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february's just begun.

(In Biochemistry)

Kassey: Anong acid ang maiitim?
Me: Ano?
Kassey: Edi.. ANINO acid!
Me: =)) =)) =))

(Kassey telling the same joke to Inna and Hope)
Kassey: Edi.. ANINO acid!
Inna: =)) =)) =))
Hope: ......
*after a few seconds*
Hope: =)) =)) =))

Haha, wala lang. Share lang.

We got the official letters from DLSU and UST today. We were so excited to finally get a hold of the real proof that we did get in. If the waiting wasn't so excruciatingly painful I would have opted to not look at the results in the Internet. Just thinking about those scenes from the movies, or even from the books (like Gossip Girl) where you get together with your friends and you rip your envelopes open, revealing your future is definitely worth experiencing. But then again, who can escape the advancement of technology, right? Some faked their excitement as they tore the seals, but I told myself my parents deserved a share of this eagerness so I didn't open mine until I got home. My mom told me she'd have them framed daw! Hahaha!

Today was Kaila's 17th birthday. We surprised her by telling her we'll be doing our Biochem project when in fact we all went to her house. She thought no one was going to be there, but apparently almost everyone was! And of course it wouldn't have been complete without her favorite Chocolate Mousse from Red Ribbon. Birthday parties are always fun, especially when we end up watching Tagalog movies. Haha. It's always been like that with us, basta those jologs-somewhat-sappy local films, be it horror, comedy, or drama. This time we watched A Love Story. Haha, super laugh trip, especially the kissing scenes! NYAHAHA. I didn't get to finish the movie because I told my mom I'd be home by 7:00 but I still had fun. Happy Birthday again, Twin! =)

It is once again February, the over-commercialized Month of Hearts. Ironically though, I keep on hearing about people getting their hearts broken, be it about their love life or some other things going on with them. Isn't it supposed to be all blissful and happy, with matching chocolate hearts and expensive bouquets? Apparently not. Maybe Cupid fell asleep and forgot to work his magic. This situation irritates me a little (just a little, really) because people are going to get all emo again. Not that I have anything against emo. But it's just so depressing to see other people, well, depressed. The normally happy-go-lucky ones are now bluer than blue, and their usual heart-shaped eyes are now filled with welled-up tears. Maybe this is a rude awakening of some sort, that maybe we shouldn't use February being the Love Month as a reason to just let things slip away. Maybe this is some cosmic way of letting us know that things will happen for a reason. If it's meant to last or end, it will, regardless of the month or date. We can't always let signs and symbols do the work for us because we do the magic. As sappy as that sounded, I actually think it's true.

However, this might also just be a rude awakening that unlike everyone else around me, I won't get my heart broken because I am single. OR AM I?

I'm definitely taken by this guy.
♥ ♥ ♥