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I hate feeling like everything is just another chore to cross out of my to-do list. I'm supposed to be making my projects right now, and yet here I am blogging while watching Season 5 Naley clips. It's kind of a bore going to school these days, because everyday I feel like we're all just counting down the days to March 16. I don't know, maybe I'm just looking for a little more enthusiasm or at least eagerness knowing that we really are leaving in just 50 days or so. But I'm not feeling it, and I'm pretty sure neither is everyone else.

It's quite surreal that we're going to be graduating. It's all the more exciting because I've got schools already, which means I do have a future. But sometimes it can be quite exhausting too, you know? As much as we would like to relish the last few months of our stay, we don't even get to enjoy it because too much is being demanded from us. I know, I know, it's graduating year so I can't expect a light load. And yes, you can all start telling me about how this is just a beginning of more stressful things to come. But don't we deserve a little slack?

The other day in Trigo class, Mikka and I decided to make a school year calendar at the back of my notebook. While everyone else was busy checking our seat works from the previous meeting, the two of us were busy counting down the days left until we finally we bid the school goodbye. And to tell you honestly I was enthusiastic. The moment we went back to school, all the pressure just came seeping through the cracks of my fragile five-foot-two frame. But I guess it just really depends on how you see things. As I cross out the days on our quasi-calendar, I feel somehow relieved. Now instead of stressing over the days leading up to deadlines, I just look at school days as another moment closer to graduation. At least it ups my perspective a little bit.

I will get out of this idle stage soon, but I'm going to do it myself. I don't need any other teacher or adult or whoever telling me that I shouldn't be wasting my time feeling lazy because it's the crucial time of the year blah blah blah. I AM AWARE OF IT. I just need everybody to cut me off some slack because I swear if people don't stop talking about my academics and everything else that fall under that category, I'm going to crack. Or wait.. maybe I just did.

And there goes that irritating voice inside my head that I should do my pointless project in Physics. I would really rather watch more OTH, but seeing that I have to give in to this voice due to "responsibility's sake", well I have to go.

P.S. If anyone knows a cure to this crappy feeling or whatever it's called, tell me. I need it.