauline ehem* so I wasn't really confident about taking it. But since practically almost every person I know told me it's a good choice, why not. Well, who would have thought that I'd be fulfilling my secret dream after all? Back in April 2006, I had an epiphany that I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write about everything I can ever think of. But that was just a secret little dream I had that wasn't really a part of the plan. Well, good heavens, how things turned out to be! I'm going to be a Creative Writing major in UP Diliman! And if I do good, my parents said I can fulfill my dream of finally going to Law School.

So eventually everything sinked in, and suddenly I was back to my usual UP-dreaming self. I passed in UP Diliman!!

We went to UP a while ago just to confirm everything. Just to feel what it's like to look at your name in the bulletin board in the Office of Admissions. Haha. And indeed, I saw my name.

Can you see it? Haha.

The only sad part about this is that some of my friends did not pass. I already conceived a little imaginary vision inside my head that we'll all be going to UP, still hanging out every once in a while despite our hectic schedule. There's always the UP Ikot to bring us to whatever corner in the campus. But it's not what God had planned. I feel sad, really. However, if this was what He wanted for us, who knows? Next year might turn out to be even better than I expected.

So to all those who passed: CONGRATULATIONS! The five excruciating hours we spent answering the UPCAT paid off. And my pre-UPCAT experiences were worth it. Haha. The long wait is almost over -- USTET na lang, then we can all heave a big sigh of relief. YEHEY.

Iskolar na ako ng bayan! :)


grades, college, and the future.




Today was the Third Quarter Assembly and the Distribution of Cards. Usually a scary day for us all. Nyahaha. I guess it's safe to say that I managed to maintain my grades. I'm extremely happy with how things turned out for the third quarter because honestly, it was one of the hardest, most hectic and pressuring quarters ever. But I survived -- everyone else did. So congrats to us, especially to fellow awardees! =)

You know, it's still takes me aback how some people can get so grade conscious to the point where they're obssessed with their grades. I know it's a great feeling to get what you know you deserve, and to see that something good came out from your hard work. But it's hard when you get blinded by rankings, scores and grades because you see things in a different way. I have this classmate who almost always utters her grades that I swear to God I can recite her whole report card. She never stops talking about it. It really is annoying, especially when she gets high scores and is still complaining. But what do grades mean anyway? Is it a way of measuring yourself as a person? And do they really matter? Sure, they matter a lot because they get you into good universities. They matter because they give you something to be proud of. They matter because they are the so-called "prize" for your hard labor. But is that really so? I've heard of so many people from our school who never became awardees and are now Dean's Listers in their colleges. I know many successful people who weren't really the class valedicatorians. And I'm sure as hell that the grades aren't just the result of hardwork, because they are just numbers, but they don't actually measure the amount of effort and learnings you've made along the way. Come to think of it, it's trivial. After everything has been printed out into report cards, grades will be just what they really are -- numbers. Twenty years from now, when you're swimming in a pool of money, nobody will care about your 93 in Physics or the 0.26 increase you gained in Trigonometry from the second to third quarter. I mean, come on. But of course, that's what high school is. Grades are essential part of "the learning process". Sometimes, we really can't help but exaggerate our reactions towards it, especially now that we're in the fourth year and graduating. I'm not saying that we shouldn't care, in fact getting good grades is really the goal of every student. But it shouldn't be the only goal. At the end of the day, you're still who you are. We don't wear our report cards as our ID's, so I don't really see the point of letting it take over your life.


After the Assembly, my friends and I went to SM to eat our lunch. Over KFC chicken and mashed potatoes, we talked about college. We heard from one of the parents that the UPCAT results have been released already and are posted in the Diliman campus. All of us took the UPCAT, but most of us have passed in DLSU and/or ADMU already, while some are more excited about the USTET results. But nevertheless, we were still nervous because the releasing of results is all part of the seemingly never-ending agony of choosing our future. A year from now, where will we all be? Funny how the uniform seemed to play a role in our choices. Tourism in UST has the nicest uniform, so Trixie, Hope and Tin are lucky. Meanwhile, we're worried about running out of clothes if we go to the non-uniform-wearing schools. Then, we also talked about the possibility of living in a dorm. I have the most likely chance of leaving home and living near the campus, by the way, since my two dream schools are in Quezon City. And then we moved to the pros and cons of each school, from their "specialties" to the types of people. We all have our dream schools, but after the releasing of results we're just so overwhelmed by the choices. Parang we didn't think about passing anywhere else before, and now that we did get into other schools, we don't know if we still want the dream school enough to go there. Honestly, I'm still not sure. UP has always been my dream school and everyone knows I've set my heart in it, but after passing in Ateneo, it's like everything got so confusing. If I do get into UP, I will definitely have a hard time deciding. The same goes for my other friends as well who are choosing between DLSU and UST naman. Hayy.. these are the moments I wish I can live the OTH life and fast forward to four years from now. Haha.

Me and my friends during our junior year.
This was for the presentation for the 4th Quarter assembly.
Feeling professionals? HAHA.

Speaking of One Tree Hill, I'm going to download and watch the first episode today! Now that I have the time, I can finally see what happens to them four years later! I honestly CANNOT wait. So I guess I'll be leaving then, because I don't want to waste any more time. Haha. Later.

