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let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster!

"When love is not madness, it is not love."

-- Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Tomorrow is the overrated, highly anticipated, and cliche-d occasion almost everyone is worried about. It's the day of hearts, chocolates, flowers and everything else that falls under the category of hardcore cheesiness. It's when girls anticipate giant teddy bears & huge bouquets, and boys go through the agonizing ordeal of buying them. Oh yes, it's Valentine's.

I can't blame people for going the extra mile just for this holiday. After all, who can resist an official day for lovey-doveys and cheesiness, right? Every 14th of February, we are licensed to act as mushy and as kilig as we want.

Kilig. Is there an English term for that? And is there ever a concrete definition for it? Because I certainly need something concrete that will define that electrifying feeling you feel when you read a passionately written love letter, or the tingle that rushes through your spine when you receive a bouquet of roses, or the rush of blood that runs in your veins as you hold hands with someone special, or just the plain blushing of your cheeks when something so incredible happens. I am a human being after all, therefore I am not a stranger to this feeling. But it is just so unexplainable and abstract, its obscurity can drive one insane.

Sometimes I don't like feeling kilig because it ruins my day. I cannot think properly. I doodle love songs on scratch papers, I spell out names on my scientific calculator, I associate limits in Calculus class with certain dates. (Unless the "limit does not exist!" Haha) My friends say when I get kilig I turn all red and I have this asim face that is so inevitable, it's like I'm wearing a huge neon "I LIKE YOU!" sign on my forehead. It sucks that this feeling can just really get right through me and leave me out there susceptible to harm. It sucks that one moment I can feel so sure of myself, and just fall apart the next because of it. It sucks that I am usually a smart and intelligent person but when I have a crush I seem klutzy and frenzied. As Jessica Darling puts it, IT SUCKITY SUCK SUCKS.

Oh, who am I kidding. It's such an immense feeling of madness that takes over you and leaves you feeling vulnerable and weak.. but boy, does it feel good. =)

May we all have our fair share of kilig tomorrow -- and for the rest of the year as well. It's too good of a feeling, we deserve to have it not just on February 14. Whether you're single, attached or "It's complicated," just as long as you are a human being with a functioning heart and overly-excited hormones, then you deserve all the KILIG you want. We all do!

I guess Mr. De La Barca is right after all.


"Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster!
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,
will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?"

-- Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by
Panic! At The Disco