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"so, miss bernardo, what is the limit of the function?"

Karla: "The limit does not exist."
Mrs. Torres: "And what is the explanation?"
Karla: "Because the limit of f(x) as x approaches a from above and the limit of f(x) as x approaches a from below are not equal."
Mrs. Torres: "Okay, very good."


I am officially in love with Calculus.

Days like these have been rare for the past few months, especially in Math class. It wasn't as exciting as it used to be. And yes, it is pretty boring most of the time. But for the past few days, it's as if a huge light bulb is TING!-ing inside my head.. I get it! And I actually enjoy it! You should see my notebook, it's full of graphs, examples and exercises. Is the function f(x) is discontinuous at x=6? Haha. This is what you call "geek speak." LOL.

Oh, and with that, I can officially mimic Cady Heron from Mean Girls screaming, "The limit does not exist! The limit does not exist!" and actually know what limits are. Yehey! (Nerd alert!)

I still cannot believe that only eight days from now, the Seniors shall be taking our fourth periodical tests -- our FINAL periodical tests in our high school life! It's a little too overwhelming knowing that the end really is approaching. After that, so long classes, and hello nonstop graduation practices! That being said, I must not take this last examination for granted because however cliche this may sound, I do want to leave a good impression. I started reviewing last night and I shall be dedicating this weekend to just reviewing.. which means no OTH marathons and YouTube tutorials. But that's okay. After next week, it's freedom baby! I can't wait!

One thing I haven't been mentioning is our upcoming Graduation Ball on March 1st. It is such a huge deal for us because things like these don't usually push through in our uber-conservative school. But because we are the first ever batch to graduate with boys in the High School department (yep, we WERE an all-girls school), we are pioneers. Haha. So obviously, everyone is going gaga over what to wear, what accessories to match, what colors suit their skin, all the enchilada. And I guess I'm one with them in the stress too. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Every girl dreams to have this one night of glamour, elegance, and beauty. I hope that night will be one of the most memorable nights in not just my Senior life, but my entire life. And I'm sure it will be, since I got myself a second pair of VNC shoes for that night! =) Haha. I'll show the pictures soon.

One of my Lenten sacrifices would be lessening the amount of time I spend on the computer. So with that, I am going on a short blog leave, just until the Finals end, so I can concentrate on more important things as of the moment. Hope you all enjoy the remaining days of this school year! =)

The most adorable guy this season
in American Idol.
And he's the also most adorable guy in the planet.