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roar, said the tiger.

Today was probably one of the most surreal days of my high school life.

The news about the UST Entrance Test results being released today spread like wildfire. It caused such an agitation that all throughout the day, nothing else was on everyone's minds except the outcome. Undeniably, UST is the most preferred choice for most students in our school. Aside from its Catholic education, it also offers the most practical courses. The very nice campus doesn't hurt either. Almost everyone took the test there. It was the only university that hasn't released its test results yet, so the wait definitely left us all hanging. So imagine the hype and the agitation when the cellphones were finally claimed from the office. People started calling their ates and kuyas from UST to look for their names. Every five seconds, someone will shout, cry, or jump for joy. Tears came pouring down, some due to extreme happiness, others because of despair. Nevertheless everyone was generally happy. It was an emotional day, with doors being opened for so many dreams.

Most of my classmates thought the results didn't really matter to me since I already passed in the other schools, but it did. It did matter. Heck, I PASSED IN BS ACCOUNTANCY!! But I guess the happiness I felt wasn't for me alone, it was for my friends. We all got into our dream schools! Karla the writer, Nica the advertiser, Mikka the engineer, Trixie the diplomat and Hope the tourist.. attraction! Hehe =) Suddenly, I'm looking forward to what lies ahead because at least now we know we have a future. I wonder how we'll all be a few months from now, when we're bursting with school spirit and shouting our university's name with pride. Hmmmmm..

I can't believe I passed the top universities of the country! My mom and dad are so proud of me, and so is the rest of my family. It never really dawned on me until today, when the final result came out. The first thing I did upon arriving home was rush to the chapel near our house and thanked God. He has been continuously giving me so many blessings, and I am so grateful for the good things that has been happening to me this year. =)

My foot hurts because of an injury I had in today's Tinikling practical test. While doing one of the figures, I felt a sudden pain and next thing I knew it was bleeding. Good thing my partner, Tophe, was gentleman enough to escort me to the clinic. YIHEE! Hahaha!! =P Anyway, it hurts with every step I take (sounds like a song LOL) so now I have to hop on my right foot to get to somewhere. Boo.

We still have a practice for our English sitcom tomorrow. *sigh* Wish us luck on that. And also on our Long Tests and projects. Aaack. Just 50+ days to go, Karla, just a few days to go.

Congratulations to all the future Thomasians! =) Good night, y'all.