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10 things.

What better way to spend the day than count the blessings that has been graciously showered upon my somewhat boring life? I was tagged by my good friend Ayiene, and I was supposed to answer this yesterday but I had to go to the dentist for my check-up. Anyway, here it goes!

Post 10 things that recently made you happy, then tag other people and spread the LOVE to ten people.

  • Watching FRIENDS.
For Graduation, my tita gave me two Friends DVDs: The Best of Monica, and The Best of Phoebe. We're both Friends addicts, and we love them all so much! We can spend the whole night holding marathons and just laughing our heads off. Who wouldn't agree that they're so freakin' Hilarious with a capital H?! They crack me up every time. I'm planning to complete all "The Best of" series but until then I'm going to finish these two first.

  • Being home alone.
It's nice to have the house all to myself not because I can do whatever I want (okay, maybe that is part of the reason) but because I get to feel responsible and adult-like. I have to clean up for my mess, wash the dishes, clean the rooms.. I'm playing Cinderella! Some would probably find this really boring but I look at it as my "training" for my future dorm life because..

  • Inna and I are really going to be roommates.
Yes, it's all settled. I've known this piece of news since last week but it still thrills me just thinking about it. As I've said before I really didn't think my parents would allow me to live away from them before, but since in my case it's practically a necessity to live in a dormitory (commute everyday to and from Paranaque to QC? Uhh, no thanks) I have to grow-up. I have to really be mature and adult with my decisions and actions. But the fun part in all this is that I get to "live" with a friend! Even if we're cities away from home, we get to have each other.. like an instant sister. =)

  • My new Crocs.
I was honestly one of the few people who wasn't caught up in the early stages of the Crocs' popularity. I wasn't digging the ugly clog shoes with holes and rubbery feel. My dad kept forcing me to buy a pair similar to his, and always claiming that those were the kind of shoes doctors from Grey's Anatomy wear. As much as I like the show, I don't like the shoes. And I'm not even a doctor -- I'm not going to need it! Alas, fate has its way of knocking me out of my short-lived anti-Crocs movement. I saw the Alice, Crocs' take on Mary Janes, and yes it was love at first sight. I bought myself a pair using the Rustan's gift certificates I received last Christmas. And truly, it was heaven for my feet. I have to admit, it looks pretty! And yes, no holes. =P

Mine's blue though. =)

  • Working on our Yearbook.
Since I am was an SC officer this school year, it automatically makes me a part of the yearbook staff. I'm one of the copy editors and basically my job is to, well obviously, type the descriptions and other write-ups. However we're also going to be brainstorming on the theme and other concepts we can put in the annual. It's pretty exciting actually because many years from now, me and my batchmates will look back on our high school days through that yearbook. It's nice to know I'm going to be part of the process of making it. =)

  • Hope and Inna's joint birthday celebration.
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Hope and Inna's birthday at Trixie's house. "What?!" I hear you say. Well, Trixie's place is almost always the default venue for tambayan (next to mine, haha) and since they have a swimming pool (a real one, not the inflatable kind!) we grab the chance to get ourselves free swimming time always. And what better way to have it than to celebrate our friends' birthdays? Hope's birthday was on the 18th but since it was Holy Tuesday we didn't get to celebrate. Meanwhile, Inna's is on April 2nd, but who's to stop us from celebrating right away? Hehe. Anyway, I'm psyched because it's going to be our first summer hurrah! =)

  • the ASUS Eee PC.
Around this time of the year last year, I was lusting over my current phone, the Motorola Razr V3x. You see, there's always going to be the geeky side of me, and apparently it's on a high every summer. Now what's caught my eye is the ASUS Eee PC, the very small and compact, but high-performing and sub-20k laptop that's taking us by storm. I first saw it last Christmas, when my older cousins gave it to their mom as a gift and back then I didn't really show much interest. But now that my future is somewhat set, reality is I need my own laptop for school considering that I'll be doing lots of paperwork and essays for my course. Our laptop here at home is too heavy and besides, this is practically our PC considering our real one is too old to function. I'm still contemplating as to HOW I'm going to get myself one -- okay, well, WHERE I'm going to get Php 20,000 for it but I'll find a way. Kikay nerds like me always do. =)

Don't let its size fool you -- it's fully loaded with features.

  • Summer trip to Bangkok.
Bangkok has been practically my second home because that's always our top foreign destination. I just love everything about the place -- elephants, tuk-tuks, sticky rice, and don't forget SHOPPING! It's a country almost similar to ours, developing and being more globally competitive but at the same time retaining its rich culture. You're probably wondering why I like it so much if it's so much like Manila. Well, I'm actually a city girl, I love the hustle and bustle of the urban life. So yes, I enjoy how their prosperous Thai culture is infused in their metropolitan town. They may have a different religion or a different language but trust me when I say that when I'm in Bangkok, it's as if I'm also in Manila -- without the traffic, of course!

  • Season 5 One Tree Hill.
I have to admit: I've not been very updated on OTH for the past few months. Things just got so busy in school that I didn't have time to download, let alone watch episodes. I've only seen Episodes 1 - 3, and after that nada. Thankfully though, I now have the time in my hands, and I have good friends who download and burn it for me. Now I can once again indulge myself to doing what I love most: OTH Marathons, baby!

I miss them!

and last but not the least..
  • Nathan Scott ♥

And now I'm tagging: Cars, Nikki C., Elise, Lea, Ate Patty, Ate Diane, Mary, Ceejae, Nikki D., and Holy Kamote.. and anyone who wants to answer. I know most of you are probably just as bored as I am anyway, so here's something for you to do. Haha.

It's so effin' hot. Whew. Later, y'all. =)