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i'll be seeing you..

So today is the ACET results day. The whole morning I believed I didn't pass since when I typed my name in the site, it kept on saying "Name not on the list," so I kind of accepted it already. But then text messages were circulating that the server was down and you can only see the results in the ADMU Blue Eagle Gym. How was I supposed to go there? Besides, I have a wedding to attend to.

We attended a wedding today in Antipolo where I was one of the Secondary Sponsors. Cord girl. Haha. It was my first time to have a quite important role. At least, graduate na sa flower girl stage. =) So anyway, we spent the whole afternoon there. It was fun posing for pictures and finally getting to wear my VNC heels. Surprisingly, they don't hurt as much as my school heels though they are higher. Hmm. Anyway, I had fun.

But at the back of my mind, I was hoping the website was fixed already since I wanted to know so BADLY if I passed -- or failed.

Around 7:00, we went home. We decided to pass by ADMU and TRY if the Ateneo is still open, not knowing if what I'm going to see will shock me or shock me. Haha.

I passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test!! =)

Unbelievably crazy, I tell you! I was jumping in front of the bulletin board, texting my lolas, lolos, aunts and uncles about the great news! The people there were probably laughing because I was still wearing my gown and heels. But who cares?! I got in! It's such a GREAT feeling I tell you. Ateneo is one of my dream schools since -- ever. Parang UP. And even if I don't actually study there, just the fact that I passed.. sobrang okay na talaga. So it really makes me grateful and thankful that I got in.

Sigh. This year is getting better and better. Thank you, Lord!!
Three schools down, two to go!
Congrats to us, Seniors! =)

I might be seeing you.. Christopher John Alandy-Dy Tiu!