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please don't stop the music!


I cannot even put into words how extremely delighted and ecstatic I am. I can still feel the Grad Ball spirit! Everything about it was beyond words.. from the food, the venue, the music, the ambiance, every moment was worth remembering. It might have ended but its memory will most definitely stay in me forever and ever and ever and ever.

The best part of it all is getting to hang out with my best friends and my batch mates. We never really get the chance to bond as one, what with all our school works and other things going on with our academic lives. But tonight was different because it was entirely FOR US, BY US (and of course with the help of our teachers and parents). We are one big happy family who danced and laughed the night away. We are one solid batch ready to rock the world as we leave the halls of St. Paul. And yes, we are one crazy batch who partied all niiiight! =)

Let my pictures do the talking. I am not capable of writing how magical it is because I still have too much excitement in my body, my words might not perfectly capture its wonder.

P.S. I was the "head" of the dancing Caterpillar! Haha, yun ba tawag dun? Basta yung kabit-kabit na sumasayaw, ako ang pasimuno. Hahaha. EVERYONE joined and we danced all around the ballroom, sumali pa pati teachers! I rock. LOL. We rock! =)

P.P.S Nag-expect kami na issurprise kami ng pagdating ni Ne-Yo at doon siya mag-concert! HAHA, asa naman eh noh! =))