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the heels are alive..

Today was the day I really felt like a Senior.

Paulinians (dreadfully) went back to school on the third day of the year (how lucky of us!! Ugh.) and fourth year students walked the halls with their at-least-two-inched heels. Pointy ones, rounded ones, patent leather, or pure leather, every female senior wore their heels for the first time today. All day long.

Yep, whole day long.

What's absolutely great about this is:
  • Having the chance to show off your hot shoes.
  • You feel all lady-like and pretty.
  • Everyone looks at you, especially the undergraduates and the outsiders.
  • When you walk in the hallways, you hear younger batches whispering, "Ay gusto ko yung heels niya," and feel proud. (Nyahaha)
  • You hear a click-clacking sound on the floor when you walk.
  • It makes you want to walk like a model.
  • People look up to you -- literally. Yes, you're taller! (But not compared to the seniors since everyone wears heels, of course!)
But the thing is, there IS a price to be paid with all these pros.

Have you ever worn almost-stiletto like heels for a whole day ever? Imagine the pain of balancing your feet in thin heels, or the difficulty of climbing up the stairs, the pressure that hits the balls of your feet, that paltos at the back of the shoe, the wobbly feeling as you walk to wherever. All that and more. Well, it looks glamorous on the outside, but boy, does it hurt like hell. No one wants to recite because they don't want to stand up. Everyone dreads going up or down the staircase. People in the second to the last row comfortably put their feet on the chair in front of them when the teacher is not looking. It's hard enough to walk around and do the normal everyday stuff in school, it's even harder to do it in heels! Unfortunately for me, I was a cleaner today so I had to sweep the floor and in my sky-high shoes. Unbelievably painful. It's like all heeled shoes were destined for discomfort.

And it's not like you can blame us for buying the pointy-heeled shoes. No wedges, slingbacks, and peeptoes allowed, only black pumps with a really high heel of two inches. What other choice do we have?

The Killer Heels
(better shot next time, haha)
I only had two-inched heels and had such an almost unbearable experience.
Imagine those who have three inches and more!!

Lucky for us, we don't wear them again tomorrow. Only Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then on February, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And on March.. (oh the horrors!) we'll be wearing them everyday. I can only imagine the blisters my feet shall ungratefully acquire.

But as they say, it is all part of the experience. Every senior goes through this (okay, okay, the boys don't), it's practically an initiation to womanhood or something. Come to think of it, at least we will avoid any slip-ups on our Graduation. And, when we go to college or have a job and we're required to wear heels, at least we won't look like acrobats trying to balance themselves in a unicycle on a wire. Besides there are more painful things in life, like the Lotus feet for the Chinese girls, or the elongating of the necks of women in some tribes. I guess we're still lucky. LOL.

So, yes, I'm really a Senior! Hooray for my feet.

P.S. Thank you SO much to everyone who congratulated me. It really means a lot =) Congratulations also to everyone else who passed! They said the ACET results will be on the 5th (daw!), the USTET on the 28th, and the UPCAT on February pa. Good luck to us!