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summer so far.

I'm finally back from Batangas! The day after Graduation, I went straight to my grandparents' home in Batangas and spent my Holy Week there. I always love coming to that place because it has the whole rural and countryside feel but without the whole disconnection from the rest of the world because: 1) The network signal is pretty decent, 2) We have cable and a DVD player, 3) They have tons of malls there! But of course a huge part of my suddenly bum life I had to give up -- the Computer and the Internet. I guess God said, "You can't have everything," and that was my sacrifice for this week. Nevertheless, this week was definitely cleansing, like washing out the inside of my body from the pollution it has somehow acquired from the city. Melodramatic, much? Anyway, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. Yeheyy! =)

GEEKY, haha.

So most of my time there I spent reading and reading. It's probably not obvious but I'm a huge bookworm -- a bookanaconda<, probably. I can spend the whole day and night just reading. That's my nerdy guilty pleasure. Sometimes I feel remorseful after buying an expensive book only to finish reading it in a day or sometimes hours. I immediately bought two books from the PowerBooks Power Card one of my aunts gave me for graduation: Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. They were both sequels to two books I have absolutely grown fond of so I didn't feel like I wasted any money (though in this case, my tita's money) even if I read it both in under three days. Sheesh, I'm such a geek, I know.

Stargirl is one of my favorite novels about conformity, peer pressure, and first love. It isn't the typical hot boy meets cute girl-they fall in love-they break up kind of thing but despite the relatively bizarre situation and characters, it brings a deep sense of familiarity and comfort. Its plot isn't really complicated but I guess some complexities were woven on the sides of the very simple storyline to make it more worthwhile. I've read it in Grade 6, and I still browse its pages from time to time. So I was really psyched to find out that there is an installment to the somewhat hanging novel. This time, it was Stargirl narrating the story, not Leo (unlike the first book). It did not answer most of my questions but it did bring some new light to the character I thought I already knew too well.

The other book I bought is New Moon, the continuation of the star-crossed but riveting lovers Bella and Edward, a human and a vampire. While I was reading it, I had a hard time putting it down because I really wanted to know how it would end badly. If you read the book already, you probably would understand. The middle part was somewhat dragging for me, or maybe it was just because of the absence of a character (oops -- almost spoiler!) but nevertheless I enjoyed reading it. I really tried reading it slowly, even stopping every six or so pages just so I wouldn't get a headache, but to no avail. And upon finishing it, it just left me wanting for more. I have to thank Ayiene for somewhat introducing me to the series. If I didn't read it in her blog I probably wouldn't have picked it up when I saw it at the bookstore! =)

I guess all this beguilement towards this novel goes far beyond the superior writing skills of the author, but more into the danger and threats of their forbidden love. It makes you want to root for them, despite the perils that Edward brings. It's true what they say, the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, in this case. I can't wait for the next novel, and the movie as well!

OMG it's raining here! Summer, and it's raining! This actually makes me extremely happy. I love rain. Oooohh.. it reminds me of gloomy Forks! Maybe I'll get to meet Edward or something. Whee.

This is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of.. sounding like a complete addict. But oh well. That's pretty much my state these days anyway. LOL. I better go and do my bloghopping duties -- I missed all of you so much! BTW, thanks to all those who congratulated me. A big hug to all of you! HUUUG*