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i passed in the university of the philippines!!

(I know this piece of news deserves its own post)

A few days before, I already had my heart set in going to Ateneo. Not that I completely crossed out UP in my life, but a part of me was already imagining myself going there. I know money plays a big role in choosing that school because it is after all one of the most exclusive sought-after and not to mention prestigious schools in the country. But I (slightly) didn't care. If there's a will, there's a way, they say.

And then someone brings me the news that I passed in UP Diliman.

Of course my initial reaction was shock, then disbelief. I mean.. I PASSED IN UP DILIMAN! All of a sudden my Ateneo dreams crashed like a sand castle knocked down by the waves. How could I forget UP?! Aside from the fact that UP is THE dream school since I can remember, it would greatly help my parents financially. For quite a few moments, I was in shock. Literally. My mom mistook it as sadness, seeing that I have to let go of the Ateneo dream.

You see, I also found out that I passed my second choice, which was Creative Writing. Knowing that I have psyched myself to be an accountant for the past eight months or so, it was surprising. I know Accountancy in UP is quota but of course when people ask me what I took in UP, that's my answer. But now that I won't be taking it.. I'm actually relieved! Generally I enjoy our Accounting classes but it wasn't something I was innately good at unlike some of us *ehem Kassey and Pauline ehem* so I wasn't really confident about taking it. But since practically almost every person I know told me it's a good choice, why not. Well, who would have thought that I'd be fulfilling my secret dream after all? Back in April 2006, I had an epiphany that I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write about everything I can ever think of. But that was just a secret little dream I had that wasn't really a part of the plan. Well, good heavens, how things turned out to be! I'm going to be a Creative Writing major in UP Diliman! And if I do good, my parents said I can fulfill my dream of finally going to Law School.

So eventually everything sinked in, and suddenly I was back to my usual UP-dreaming self. I passed in UP Diliman!!

We went to UP a while ago just to confirm everything. Just to feel what it's like to look at your name in the bulletin board in the Office of Admissions. Haha. And indeed, I saw my name.

Can you see it? Haha.

The only sad part about this is that some of my friends did not pass. I already conceived a little imaginary vision inside my head that we'll all be going to UP, still hanging out every once in a while despite our hectic schedule. There's always the UP Ikot to bring us to whatever corner in the campus. But it's not what God had planned. I feel sad, really. However, if this was what He wanted for us, who knows? Next year might turn out to be even better than I expected.

So to all those who passed: CONGRATULATIONS! The five excruciating hours we spent answering the UPCAT paid off. And my pre-UPCAT experiences were worth it. Haha. The long wait is almost over -- USTET na lang, then we can all heave a big sigh of relief. YEHEY.

Iskolar na ako ng bayan! :)