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tonight's the night.

Today was the last day of our 4th Periodic Examinations, which means: WE'RE FREE!! Usually I'd rant about how difficult the tests were, but why worry myself with it when they're part of the past? HAHA. No more agonizing Biochemistry lessons, so long mind-boggling Economics problems, goodbye to seemingly infinite Calculus.. adios to high school lessons! Sarap ng feeling!

In just a few hours, we will be having probably the biggest night of our lives: GRADUATION BALL. I bet my batch mates are all lined up in salons, doing some last-minute fittings, and resisting the urge to eat too much, all because we're so excited! As I've mentioned before, Grad Balls in our school rarely happen, but because we are a pioneer batch we are so lucky to be having it. This is the night everyone's been waiting for (aside from Graduation, of course!), even the not so girlie-girls are excited. And I bet our boys -- ehem, our MEN, are just as psyched. I can't wait, really. By one o'clock, we'll head to the salon and get my hair, makeup and nails done. Ayihee, dalaga na!

Christopher, my ever-loyal partner, is my date. He's my partner during our ballroom, tinikling and all other dances in PE. So I'm pretty sure I won't be sulking in my seat tonight because we WILL dance! Haha. I caaan't wait to partayy! =)

For the past 48 hours, my mom has been telling me stories about her prom nights. It's funny because she still gets kilig over her partner, and can remember all the inside jokes she shared with her friends as if it was just like yesterday. It's true what they say that prom night (or in our case, Grad Ball night) is one of the biggest nights of your teenage life. I know tonight will be worth remembering. I hope I get the same sparkle in my eyes like my mom's when I look back on this night. =)

I SOUND SUPER EXCITED.. well that's because I am! Haha. I'll take lotsa lotsa lotsa pictures and promise to upload them ALL! I have to go to the parlor na. Haha. Wish us luck!