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last long test!

Yesterday was the last day of our 4th Departmental Test (aka Long Test) and boy, did I rejoice! Imagine, that's the last Long Test I'll ever have in my almost-ending Paulinian life! WHOO! =) Only one major exam left, and we're off! Our Biochemistry and Trigonometry tests were total downers, leaving almost everyone teary-eyed after the test. But, we all had one common thing in mind, "Last na yun!" Haha. Senior Complex rolling in again.

We also got our annual pics given yesterday. I only have one word: HAHA! We only had two shots, and the other one we have to give back for the yearbook, so we'll only go home with one. That sucks. But I'll be ordering extra copies later. Anyway, I was laughing my head off as I saw mine because I look so FAKE! In the other one, I look like I had my nose done! Unbelievable. So I was faced with the big question: which among the two will I choose for the yearbook? The other normal so-so one, or the quasi-gorgeous with a nose lift? I asked most of my friends, and they chose the latter. Ouch, mas maganda daw ako sa "retokada." Haha. Imagine 25 years from now, the children and grandchildren of my batchmates and other graduates will look at the annual and point at my picture all while saying, "Mommy! Look at her, she has a phony nose!" Oh the horrors! But, oh well. What's done is done. At least I didn't have my eyes closed, unlike some of my classmates. Teehee, I'm so meeeean. =P

AAACK! =))
Okay, I'm giving you permssion to laugh out loud. HAHA.

For the past few weeks, my parents have been purchasing plastic containers, you know the Orocan-like bins where you put your stuff. My room is full of clutter: headbands, earrings, perfumes, colognes, clips.. so many little things that mess up my otherwise orderly bedside table. But apparently, it's not just to de-clutter my room. It's in preparation for the D word. Yep -- DORM. I always imagined myself living in a dorm in my college years, but now that it's coming, it's quite surreal. I'm an only child so I always thought that my parents will just find a way to hatid-sundo me in UP or something. But no, they're really sending me to a boarding house.. with my friends and fellow Iskolars. And it's both scary and exciting at the same time. It's like in the movies.. only it's for real. Haha. Can I handle it? I hope I can. I mean, I'm a big girl already. And it's my chance to prove that I'm not the typical spoiled-and-bratty only child. I'm different, coz I can handle myself. =)

We have to go to Mass already. Later. =)