P.S. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the love you've given. I really appreciate it, especially those who congratulated me. Thanks, supeeeer! =) May UPCAT at USTET pa.. good luck to us, Seniors all over the Philippines! *crossing fingers*

63 days before graduation! =)


i'll be seeing you..

So today is the ACET results day. The whole morning I believed I didn't pass since when I typed my name in the site, it kept on saying "Name not on the list," so I kind of accepted it already. But then text messages were circulating that the server was down and you can only see the results in the ADMU Blue Eagle Gym. How was I supposed to go there? Besides, I have a wedding to attend to.

We attended a wedding today in Antipolo where I was one of the Secondary Sponsors. Cord girl. Haha. It was my first time to have a quite important role. At least, graduate na sa flower girl stage. =) So anyway, we spent the whole afternoon there. It was fun posing for pictures and finally getting to wear my VNC heels. Surprisingly, they don't hurt as much as my school heels though they are higher. Hmm. Anyway, I had fun.

But at the back of my mind, I was hoping the website was fixed already since I wanted to know so BADLY if I passed -- or failed.

Around 7:00, we went home. We decided to pass by ADMU and TRY if the Ateneo is still open, not knowing if what I'm going to see will shock me or shock me. Haha.

I passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test!! =)

Unbelievably crazy, I tell you! I was jumping in front of the bulletin board, texting my lolas, lolos, aunts and uncles about the great news! The people there were probably laughing because I was still wearing my gown and heels. But who cares?! I got in! It's such a GREAT feeling I tell you. Ateneo is one of my dream schools since -- ever. Parang UP. And even if I don't actually study there, just the fact that I passed.. sobrang okay na talaga. So it really makes me grateful and thankful that I got in.

Sigh. This year is getting better and better. Thank you, Lord!!
Three schools down, two to go!
Congrats to us, Seniors! =)

I might be seeing you.. Christopher John Alandy-Dy Tiu!




the heels are alive..

Today was the day I really felt like a Senior.

Paulinians (dreadfully) went back to school on the third day of the year (how lucky of us!! Ugh.) and fourth year students walked the halls with their at-least-two-inched heels. Pointy ones, rounded ones, patent leather, or pure leather, every female senior wore their heels for the first time today. All day long.

Yep, whole day long.

What's absolutely great about this is:
  • Having the chance to show off your hot shoes.
  • You feel all lady-like and pretty.
  • Everyone looks at you, especially the undergraduates and the outsiders.
  • When you walk in the hallways, you hear younger batches whispering, "Ay gusto ko yung heels niya," and feel proud. (Nyahaha)
  • You hear a click-clacking sound on the floor when you walk.
  • It makes you want to walk like a model.
  • People look up to you -- literally. Yes, you're taller! (But not compared to the seniors since everyone wears heels, of course!)
But the thing is, there IS a price to be paid with all these pros.

Have you ever worn almost-stiletto like heels for a whole day ever? Imagine the pain of balancing your feet in thin heels, or the difficulty of climbing up the stairs, the pressure that hits the balls of your feet, that paltos at the back of the shoe, the wobbly feeling as you walk to wherever. All that and more. Well, it looks glamorous on the outside, but boy, does it hurt like hell. No one wants to recite because they don't want to stand up. Everyone dreads going up or down the staircase. People in the second to the last row comfortably put their feet on the chair in front of them when the teacher is not looking. It's hard enough to walk around and do the normal everyday stuff in school, it's even harder to do it in heels! Unfortunately for me, I was a cleaner today so I had to sweep the floor and in my sky-high shoes. Unbelievably painful. It's like all heeled shoes were destined for discomfort.

And it's not like you can blame us for buying the pointy-heeled shoes. No wedges, slingbacks, and peeptoes allowed, only black pumps with a really high heel of two inches. What other choice do we have?

The Killer Heels
(better shot next time, haha)
I only had two-inched heels and had such an almost unbearable experience.
Imagine those who have three inches and more!!

Lucky for us, we don't wear them again tomorrow. Only Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then on February, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And on March.. (oh the horrors!) we'll be wearing them everyday. I can only imagine the blisters my feet shall ungratefully acquire.

But as they say, it is all part of the experience. Every senior goes through this (okay, okay, the boys don't), it's practically an initiation to womanhood or something. Come to think of it, at least we will avoid any slip-ups on our Graduation. And, when we go to college or have a job and we're required to wear heels, at least we won't look like acrobats trying to balance themselves in a unicycle on a wire. Besides there are more painful things in life, like the Lotus feet for the Chinese girls, or the elongating of the necks of women in some tribes. I guess we're still lucky. LOL.

So, yes, I'm really a Senior! Hooray for my feet.

P.S. Thank you SO much to everyone who congratulated me. It really means a lot =) Congratulations also to everyone else who passed! They said the ACET results will be on the 5th (daw!), the USTET on the 28th, and the UPCAT on February pa. Good luck to us!


i passed dlsu-cet!!


I passed in De La Salle University Manila!!!

Now my staying up late for my Filipino project isn't so bad after all. At the stroke of midnight, I immediately went to the website and typed in my name and reference number.. and received such a GREAT news! =) Congrats to the rest of the Seniors who passed as well! It's as if a huuuuuuge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Now we aren't school-less! Haha. We have a future already! YEHEYY! =)

Thank you, Lord!
I think I'm starting to like 2008 already.