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I definitely think I have some kind of Senior complex or something. One day I'm super lazy, the next day I'm partially-lazy. (This means I'm still lazy, but at least the proportions go down by a half) Symptoms include a little voice screaming inside my head: "You have a school already, so why bother?! Oh wait! You have to graduate first and get stellar grades! HAHA." Maybe it's like my own version of Peyton's sarcastic goth angel, only a little perkier and slightly more annoying.

As Mikka and I sat down together a while ago, we were so eager to cross out yet another day in our pseudo perspective-booster aka our school year calendar at the back of my Trigo notebook. "54 days na lang!" we both eagerly shouted. So did everyone else after us. After that, I was struck by a teensyweensy bit of fervor and all of a sudden I'm ready and awake for Trigo. Okay.. so maybe it took a short trip to the restroom (HEHEHE ♥) to shoo away the Z's, but at least I wasn't a zombie for the rest of the period. =)

Does this mean our calendar is actually working? Is it giving me keenness and determination to finish the year right, by reminding me that with the last few days, I really have to work extra hard?

I hope so. The Senior Complex is seriously damaging my brain cells. If this timetable will stop me from turning into an automaton before the end of the school year, well then, I'll let it save me. I just really need my usual perky-responsible-school-girl mode to get me through this last quarter.

In less convoluted updates..

It's funny how I dreamed of my best friend Hope the other night with a certain someone she also dreamed of some nights before. It's like my dream was a sequel to hers! I'm not going to tell you what it is (in accordance to the Best Friend Code which says you cannot publicize the secret dreams of your best friend, LOL) but it was certainly hilarious! How else could I have visualized her in that situation if we weren't connected in some weird cosmic kind of way?! I told her about it this morning and we laughed our heads off. Apparently, we're so in synch that we even have connected trances. Unbelievable. It's things like these that make me realize how lucky I am to have found a best friend, like a long lost sister or a brotha sistah from anotha motha.. and to think we became friends-4-ever at five years old, way back in kindergarten! Enemy, if you're reading this, I'm sure this beats a whole dozen letters from you-know-who, so you better be touched. Haha. =)


I saw the first three episodes of One Tree Hill last night! I swear to God, it was beyond words. I cannot even begin to explain the adrenaline that blasted through my arteries. For the whole time I was watching, my eyes were completely glued to the screen and my ears tuned out any kind of noise that wasn't part of the dialogs. It's like relapsing from a drug-recovery. I was so caught up in the Tree Hill world, it was euphoric. I won't be giving any spoilers because it's most definitely worth the watching (and downloading). Watcha waiting, watcha watcha waiting for?!

By the way, this is my 205th post! Can you believe it? More than two hundred, and still counting. I'd like to think of a better way to end it, but I'm typing so quickly I can't even screen my thoughts, because I have yet to click the Print button for the pictures for the SC Bulletin board. So yeah. Later y'all.